Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wedding Day Memories

It was a beautiful day in Salt Lake City on September 30th. Keith and Amber were stunning. The temple sealer was a hoot but spoke so low I only caught half of what he said. He didn't say too much as it was and commented that he gave up giving advice since his kids never listened to him! He also made some funny comments about how his mother dyed her hair red until she died at 100 and that his dad had pink hair! Like I said he was a hoot! I had no pain really, I was fine sitting. After photos outside the temple--notice Teresa, Katie and I have matching skirts we bought in the slide show. I wish I had worn a more fitted shirt because that shirt did not flatter me at all! But it wasn't about me it was about Keith and Amber. After photos Tim, my dad and I went to Connie Nelson (a friend from Chico who attended the wedding) her parents live near the temple and so we went there and napped until the luncheon. I am sure that helped my leg and back. The luncheon was at the Lion House near the temple grounds. The food was amazing. It was fun to hear Keith and Amber introduce their families and friends to the guests. Then we raced back to Amy (Tim's sister) to pick up Zane and Gwen and head home to get ready for the reception. The reception was yummy and great fun ending with a dance. We visited with family and old friends. Keith and Amber had fun, Keith sang along with "Raw Hide" which was a kick and sent us all home. I am not sure if Dancing Queen or Stayin' Alive were my favorite songs. Taran was a true gentleman when he danced the only slow song with me since Tim decided to drive the littlest kids home. Dancing felt good, it was a miracle day when I think of how debilitated I was just less than 2 weeks before!

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