Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snow (finally), Timo's ankle and our weekend getaway!

This week we finally got some snow. Monday late afternoon it came on so we had dinner late so they could play a bit. Usually I go to my mom's but Gwen said that she felt yucky (a cold) so we stayed home. After lunch she took a 3 hour nap! She missed dance but for her to take a nap she had to be feeling a little sick. She woke up happy and said that she felt a lot better. Timo drove to work in my van so he could drop his tux on the way. For family night we watched some youth messages about doing Family History from We are trying to inspire them to do it. So far they aren't really responding...but we aren't giving up yet. A couple of years ago Taran, Timo and Emily did indexing but after that year they haven't really done it. Taran actually does it in his ward at BYU they do it for a ward party! Tim drove me to do the weekly shopping at Walmart he's so nice, I wasn't feeling well and the roads were icy.

Tuesday Gwen was well still and went to preschool so I went to the temple. I went with my friends Merrily and Maren to Costco. I piddled around the house cleaning and such until I picked up Gwen. Piano was postponed so the kids mostly played in the snow even though it was patchy by then! Funny how you miss something that by now is usually an annoyance! Zane had a Jr Jazz game and Micah had Pack Meeting (so did Zane but he missed it for his game)I took Micah and Tim took Zane. Later Timo had a Jr Jazz game and then Tim had a church ball game after that. At the end of Timo's game when Tim had left for his game, Timo jumped up and landed on another guy's foot when he came down. It tore the ligaments in his ankle. Tim went looking for crutches at the 2 Walmarts near us and NO luck!

Wednesday Timo stayed home since he couldn't walk on it and I got him an appointment at 2 PM which was the earliest. He slept a lot until then. He has a boot but as you can see in the collage he has major bruising, even between his toes. He is going to need physical therapy on both ankles after it heals. Tim came home to be with the kids. Gwen and I watched June until I took Timo to the doctor. That night was Young Women's joint activity and then we had a YW Board meeting to plan our New Beginnings. Busy, busy! It's going be a fun night!

Thursday I had visiting teaching that morning which is always enjoyable. Luke was sick so he didn't come home with Gwen. She came visiting teaching with me and then we had her friend Sophie over. They had a lot of fun. That night I had parent teacher conferences at the elementary school. The boys are doing well. Zane especially improved in reading a ton, yeah! Micah is getting moved up to a more challenging spelling group she wanted to make sure I was okay with it. He is excited. All their teachers love them and they are good students so we were happy! Izak worked on his science fair project: Which color of M & Ms melt the fastest?

Friday Gwen woke up with her cold more runny than before. So I pumped her full of Emergen-C for kids and put saline in her nose. We ran to Hobby Lobby so I could get stuff for the New Beginnings invitations. There was a terrible cold wind. So we went home right after. I was worried about her being in it. We cleaned up her room and packed her up to go to Aunt Amy's. Tim had bought me tickets to see the comedian Brian Regan on Saturday. He had arranged with Amy, his sister, to watch our kids over night until we got back Saturday. I took all the kids who were ready over first (Timo stayed at a friend's) and then Tim brought Emily and Izak. Emily volunteers at the Ashford on Fridays (a care facility for Alzheimer's patients) so she wasn't done until 4:30 PM. From Amy's we headed to our hotel the Hyatt at the Gateway. It was a nice place. After we checked in we went to dinner at Tucanos. Pricey but we splurged since we hadn't really celebrated our 20th Anniversary we counted this! It was delicious and we were very satisfied. We went shopping after that. It was fun. We checked out Anthropolgie a store I have only seen online, kind of a boutique of clothing and home stuff it's a little random but has cool stuff check out the photo of all the light bulbs a cool display above a bed...Tim said this would not be good in an earthquake! Then we went back to the hotel. The TV was huge and could swivel from the sitting area (where I am laying) and the bed area (Tim). There wasn't much on the channels they got. So I read Tim watched sports news on ESPN. Saturday we slept in a bit. They had a light breakfast at the hotel. We went back and got ready for the day and checked out by noon. They let us keep our car there while we walked around. We had lunch at the Blue Lemon which is a restaurant that was started here close to us and a favorite. It's yummy, healthy food. We actually ended up taking some of our lunch home for today. We walked around the Gateway after we brought our lunch leftovers back. We got a treat at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company. YUM! Then it was time to go to Brian Regan at Abravenel Hall. It was a great show! The guy that opened for him was very funny--Joe Bolster. He has a CD so check him out. Brian had us crying several times we were laughing so hard. Traffic was a little nuts leaving SLC because there was a Jazz game vs the Kings (Jimmer's team) and Brian Regan's evening show so lots of people coming to park. We picked up the kids and got them home and somewhat settled then met up with some friends for dinner and games. It was super fun and we stayed longer than we planned--the guys mostly watched the Jazz game and BYU vs St Mary's game and us girls played the games. Our kids were great and we are so grateful to Amy and Nate and kids for keeping our kids happy while we were gone. Timo watched them while we were at the game party. Izak and Micah went to a late night at a friend's so he had Gwen and Zane. Emily went to a friend's. Tim finished up ironing he didn't get done and I worked on some YW stuff.

Today was ward conference the theme is Temple and Family History Work for our stake for the year. That is why we are using the Youth Theme: Arise and Shine Forth with a temple on it. The talks and lessons were all really good and inspiring, it's stuff I really get into and like. Hopefully our kids will catch on!

Timo and Emily found out they both got straight As. The boys are on a Trimester so they won't get their grades for a few more weeks. So there you go! Hope you have a great week! Here comes February!!!!!

PS We found out that Taran will get his mission call on February 7th. There was a slight chance he would have gotten it THIS Tuesday but our friend who works in the Missionary Department has been tracking it for us gave us the lowdown!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

76 trombones, Preference and Missionary stuff...

So last I wrote my camera had broke. I bought one at Costco that Tuesday and I am still getting the hang of it!

We have had Jr Jazz games and practices both weeks--Emily has 2 of each a week. Zane is doing well even though he is one of the shortest--they are a 2nd grade team playing a mostly 3rd grade league. The game I was able to go to he scored the first 2 baskets. Micah's team has done well too and the game I went to he scored the first basket. Timo's team actually won their last game so that was nice for them. Emily's team has won every game I've gone to and this last one Saturday she actually scored 2 baskets. She has been very disappointed that she hasn't scored so far but she has been a great defensive player.

My friend Minda took me to a yummy bakery called Chocolate in Orem. Gwen wasn't in school so she came along and got a cookie. We had fun visit and the cake was delicious!

Other news...Taran's friend Tyler had his mission 'farewell' a week ago. So he came home for that Saturday through Monday. He was able to go to Izak's indoor soccer game which they won--I was at Emily's basketball game. That Sunday after the 'farewell' we went to my parents to celebrate my dad's 76th birthday--the 76 trombones were somehow brought to mind by my parents so just go with it! It was super fun. My Uncle Brian (his brother), Aunt Leslie and cousin Izak were there as well. We had yummy food and lots of fun conversation. Taran went to BYU to get his interview with the bishop to turn in his papers and then it didn't pan out. Long story but finally after much running around and minor opposition they were submitted today by the Stake President. We have learned a lot that next time we'll go through our home bishop and stake president since they have less young men to deal with! We are not sure if he'll get the 31st of January or the next week!

Monday was a holiday MLKjr Day so no school. Tim took the older boys and their friends to the church to play ball. Taran left with his friends after an hour because the ward YSAs were going out to breakfast. He had a lot of fun with them and his friend Tyler was there as well. That afternoon we went to a Pizza Buffet. A splurge for us. We had a 25% off coupon for our whole ticket so that helped. It was fun and yummy. We had a short lesson and then to bed with the little kids. Timo had a Jr Jazz game and Taran hung out with Tyler a little more. Tim took Taran back in the morning.

Tuesday I went to the temple & I did the week before too. I have been going with my friend Julie. Then I had YW Presidency meeting. That night Taran's room roommate got his mission call to New Jersey Spanish speaking. Scott has been Taran's friend since the end of 1st grade. They were actually best friends until 6th grade but have always been good friends and serendipitously were roommates this year. They waited for Tim to get to their apartment before Scott opened the letter! Very sweet! Thursday another roommate got his call to Florida FT Lauderdale Spanish! Their roommate Nic (he does the videos they make) got his call the first week to Madrid who knows where Taran will go! He doesn't care.

Wednesday June came over and Gwen and I had fun with her! She is sooo cute! I had YW both Wednesdays. This week they did a book share, super fun! I have a new list to add to my Goodreads list!

Thursday we had Luke over as usual. I worked on my new project I had started last week--cleaning out my craft room. It's a luxury I know but the last few years it's been a storage of all sorts of stuff and I really wanted to get into it this year a do something about it! SO now the family room is a mess because I am using it to sort and what not. There is a method to this madness and I would be done so much sooner if I didn't need to do make meals, be a mom or do laundry! So it's slow...owell. I did go through most of a filing cabinet in there and shredded my old bank statements etc with my ss number and such. It's very liberating! And with the internet all the things I kept before I could trash! Digital is so much cleaner! Tim was going to help Friday night while the four youngest were spending the night at Katie and Charl's but Gwen ended up needing us to get her so after we ate dinner we went out there and by the time we got home Emily and her friends had taken over the house. Timo was out with friends for awhile (they both had gone to the Lone PEak vs. AF basketball game with friends) then came in our room to hang out until Emily's friends left. So nothing got done. I had a check up with the doctor that morning and she is encouraging me to lose weight more because of the family stats. I am overweight but she is concerned because my dad and mom have heart issues and my dad has Diabetes Type 2. My blood work is all good and my blood pressure is good 102/77. But I have been working on this these past 2 weeks as well and lost about 5 pounds so she is going to see me in July to see my progress. Micah got to go to the model train exhibit at Thanksgiving Point for cub scouts this week. He was more excited about the Lego exhibits than the trains. It sounded fun to me.

Last Friday Tim and I saw Sherlock Holmes The Game of Shadows(?). We thoroughly enjoyed that! I am loving this series! Saturday Charl brought the boys home in time for Micah to get to his Jr Jazz game. I took Emily to her game. Tim worked on his talk for most of the day. Timo had Preference (girls choice formal). He worked in the morning and took Izak and Zane to help him--he missed Friday because of the basketball games--he went to all of them. Then after lunch his date picked him up for the day date. Tim picked up Timo's corsage. Timo did get his tux on Friday. He got back in the afternoon. Then they got him later for dinner and the dance. He had a lot of fun! Meanwhile Izak and Zane went with Teresa to the BYU Women's basketball game. Kids under 12 were free so they went and had a lot of fun. Micah stayed home and slept! I guess Izak kept them up late at Katie and Charl's. After helping Gwen with her chores I was able to have a couple of hours working in the craft room. Big news we actually got snow!

We woke up today with just enough snow to cover it and now only the stuff in the shade is left. Tim's talk was great! So many commented on how much they enjoyed it--it was quite funny but good. I was in the Laurel class today and they were going on and on about how funny Bro. Pew is...yep he is! Tonight was a fireside for seminary students, their parents and leaders. 100 yr commemoration of the Seminary program. I am grateful to have that program in the lives of my children! It was really good. I talked to Taran just before and he told me about his papers getting in. He is nervous which is normal but hopefully he won't let it interfere with enjoying this experience overall! So there you are! Sort of caught up in a very choppy way! Sorry! This computer was not turning on this morning when I was going to write this! Owell. Izak got it to turn on--he's got the knack! Have a great week!

Friday, January 20, 2012

A New Year A New Idea for Freedom Friday

Want to change your world? Then change yourself, right? As we make positive changes in our own life it has a ripple affect. We bless our sphere of influence and then they bless theirs and on it goes. Are you with me? So here is a website that is set up to help each of us become a better person and then eventually a better nation. Please take time to look this over. I found it very inspiring! Hereis the website, Being George Washington. The site will explain what that is about. I am hoping to incorporate these principles into our family discussion. Believe me, we need that list! Let make 2012 a revolution of our selves, families and nation!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Week of 2012

Sunday night Zane was up with tummy trouble. Luckily it was short lived compared to Micah. But it made us decide not to venture out of the house much Monday. We started out with the Rose Parade, our nieces are in the AF Marching Band which was one of the bands in the parade. I missed out because I was at Young Womens Presidency Meeting. After that they mostly watched bowl games, so many went into overtime! Crazy! I went shopping a little since school started the next day we needed those kind of things. Tim tried again to get rid of the stuff in the van at DI but again it was closed. I took Taran to get some new shoes that afternoon then we went by my sister's on the way home to get stuff she didn't want anymore. We played Headbandz which Charl & Katie gave us for Christmas for Family Night until it was time for bed. The kids have really enjoyed playing that game.

Tuesday was hard to get up at 6 AM--I actually got up at 5:30 AM. But the kids were so tired. We hurried them along and they were out the door early. Taran went back to bed since BYU didn't start until Wednesday. I went to the temple with my friend Julie. We beat the rush and were home by 9:30 AM. It was fun to go with her. I changed and took the van to DI. There was a long line but they were prepared it wasn't as bad as it looked when I drove up! When I got back I got Taran and we went to Costco and Walmart shopping for him and the family. He was low on everything since he knew he would be moving and gone for 2 weeks. It was fun spending time with him. That afternoon I had to run around all over taking Micah to get his filling, Emily to Jr Jazz practice, Zane scouts and then Jr Jazz practice. Taran watched the kids for me since Emily was gone and Timo was at work. He even helped Zane with his homework! We had a special Salmon dinner for his last home meal. We had also found out the day before that he had gotten all As and one A-. So proud of him for working hard in all aspects of his life! After we loaded the van Tim took him back to BYU. I had a meeting at 7:15 PM and I saw him driving back as I was finished. It was a heck of a day--welcome back to REAL life! Being so tired has not helped!

Wednesday I went back to bed after the kids left, I was exhausted. Then Gwen got home and I got her ready for her filling at the dentist. I started reading Matched. It's very interesting, I like it. We gave it to Emily for Christmas with the 2nd book Crossed. She enjoyed them. After that I got her a shake at Mc Donald's. My mom brought us milk and took some stuff to take to Taran he had forgotten. She lives 15 minutes from there so doesn't mind dropping stuff off to him when she has time. I was taking down our Christmas stuff and visited with my dad for awhile. It was a nice way to pass the time as I did it! They left for a doctor's appointment for my dad. He is on heavy narcotics so in order to keep getting them he has to have a check up every so often. They help but I know he hates it but realizes he is miserable with out them. That afternoon I took Emily to the dentist and then basketball practice. Zane and Gwen were with me since Micah had scouts and Izak had an indoor soccer game. I got him a ride with a teammate, they won their game and he scored so he was thrilled. Bummer none of us saw it. Owell...that night I had a Choir Board meeting but it was short and sweet. Julie drove us and needed to get back so we reported and left.

Thursday it was my turn for Luke to come over after preschool. He and Gwen actually helped me take more of the Christmas stuff down that I hadn't gotten to yet. I had gotten it all put away while they played so that was HUGE! I worked on the outside lights on the branches and bushes. I got them all taken down. That afternoon was better than the others as in less busy so I was able to get more done. That night Micah had a Jr Jazz practice, Timo had a church basketball game and then a Jr Jazz game so Tim was gone with him to that. I only had to pick up Micah and his friends from practice--carpooling rocks! I started to focus on getting ready for Youth Conference. As far as what I had to do there wasn't much but I hadn't done a thing yet because of the other stuff. I watched June here that morning so I could get stuff done while she napped. I was able to get the kitchen in order and get all the laundry done and sorted. I got dinner in the crockpot and I typed up a schedule. After she left I packed, I got the stuff out that Timo and Emily needed as well. I also took Gwen to take a treat to her friend Zoe who got her tonsils out the day before. Then I took her to a birthday party. My friend Linda took the kids until Tim got home from work. They had a lot of fun. We met at the church before 4 to carpool to Aspen Grove. I was with Minda, who is also my visiting teacher and friend so we had fun chatting all the way up. This was a super fun Youth Conference. We got settled in and the kids had time to play games and check out the game center. The meals were all provided. We had a speaker from the General Young Women's board and from the General Young Mens board, they were excellent. The theme is Arise and Shine Forth. After the speakers there was a dance but our focus was building relationships within our own ward. We played games and that was fun and then they did impromptu skits which were funny--they had a bag of props and a for the new Strength of Youth Pamphlet phrases as a theme. Then it was back to the lodge. We had fun chatting. I actually went to bed first because I was exhausted. I read and then when my roommates came we chatted until 1 AM or so! I could hear the boys in the room next to us. I didn't get to asleep for real until 3 AM. We had a morningside at 7:30 AM which was a CES teacher from our ward who is fabulous! Then we had breakfast and another speaker Joseph Grenny--yes of Crucial Conversations, etc. A guy in our ward works for his company and got him to come speak! He was also amazing! We were so blessed! Then we had team building activities, lunch, a service project--we made/tied fleece blankets for the Juvenile Detention Center, then outdoor activity or free time. Most kids went snowshoeing or cross country skiing. Emily and Timo went cross country skiing. The young women leaders we all went snowshoeing--I am not in good enough shape for cross country skiing! It was so beautiful and peaceful, we've had an amazingly warm winter so far but we got some snow that night and it was lightly snowing all day! It was just lovely! After that it was time to pack up. From there we headed to the church for dinner provided by our deacons quorums! They were dressed up and the tables were so nicely set. The food was good and the boys were amazing, it was really heartwarming! The deacon's quorum leader he had volunteered them so we went for it--great idea! We had testimony meeting after that which was great, of course and almost all the youth and leaders. I dropped Emily off at her friend Bailey's and then I went to Walmart right after to get milk and a couple of other things. I was so tired but I was excited about all the photos I took at Youth Conference but it looks like my camera died there. I used Emily's once I realized it but looking at some of the photos it was going down hill the whole time! Bummer.

Today I was so tired I tried to sleep in but Gwen is an early riser. She was nice and massaged my leg with the massager while I tried to rest--she loves using that thing! Church was great! Tons of youth and some leaders got up as well as other members. I have been working on this update most of the day either the photos or something. Tim has been interviewing the kids. We hope Taran got his mission interview done today but we don't know yet! Have a great week and year!

The Last Week of 2011

So here I am one week into the year and behind! Owell! That is definitely the way I roll!

The Monday after Christmas we had Holly and Anders over because they had spent the night. Charl and Katie picked them around lunch time. The kids mostly played with their new stuff. Izak's Ping Pong thing has turned out to be a great find from Santa! We had heard that the new Muppet Movie was good and was showing at a local inexpensive but not dollar theater. We got tickets and Charl and Katie joined us. So that was our family night. The movie had it's moments when it was quite funny but overall I would have to say it was strange. We went to Macey's after for ice cream. It was a fun night overall. Unfortunately it did not end or wasn't very restful since Micah was up with stomach stuff.

Tuesday morning we had our dental check ups. Micah stayed home with Taran who already had his check up for his mission papers in November. Timo, Emily and Gwen had cavities. Gwen's was from a broken tooth that got a cavity in it. She thinks it's from a popcorn kernel because she loves to eat them! Emily spent the rest of the day with her friend shopping and such. Because Micah was sick we let them watch all the movies we got for Christmas: Winnie the Pooh, Pirates 4 and Kung Fu Panda 2. We had planned to eat at a local drive-in food place that was quitting--a local icon. I think we ended up doing it Wednesday instead--see Gwen's huge hot dog! Micah had his check up Wednesday since he was better and they could fit him in. He had a cavity. I started reading Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George. I ended up staying up late to finish it that night! It was really fun. (Emily met the author with my mom.) Taran helped Izak use his telescope he got for Christmas and they looked at some planets.

Thursday I took Taran to the cardiologist. They did their own EKG which came up normal. After the doctor examined Taran he said that he only heard his heart murmur when he laid down. So he ordered a sonogram of his heart to check it all even though he said that he felt like there was nothing. Luckily the tech got us right in that day we waited less time than for his appointment. She told us it is a very small murmur and that the doctor would look it over and tell us in the next 24 hours. It was nice that she told us so I could let the doctor's office know that we did all the tests and he is fine so his papers could be sent in to the bishop.

Friday Timo and his friends took Buster (aka known as the Lumina van he drove) to use it's wings. His friend designed them really cool. His friend's dad towed them to the golf course and then they coasted down--he did have the car on to use the steering wheel. He posted the video of it on facebook. It was a great memory for him and his friends! We went to Tim's parents that day to watch the BYU in the Armed Forces Bowl. Erick and Liz where there so we gave them their presents. Izak had and indoor soccer game that morning before so I took him so Tim could see the whole BYU game! After the game Tim was going to take the kids to Trafalga but we didn't have everyone's cards so he took Gwen and Zane to the dinosaur museum instead. That night we went to Charl and Katie's to play games on their Connect(?). The older kids had plans (Emily went to the stake dance but I am not sure what Timo & Taran did) but the rest of went and had a great time. We also celebrated Teresa's birthday since she had plans on the actual day--the first day of school or 2012. It was pretty fun. We aren't a video game family but if we did get a system I like the Connect better than the Wii. But we will probably never own one just not that appealing although our kids love it we (Tim and I) don't.

New Year's Eve we did chores, Tim spent most of the week reorganizing the kitchen cupboards and cleaning the outside of them. So with new Christmas stuff and old stuff for DI (goodwill) and stuff from the cupboards we had a good load for DI. BUT he got there too late it was closed. We got stuff ready for church and for that night's party. We picked up our Panda Express dinner (tradition) and met at Anna, our niece's house. Her parents Erick and Liz were there, as well as her sister, Erin and her friend Josh, Buck (Anna's husband) and his sister and her friend were also there. And of course June:) After dinner we went out to Utah Lake which isn't too far from Anna's to launch lanterns, sort of like the ones in Tangled!
It was so cool! I stole some the better photos of this from Anna--she is a great photographer but Taran did alright with the other photos which he took. We all headed back to our house for snacks, games and visiting. Timo actually hung out with friends. When we got home Emily and Izak went to a party that was at Orange Leaf (frozen yogurt place)--Emily's friend's parents rented it for 2 hours and then you could have all you could eat for $6 entry. Taran drove them and then Emily got a ride to another kid's who was having a party. Taran dropped Izak off and went to a friend's for awhile. Most of his friends went to a dance and since we were launching those lanterns he missed that chance I guess. He came back later and hung with us. Tim had to get Emily just before midnight her party was over since it was Sunday the next day--I thought that was nice. We had so much food it was crazy but I worked some of it off with Smurf Dance on the Wii. Erin brought her Wii so that was a fun diversion. Erick and Liz had brought crackers like the ones they have in England so we each did that besides our noisemakers. It was a fun night. Everyone went home shortly after since they had 9 AM church! We had most of it cleaned up by 1 PM and Timo got home about 12:30 PM so not too bad.

Sunday we had 1 PM church so we slept in as much as we could. I barely could stay awake. It was good, there were great talks and lessons I had to fight to hear! After church we tried to eat fast so we could get everyone to bed early--there were lots of tears that day. I taught the little kids a lesson while Tim and the older kids watched a great devotional given at BYU-Hawaii by Robert Quinn here is the talk. Very inspiring! They actually enjoyed it.