Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break...good times...

So it's over. You know how you kind of don't look forward to going back to school and 'normal' life, that's where I am. I don't mind doing things with my kids or having them around. I see the importance of their education both at school and the other activities: piano, sports, work etc. It's just nice to have a break from that for a week!

Monday Timo had to work since he missed Friday for a scout camp out and didn't have time Saturday either. Once he and Tim got home we were going to go to Salt Lake City to see the new City Creek Mall across from Temple Square--stores like Tiffany's and H & M and Godiva Chocolates and of course the Disney Store, Maceys, Nordstrom as well. I am not sure how many stores we only went to a few. Anyway, as we were leaving we noticed the engine temperature going up. So I warned my sister whom we were picking up that we were going to need to put water in it when we got there. We had forgotten to do it earlier--I knew that it needed it. After filling it extensively we set off. It was still weird so Tim decided to not drive it. Teresa offered to drive her truck and we drove Tim's car. We had exactly enough seats. Emily had been hanging with her friend Kassie and she came along--Taran was in school still. So Teresa took her riders and headed up then we went home and traded cars. We parked at the lot north of Energy Solutions Arena since we were planning on going to the Jazz game that night. She headed over to the ticket office as soon as she got there. She had got a TWEET for tickets for $10 each! With all the fees they ended up $15 each but we got a hot dog with that so pretty cool! We arrived just after she got them so we met at the TRAX station and headed up to the mall. It's huge as you can imagine. I think it's somewhat modeled after Denver's big mall with a bridge that links it. We split up and had a meeting place and time. Some headed to Footlocker and Fannz, Teresa and I went to J Jill and then all but Em and Kassie at the Disney Store, then a toy store not sure of it's name then back. Teresa headed into Macey's then she caught up with me at H & M. I found this store nicer than the one in NYC. It had some cute inexpensive clothes for Em and Gwen that I got. I didn't have time to get to the boys section! Another day. At that point Tim had had it with Izak and Micah for not listening to him and playing on the escalator--like they have never seen one! It was a beautiful day and the mall was so fun since it's open and outdoors--parts have a retractable roof that can be used during inclement weather. We headed back to the arena to get in and get our dinner before the game started. We were 3 separate sections for better seating possibilities. I took all the girls for the 4 ticket group. I knew Tim would be frustrated if he had to take Gwen to the bathroom or whatever during the game. We left about every 4 minutes to do something. She was great, really but I knew she wouldn't sit through a whole game without moving--it was the price I was willing to pay to go to the game! I hadn't been to one in years. This was Gwen, Zane and Micah's first Jazz game. It was an exciting game and the Jazz won so we were all super happy! I almost lost my voice. All the kids in our car fell asleep on the way home. I had brought Gwen's pjs knowing it was going to be late getting home.

Tuesday I went to the temple and it was not busy I did 10 names instead of 5 in an hour! When I got out my mom had called and we figured out would be our best chance at good weather at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens Tulip Festival. It was Taran's birthday so we had to go during the day. I met Teresa, my sister-in-law Katie and her kids and my mom. We brought our neighbor Spencer. We had a picnic part way through. It was beautiful and a great outing too bad I forgot to sunscreen myself! Double burn on my forehead! This definitely the earliest I have seen the tulips up and trees and bushes without blossoms yet! Usually it's the other way around. It was still beautiful. We got home around 2 PM. Timo almost came with but did home work and went to a friends not long after we got home. Zane had gotten car sick on our way home and threw up right when we got home. So after I got that cleaned up and him in a nap and Gwen I went and got the stuff for Taran's birthday. He wanted Papa Murphy's Pizza, strawberries and watermelon...all things I had to get NOT at our little Walmart. I got home around 5:30 PM, the kids helped me decorate, and set the table etc. So we were ready when Tim got home with him. Tim had dropped off some cold cereal and PopTarts the day before for his breakfast. His gift was money and a big box of mini-chicken tacos and beef taquitos--easy food for finals week! We also let him take the leftover pizza and watermelon and cookies. He had chocolate chip pan cookies with ice cream and toppings. After dinner he wanted to shoot hoops with the family before eating dessert. His friend Breton came over and joined our little gathering, then Timo's friend Tyler also joined in. We also got a visit from a group of Timo's friends in the green sweatsuits from the 70s--classic eh? Two of the boys are brothers and were at their Grandpa's and they found them and he told them he had more that they could have if they found them, and they did! Funny! Breton has a cool app that reverses stuff and so Tim filmed them doing stuff and then they would put it in reverse, pretty cool! He posted them on Facebook and tagged Taran, Timo and Tim if you want to see them. Then we did the cookie and ice cream stuff. Then Taran's other friend in the neighborhood who is still around, Andrew, came over and they jammed. Breton joined in too, he was in the original band. It was fun but late and Tim drove him back to Provo that night. He got home at midnight! Luckily he was taking Wednesday off. Taran's roommates stormed his room at midnight Monday night to tickle him and celebrate--a tradition I guess. He got some scars in the process of trying to prevent it! Owell. He that when he got home on his birthday night so around 11:30 PM they watched a movie! To be a crazy college student...

Wednesday we tried to sleep in a little. We had decided to do a hike. I wanted to try a new hike I heard about last year but we didn't end up going there ever. But Tim was nervous about the van so we went to Battlecreek Falls. Micah had his friend Luke and the other kids didn't get anyone home--a lot of people were in St. George from our neighborhood. The hike was nice and easy. The kids had fun. It was another beautiful day. As we were returning home it started to get overcast and we had decided to go swimming at an indoor pool for the afternoon. I was beat. So I didn't get in but I was there to take Gwen to the bathroom. Emily and Timo ditched us for friends. Which is fine! Swimming was crowded but about half the people left when they made everyone get out so they could check the pool. They do that every 1-1/2 hours so we left just before the next time. The kids were tired so Timo watched them while we went to BYU to watch Taran in his choir concert--he took University Chorale a non-audition choir class. Emily went to a movie with friends. We enjoyed the concert and my aunt Leslie who taught Taran preschool came too! It was fun to visit with her. Taran came up here after because his friend Travis was getting his mission call--he had to work so he didn't open it until 10:30 PM. He is going to Capetown South Africa, and to the MTC there! He has my same birthday so I have a sweet spot in my heart for him!

Thursday was stormy so we had a stay home movie day. I had checked the dollar movies and nothing was too appealing so I rented Mr. Popper's Penguins and HUGO. I also had offered to take the youngest kids to Orange Leaf a frozen yogurt place since I 'owed' them for doing their swimming so well during their lessons. Well, Emily had a bunch of her buddies over they were planning their Hunger Games for the next day so they didn't want to miss out so I took Gwen and her friend Sophie. We had a nice time, aren't they cute?
Then we went home to watch movies. We saved HUGO for when Tim was home. We ended up feeding a few of Emily's friends for dinner. I don't mind if I know and since they were around most of the day I figured there would be some staying over for dinner. I enjoyed HUGO it was a touching story, not so much heart wrenching but tender. I did cry but that means nothing I cry when the Jazz win. Mr. Popper's Penguins was cute. Mind you we watched them on Clearplay so if there was something inappropriate it was edited. Timo spent most the day getting ready for his Foreign Language Fair at BYU the next day. They decorate shirts they wear and practice their skits...

Friday Timo had to be at the school at 7 AM and since we are his alarm Tim had to get him up. Tim worked a half day. Anna and Buck brought June so they could go to the temple. She is crawling and standing really well and we've heard she can walk too! Emily's friends started coming over at 10 AM for their Hunger Games. They had a lot of fun. I would have taken pictures but she would have been MORTIFIED! When Tim got home we had lunch and then made a plan. Originally we had planned to go to the Muslim Exhibit at the BYU Art Museum but since Timo and Emily weren't going to make it we decided to go another day when everyone could go. We decided to go to the BYU Hall of Legends and see if they had Jimmer's awards there. They did and the tour guide said that they have more they haven't put in a display yet! We opted for the tour and he took us into the weight room--where the stuffed cougar photo was taken. And other places we normally wouldn't get to see. It was super fun. We grabbed a drink at BK and headed down to pick up the Espinoza cousins. We were going to go to the Creamery but the tour took longer than we had planned. We picked up 3 of the boy cousins and headed home, beating the rush! I ran to Walmart and got some food for dinner and breakfast. I had planned on some food I had in the freezer but alas we gave that to some of Emily's friends and the kids earlier that day. They played with the swords and stuff that some Emily's friends had left--see boys with weapons. They also played basketball for awhile. Once it got dark they headed in and watched Johnny English 1 which they loved! Then Emily and Maddie watched the rest of Emma and then Sherlock Holmes. Giovanni came when Shellie picked up Diego and he watched Sherlock Holmes with them.

Saturday they got up way earlier than we had hoped! They fed the chickens Micah is watching for a family out of town. Then they played basketball and watched Johnny English 2. Tim and I weeded while the sun was out. We made lots of headway! Maddie had flute lessons so she left early. Izak got invited to go to the Salt Lake City Temple and then to City Creek after with his friend Bryson and his sisters (they are triplets). He had a lot of fun. (They changed into street clothes after the temple). After all the cousins left we did chores. Emily went to Classic Skating with her friends--it was her friend Emily's birthday. Timo and friends got together to plan their Senior classes together and then whatever. Once we got the chores done we took the four little kids to IKEA. We have a couple of little projects we wanted to get some ideas about. We had dinner there and then looked around. We actually got stuff so Tim has some MORE stuff to do! We got home just in time for baths and bedtime! They actually loved trying out things at IKEA and they weren't annoying until the end. We stopped at Orange Leaf as you can see on our way home. so Gwen and I got double treats! After we got home, I ran to Walmart and get milk--always have to do it! I got some lucky purchases that I actually needed, tender mercy! I folded towels and sheets while watching the BYU Mens Volleyball game.

Today Tim had bishopric meetings 6 AM until 9 AM. Timo and I had BYC at 9 AM. The little boys had children's choir at 11 AM and Tim, Timo, Emily and Izak had choir at 12:15 PM. By then Gwen was acting like she wasn't feeling well and she was warm. I sent Micah and Zane to church on their own. Tim called me and we set up the trade off since I needed to be there for Young Womens. I am bummed I missed the choirs since it was their Easter songs. I did read some great articles in the Ensign I hadn't gotten to yet. She seemed to feel better after her nap. She was still lethargic but after dinner and her bath she was feeling much better. Izak taught our devotional from his Duty to God. It was good, it was about the importance of reading the scriptures. After that they went to bed. We are all tired and not ready for the normal week ahead with a new session of swimming, play practices, piano, soccer and homework! Taran finishes up BYU this week and will be moving back Friday. He has had a great year and enjoyed himself. We are proud of all he has accomplished this year and so glad for the experiences he's had! School will be over for the other kids in 6 weeks. He will leave on his mission in just over 7 weeks. His buddy Andrew gets his call Tuesday! Fun times. Have a great week! Happy Spring!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter happenings...

So it's late...let's see if I can really scale back this post!

Monday I went to my parents' so my mom could go get her haircut, Gwen had swimming right after and then dance right after that, yes a busy day for her! Micah and Zane had a special Science Show down at BYU that a professor was doing for Cub Scouts from his neighborhood so he invited our part of Cedar Hills. They loved it. That night we watched the NCAA National Championship for FHE--a late night in the end. Zane won our family bracket challenge. I had a pathetic showing.

Tuesday I went to the temple early since my Visiting Teachers were coming earlier since I was going to the Endodontist at 10 AM. Somehow it all fit in. Then I went to Costco then Walmart. I got stuff done just in time to get Gwen. I went to the Endodontist because I have an infection in my gum, it might be from my sinus infection the week before went in and infected that tooth! Bummer but he gave me a prescription. I am doing a lot better--my cheek was totally swollen and my teeth hurt to eat. That afternoon was piano and then that night was Micah's 4th grade program. Just Tim and I went since the school had asked to leave students home who had seen it earlier in the day. This is the largest age group at the school so it was packed. We were happy to be the only ones going! It was super cute and all about Utah. He got to be 'Modern Utah'--a Jazz Fan! I videoed a couple of songs.
That night Tim and our ward mens basketball team won the championship! He was pretty happy about that of course!

Wednesday June didn't come since her Grandma is visiting from North Carolina! We missed her but ended up busy. Izak had N.O.V.A. graduation which replaced the old DARE program. I had my mom pick up Gwen and her friend Luke, drop Luke off and stay with Gwen at our house. It was the only way I could figure it out with the timing. Izak ended up getting a very special award the Super Nova, Emily got it too. The officer chose one student from each class, mostly based on them being kind to others. I was pretty excited for him--funny thing is 3 of the 5 kids chosen were from our neighborhood. The other 2 kids are part of a triplet so 2 from one family! After the graduation Gwen and I tried to go to the funeral for our neighbor's mother who had died Sunday. The Google directions were wrong. Owell, I talked to her and let her know. Apparently I wasn't the only one who got lost. I took Gwen home and fed her lunch and then we went to the store. I had told her I would take her to Target after the funeral so she could purchase some sandals--high heel sandals she wanted me to buy. I had already bought her some pink ones so I told she could get them with her own money of she really wanted them, so she did after we got home and counted her money! After that we went by my friend whose daughter was the terrible car accident and still hanging on, to visit. I had meant to go sooner but with getting sick and being behind not too long after it happened. I have kept in touch via computer so not a complete slacker. It was a tender visit. My friend is amazing and I know that she can handle this challenge if anyone can. I love her and her family and feel so sad that they have to endure this trial. I got home in time for the kids. Emily had play practice that day so I picked her up. That night we had Taran's BYU's Got Talent. He and his little band. They did so great! We were so proud of them! They were definitely top 3 in the competition and got the 2nd loudest cheers which was suppose to be part of it. Taran and the band weren't disappointed that they didn't place but we were! My sister and mom came besides some of the band members family members and Taran's roommates and some friends from work and his ward. He felt the love! We went to the Creamery after. Timo missed out since the Priests were going scuba diving in a private pool near Salt Lake City. He was nervous and almost came with us but in the end his sense of duty won out and he went. He had a great time. He is one of the 2 kids in our family who could do it--Micah is the other. Everyone else has had too many ear infections. As it was he still felt some pain.

Thursday was Gwen's preschool Easter Party. She had to take 12 filled eggs, she chose to fill them with Starbursts. She got to bring home 12. She made a bunny out of a milk carton. Here she is with hers and with her buddy Luke. They mostly played outside riding scooters unfortunately she hit a seam on the sidewalk when they were racing and biffed it just as he was getting ready to leave. I made some cookies I found on Pinterest in between checking on them! I had her take a nap when he left because she had been up super late the night before. She was feeling a lot better after she woke up. The boys were good about being quiet. Thursday we had a couple of soccer games and Gwen had practice. She was sore from her scooter fall so we bailed on that. Emily had to be picked up and Micah and Izak needed dropping off all around 5 PM. So I took Gwen and Zane with. When I went home with Emily Tim drove up and then Timo so I was able to leave Gwen and Zane with them. I went to Micah's game and he played well but they lost, barely! They had dominated but with one minute left the other team went ahead and after a couple of scoring tries they lost. He was bummed and tired out from the night before so he went to bed early. Emily reffed that night and Izak went to his soccer game even though he can walk he has another week until he can run. Tim got us all pizza for dinner even though I had marinated chicken I realized later that I wouldn't be home to prepare it. I had a meeting at 7:15 PM--YW Presidency PPI. After Tim helped me print out the roles for the next 4 months and reserve the DVD player for Sunday--I was teaching.

Friday was a little crazy, Gwen and I went to Walmart to get a treat for Izak's class for their Spring Party even though the weather was SNOW! It was so cold! I was going to get Popsicles but Izak didn't like that idea with snow on the ground! So I got donuts. Another mom did some games and they were pretty fun--the kids LOVED them! I had played Wink 'em but the other game Camel-Palmtree-Elephant was super funny! After an hour we went home. That afternoon the kids wanted to color eggs. After I boiled one batch I broke half of them! So I did some more and made egg salad with the rest! The kids (minus Timo who had left on a camp out to the Lavatubes camping) We had a fun visit with Breton, Taran's friend who stopped by to chat. He wants to play Tim in tennis, Tim is ready! I had rented Puss In Boots for the kids and 3 Musketeers for Tim and I. Emily ended up at a friend's, Micah and Izak ended up at a friend's also. So Zane and Gwen watched it. Tim and I watched the 3 Musketeers after they were all in bed. We enjoyed the movie but like the old version better overall.

Saturday Gwen had a soccer game at 9 AM and Zane had one at 9:30 AM. I took Gwen and she was great! I was so proud of her! She didn't score but she was in on it and kicked the ball at least 15 times. Micah and Izak came and were cheering her on. After Gwen showered and the boys did their Saturday chores. I dropped Emily off to referee. Tim and Zane got home and we left shortly after that for BYU. Charl and Katie met us there and it was a crazy time but fun. Zane was the most disappointed that he only got candy and some player cards. They had 20 eggs with BYU football vouchers and locker room tours! They said that there were 5, 000 kids signed up (we got an email about it and had to RSVP), not a lot of chances to win! We got free tickets to the baseball game so we went to that and watched 2 innings. They were probably the best 2 innings to watch! Seriously, we left after they took a 2 run lead and it was into the 8 inning. We bought lunch there--very simple a Hot Dog and drinks! It was a lot of fun and I am glad that we saw the best part of the game since the kids only lasted that long. The kids and Tim got their picture taken with Cosmo. Then we went to my mom's for an Easter Egg hunt, she also had a soccer ball/pinata so the kids kicked it until the candy came out. Very fun! Then we came home Tim got Weed-N-Feed, and worked in the yard. I had him grill the marinated chicken. It was delicous! After dinner I went and got several errands done. I got back around 8 PM. I worked on burning the music and videos to CD/ DVD respectively for my lesson. Emily had friends here and they watched Tommy Boy edited. Timo had made it home safe from his camp out and had gone to hang out that night with neighbor kids. I had lots of little things that kept me up until 1:30 AM! Crazy I know!

Today I woke up around 7:30 AM and started reading my scriptures. It is always a great blessing when I get to read to start the day! I got more done today than ever possible. The Savior is real and I know he will take care of us if we turn to him!
The Easter Bunny came while we were at church since it was Fast Sunday. My lesson was alright, I actually did a Personal Progress Experience since there wasn't an 'Easter Lesson" like Primary! I showed some videos about Jesus Christ to start. Then split them into 3 groups to read the scriptures, write in their Personal Progress Journal and share their feelings about what their Savior has done for them. One group didn't seem to really get into it as much as the other two so next time I decide to use that technique I will split them up into 6 groups. My main goal was to help the girls feel the love of their Savior and Heavenly Father. I used 2 awesome quotes by Elder Bednar and Elder Holland. We had my parents and sister over for dinner--Taran came too of course! It was a great time. We had ham and chicken with many sides. My sister brought rolls and my mom made dessert. We watched the videos on about Easter Sunday after dinner. We also watched a couple of family home videos I just got back from Costco! It was a fun time! We are sorry it didn't pan out to have a Pew gathering but family gatherings are enjoyable whatever side we visit with. I am so grateful to know that Jesus Christ lives and that through Him I can overcome not only death but my sins, and other challenges. It is a very tender thing to know His love for us personally and it is very empowering as well!

Now I am going to bed!!! We have Spring Break starting this week! Very exciting! Have a great week!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Back to normal...almost

Monday we went to my parents' and I went to through the rest of my dad's slides with him. There are only about 20 he didn't recognize so I hope his siblings will know something about them. Tim and I started a Family History class on Sunday so I felt motivated to finish this project. He hasn't felt well so I haven't pushed it but he was feeling okay enough to do it. Now to get them all scanned! We just send them off to Costco. Gwen had dance so we left early enough to get back for that and pick up Zoe. It was earlier out day so the kids were home when we left for dance. It was nice NOT to have to take Timo to physical therapy. I was able to do the grocery shopping at Walmart once everything was under control at home. For Family Home Evening we went to the high school musical Once Upon a Mattress. Tim was in it in high school and Timo got extra credit for going so we decided to go. The kids loved it, it was very funny and the cast was amazing, really! We get a high quality show for a decent price. It was long so it made for a late night but Zane and Gwen were bathed and had their pjs on already. One more thing I forgot, Emily found out that day after school that she won for student council Vice President for next yr at the jr high! We were a little surprised but glad! The teacher in charge told those who won that he had observed them in the halls and saw how they interacted with others. He also told Emily that she had gotten not only the most votes but she had great feedback from her teachers and he said she had great people skills in the interview. So one of our kids has social skills, that's good to hear. We are excited for her but know it's going to make her very busy...she has decided not to take AP Geography now. It's the only AP class you can take as a 9th grader with Concert Singers and Musical Theater she is going to be plenty busy after school. We know the time commitment because Timo took it.

Tuesday I was suppose to attend the YW meetings in Salt Lake City. Izak and Zane were not feeling well enough for me to leave but not very sick overall. Yes that was frustrating. I ended up getting caught up on the laundry which barely got done last week so instead of feeling sorry for myself I thought this is time that I can do those things I couldn't get to the week before. It was a blessing really. Micah ended up being the only one going to piano because Emily had play practice. Pack meeting was that night and Zane missed it too. Tim and I went, Micah's den did the flag ceremony. He also earned 2 pins. Later that night Tim had a Mens Basketball game, they won. Then he was up until 2:30 AM working. That is why he didn't take the kids to the temple the next day.

Wednesday everyone was better so that was good. I watched June which was super fun since we missed having her last week. She fell asleep just before Anna got here so she took her home that way. I took Izak to 7th grade Orientation at the Jr High. Emily had play practice and then as a new student council person had to be at Orientation so I had to go get her after both sessions were done. I was able to farm out Gwen, Zane and Micah to friends. Izak had scouts right after, they went to Space Camp. He had a 'blast'. Micah had a game and Tim went straight to that from work I was at orientation. Emily had YW they had a modesty fashion show, they made clothes out of stuff and modeled them. Tim went to the high school for a state core curriculum meeting and a special discussion about drugs etc and suicide at the high school. I was going to go but stayed with the kids. I wanted him to hear about the core stuff since I had already studied it some. There have been some deaths this year at the high school and drugs were part of it. The other issue is that these kids had mental illness. It is really sad. Tim said that the parents spoke about their children. I don't know how they could do it. I have felt very strongly lately that most of our education and community problems come from the home. I don't blame these parents for their childrens deaths but I cam shocked to hear at least one set of parents said that they had no idea the kid was taking drugs. Anyway we seem to want to find answers outside, more money or more this blah, blah is needed for education. We need give more training to teachers to notice signs of suicide...really in a class of 30 kids the teacher is going to pick up on this? Is this the responsibility of teachers? I feel like we as parents need to be aware of changes in our children. And in many cases parents do know and have tried many things and still the child takes their life. This is not their fault. I don't think it's anyone's fault when a child has a mental illness and many things have been tried. It is just so sad and my heart aches for these parents. We should be involved in their learning, are they getting the education they need. We need to be the change. We need to initiate change in our schools and districts when they aren't teaching. It's our own fault if we sit back and let them be undereducated without putting up a fight or helping them prepare on own if they aren't getting it at school. Yes, it takes effort but what are we doing as parents if we aren't doing these things for our kids.
Okay, enough of that.

Thursday Gwen had a field trip for preschool so I had extra time I went to the temple. I was done soon enough to go to Costco after. Luke came over after and they played outside most of the day since it was a beautiful day. That afternoon Zane and Izak had their last swimming lessons. They have made great improvement. I am hoping to do one more session for them before summer. Then we picked up Emily after swimming lessons. Zane had soccer practice after that. Then Gwen had soccer practice. I had a baby shower that I was bringing a dessert to at 6:30 PM. I dropped my dessert (mini fruit pizzas) before the shower and came later. I ended up staying awhile and helping clean up. It was nice to be out and social.

Friday Gwen had her friend Sophie over most of the day. She even went to swimming lessons with us. Gwen is also swimming great. She has a make up lesson Monday from when the teacher was gone for a State Swim Meet. I made a treat to take to my mission reunion. I dropped Micah off at a friends out of the neighborhood. Then I had to get Emily and friends from play practice, Gwen went with me while the other boys were at friends. Tim was so late he got home after 6 PM. My reunion was at 6:30 PM in Salt Lake City. Our roads are under construction and very busy. I was listening to the radio while driving around--I was in the car over and hour because I ended up picking up Timo after dropping of Emily and friends. Then we picked up Micah. They said that it was bad so I decided that if Tim couldn't get home soon I wouldn't go. My President is from Uruguay but is serving in the Quorum of Seventy for a couple more years so we want everyone to come see him since there won't be many more chances. Right after I got home with Timo and Micah my mom drove up, with Taran! It was a big surprise. He decided to come home for conference. I felt like I couldn't go to my reunion then either since he was here. My sister Teresa had called the night before and we had talked about her taking the kids to this pizza place with her coupon and some free meal coupons we had. So once Tim showed up we decided to all go! It was fun and a nice consolation.
One of Timo's friends came with, it was his first time and he enjoyed it.
I got the little kids to do their chores so they wouldn't have to do them Saturday during conference. Taran and a few of his buddies hung out and had a lot of fun. Timo hung out with them a little with his friends too. Izak bought a new Ipod Nano with his birthday money and was getting it all set up. Later Taran and Timo and some of their friends watched Johnny English 2--pretty funny!

Saturday Izak and Micah had soccer games during Conference. Izak's was in Provo. Micah's was close. I took Micah to his game and Tim went straight there from Izak's game. Micah scored in his game. I only missed part of one talk when I took him. After the second session Saturday Emily refereed Zane's game so we went to it. Unfortunately the other team was rude to Emily as she refereed--I even yelled at them from my side for it. People get so worked up these are 8 yr olds in rec soccer! The referees are to help teach the kids and to help train referees but the more kids have these incidents the less they want to referee! The some of the parents on our team pressured the coach to apologize to Emily--she was crying. The coach of our team in one of the league VPs so he chatted with the coach after. He called her later to check how she was--that was really nice. She was fine after that game her next game she had a great experience and the referee she reffed with was better at calling his side loudly. She said that he apologized for not calling his side loud enough so they got made at her. Meanwhile Tim, Taran, Timo and Izak went to dinner and Priesthood session of conference. They had a great experience and we met up with them at his parents after. We had rootbeer floats and visited. It was a fun late night!

Today was conference and it was great day. We had lots of yummy food to try and keep us awake:) One of our neighbors brought us cinnamon rolls! I printed out some stuff for the younger kids but they only used it the first session. Anna and Buck dropped off June right at the end of the first session. She took a nap shortly after that. Then woke up for the last session of conference. We tried to meet our new neighbors in between sessions but they weren't home. It was cold and windy! (Timo stayed with June.) Erin came and hung out for the second session. After that session we went to my parents' and she took June to Anna's to wait for them--they had gone to the Conference Center to watch the second session with Buck's family who were in town! We had a fun visit at my mom's and a yummy dinner. We took Taran back to BYU after that then on home. It was bit late. But there you go! I loved conference but I feel like I especially needed the talks on Saturday, like they spoke to me more. I still enjoyed all of them, of course. I look forward to reading them!

Happy Palm Sunday! Have a great week! We have Spring Break next week so I am excited for the break!!!!