Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving and other festivities...

Okay it's late. I will say this week was a lot busier than I thought it would be even though soccer was over last week! Zane did have a make up soccer game Saturday. He also had a flag football game Wednesday that I missed--I took Taran some meds for a nasty cold and fruits (oranges and apples). We also had the Young Women Night of Excellence which they did to show the Personal Projects that the girls have worked on over the year and recognize them. Kind of a Court of Honor for girls and their parents but we brought Gwen since my sister took the 3 boys to the BYU Basketball Game--blue and white game the team plays itself. But Jimmer was there since the NBA is still having their lock out. He actually acknowledged Zane--it made their night! (the boys had been staring and pointing at him and Jackson Emery!)

We managed to fit in pumpkin carving for FHE Emily: Phantom Mask, Izak Tranformer Autobot sign, Micah: Bronco NFL Bronco, Zane Miami Dolphin and Gwen a normal pumpkin (thank goodness) they turned out pretty cool but we had a hard time getting a good photo of them lit with our point and shoot!

I helped my mom with photos this week and then watched June on Friday. She is such a cutie pie! Anna gave us our family photos which we love! Buck took the candids except for Gwen crying--that was a different day. My mom helped me get to a bookstore downtown SLC to get a book for our school assembly on Friday this week I am in charge of! I spent a bit of time on this fall reading program I am over. It's a little stressful but I know I will survive! I have some great ladies helping me and so I am just going to NOT worry!

Friday I picked up my nephews from school since their parents were down in St. George for the last band competition of the season! The kids were super excited and we had a lot of fun with them! We went to Tim's parents to watch the BYU vs TCU. Too bad BYU lost but at least they made it interesting in the end! I ran some errands while they were watching it--I honestly can't sit around that long doing nothing. I know it sounds crazy but true. I had a 30% off coupon at Kohls and ended up getting a few Christmas things! YEAH!

Saturday Izak had the last day of the BYU Pow Wow Tim ended up picking him and his friends up because the van needed the carpet shampooed! Three gallons of milk exploded in the back of the van and it was making me sick--smelled like a bad dirty diaper in the garage! Tim also had to go to work for something so he did it on the way and picked up the thing from work then picked the boys up. My van smells MUCH better! That night we had Halloween Party at Stephanie's parents' barn. She let us bring the cousins so it was a fun time, dinner, candy and fun! Izak is the hot dog, Gwen the zebra (Emily made), Emily is Lady Guinevere (she made), Zane a Miami dolphins player, Ammon and Jeremy Kratz Kreatures something on PBS (sorry I haven't seen it) and Micah a Broncos fan. It was over early so we let them watch a movie when we got home.

Today I taught my neighbor/friend 's Primary class. They were very cute. I ended up having an interview with the bishop this afternoon. I cried because I was pretty sure this meant I would be done with my current calling as an 11 yr old scout leader and teacher on Sunday--which I love! Stay tuned for what I am going to be doing--next week you can find out! Taran came home and because he had a missionary farewell for a friend from high school. He is going to MY mission! crazy! It was nice to have him here a little bit! The kids always love it!

Happy Halloween! Be safe!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Break and Family stuff

So it's always a let down when a vacation is over even if you didn't go anywhere! Tim was home Friday so now it's back to normal life...

Monday Zane had a cold that was bothering him enough he stayed home. My mom was tired from the family visit the night before-sorry! So we stayed home since she wanted to rest and we are not helpful in that way when we visit! Gwen had her Pre-Irish dance class so we worked on preschool homework--ya, I know! I had scouts, Emily went to Orange Leaf (a frozen yogurt place) with a friend after school and Timo had the day off so he could get a handle on some of his homework. We watched home movies of Gwen and Emily for FHE and they wrote about their favorites and then we wrote what we liked about them. A tradition that most of them like...

Tuesday Gwen was the star that day at preschool so we made a poster and she took treats. I swore I took a picture of her and the poster but I guess not! Tim did get a photo of her sleeping with her crown!Zane was still under the weather so he stayed home and slept until noon! I took him to Costco because I really did not want to miss that part of my Tuesday routine! I did miss the temple but hoped to go later in the week but it did not work out. We had enough time to run to another store and got some super cheap pumpkins. That night Timo had a choir concert so just Tim and I went so the younger kids could get to bed on time since it was a 7 PM concert. Timo's A Capella choir is amazing! I could listen to them all day! He was up late studying for 2 tests and writing a paper. I helped him a little with some Spanish and ideas for the paper.

Wednesday Luke came over since there was no preschool. They made Halloween pictures and frosted Halloween cookies. It kept Gwen entertained!
My sister called and invited the kids to sleep over. It was nice that Zane felt good enough for school so he could go to that! Anders and Holly our niece and nephew around Gwen's age also went. We dropped them off after haircuts by my niece Erika (Gwen, Em and Me) dinner and baths. Tim and I (mostly Tim) helped Teresa with some home improvement/decorating projects. Then we stopped for some frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf on the way home and picked up X Men First Class from Redbox. Emily had gone to Orange Leaf earlier that day with another friend. But wanted to watch the X Men movie with us that night. It was really interesting, we all enjoyed it. I had rented The Gruffalo for the kids to watch at Teresa's and they seemed to enjoy it but said it was weird. The high school had a home football game that Timo went to that night.

Thursday I took Emily over to Tim's parents' so his mom could help her make her Halloween costume. It is a simple pattern I found on Pinterest. I went straight to Teresa's to pick up the other kids. Timo had to work that morning as well as Tim. I took the kids to Target--I returned some stuff. We ended up getting Izak a Hot Dog Costume there and some other things. Tim was paying the kids their allowance that night so they really wanted to buy something! I bought stuff but they had to pay me back before they could open them--Legos. That was somewhat torture for them.
While we were at Target Emily called and was done. So once we found Micah, he had gone to the van when he couldn't find us we paid and left. We stopped at one more stop for stuff for Micah's diorama project he has to do this coming week since he didn't want to do it over the break. If I had known that I wouldn't have stopped. The kids played with friends when we got back although not many friends were around. It was weird! I dyed my hair a reddish tint. I missed some spots so I'll try to do better next time and TURN ON A LIGHT! So don't look closely if you see me:) That late afternoon we had arranged to have Anna, my niece, June's mom, take the kids' pictures at a park near her house. I wanted to do family pictures then but I forgot that Taran started a block class that very evening and wouldn't get up in time. Anna did a great job, I can't wait to post them! Gwen was being strange but in the end bribery prevailed! Wendy's! Timo didn't come either because he had a surprise party for a friend that he just found out about the night before at 6 PM when we were taking the photos.

Friday I went and picked up June so Anna could get some things done. I usually take Gwen there but the kids wanted to see her so I brought her here. It was fun. Micah got her to talk a lot to him and I filmed it with my point and shoot. I can never get them to work on blogspot so I am not going to try. After Anna picked her up we went up the canyon for a picnic. My parents and a couple of friends of Emily came as well. It was so beautiful! I dropped my camera part way through and jammed the lens so Tim fixed it later. Luckily my mom had her camera so most these photos Tim took with her camera.

Timo and the little boys came too. Timo studied some while we were there. I have more photos on my facebook. Later we went to Tim's sister Amy's for a Soup Potluck and to celebrate the October birthdays Shellie, Gwen, Emily and Erin. It was lots of fun!

We didn't stay too late since I had to get back to take care of my neighbor's animals while they were away--lot more work than I imaged. Another reason I don't have pets besides my allergies! Luckily I didn't have any trouble.

Saturday Timo took the ACT. He tried to prepare and study for it. I mostly wanted him to take it to see what he needed to improve in. He doesn't want to take it very many times or again if possible! We'll see how he did, there were a few brutal parts. Izak went to the BYU game with a friend and Tim took Zane since Emily who was suppose to go wanted to go meet a favorite author Jessica Day George. Tim dropped her off at my mom's on his way to the game. My mom took her to the Authorpalooza at Barnes and Noble. Unfortunately the publisher didn't send her new book like they had planned so she signed a book card that goes inside the book. They forgot to take pictures! Owell. We have all of the books this author has written! We love her! Meanwhile Gwen and Micah came with me to my mom's to watch my dad. We got to see my Aunt Bev who is here for a conference in Park City from Hawaii. It was nice to see her even if it was brief! My brother Keith was in the backyard taking out slats out of the fence that UDOT is taking down in January to redo the Murdock Canal there--they are enclosing it and it runs behind their house. They are planning on saving the fence so we have to get the good slats out. I helped by cutting out parts that were mangled by heat or time! Micah and Gwen watched the BYU game and Gwen played a little outside too. Teresa showed up about when I had finished this grueling part and my hands were all cut up. So I helped out inside a little and visited with my sister and dad. When the BYU game was almost over Emily and my mom showed up. Emily, Micah, Gwen and I changed into jeans and clean BYU t-shirts for our family pictures we were taking at BYU. We picked up Taran on our way. Timo drove down on his own. Tim met us with Izak and Zane. They also changed into jeans since it was a shorts day! Anna took our family pictures, Timo's individuals, a kids only picture and a picture of just Tim and I. From what I say they will be fantastic! We bribed with Creamery Ice Cream after! Timo went straight to a movie with friends. Taran showed us some of the stuff he's been working on since the last time we came to his 'work zone'. He is so proud it's cute! It really is beautiful that south of campus!

We had ice cream and then Tim hurried back with Micah and Izak for a birthday party they had at 7 PM. I had to feed the animals again--I had already done it twice earlier that day. Then before bed I did it again! Izak and Micah had to dress up in their costumes for the birthday party. They had a lot of fun. Emily went to a friend's and watched the 4th Pirates that just came out on DVD. I worked on my lesson. Gwen and Zane watched Ice Age. Timo and his friends went to see Contagion. He said that it was alright, he thought they could have done a better job with the ending. Tim went to bed early because he had his first bishopric meeting at 6 AM!

We all made it to church--it was iffy both Zane and Micah were complaining about their stomachs (Zane in the night and Micah in the morning). It was another great day of talks, lessons and inspiration! Here is Gwen in the beautiful dress that Tim's mom made her. She got lots of compliments on it! We had a a busy time after church but it settled down and Micah gave our devotional and gets to do the activity tomorrow!

The last week of October! It's nice to just have Zane's flag football and Emily's play practice for our extra running around! We still have piano too which I love hearing them practice! Soon it'll be Christmas music time! The best! I enjoy watching the soccer but it's nice to have a break! Have a great week and enjoy the beautiful weather as long as you can! BTW Tim started playing Christmas music last week! Here we go it will be here soon!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

End of fall soccer, 2 birthdays and a funeral...

I need to be quick so here it goes! We spent a lot of time on costumes this week--it really was a bane to me but it's mostly over.
We did pumpkin bowling--I saw it online and Izak liked the idea for FHE.

We had last soccer games this week for everyone in soccer. They have all done really well--except maybe Gwen. I'm not dissing her skills just her lack of participation. I barely got her to play half of her game Saturday! UGH! We've never had a kid like that and it was HER choice to play! Owell maybe spring will be better! Izak will be playing indoor soccer this year so we'll have a little break.

Timo's flag football season also ended and we all went with the exception of Emily and Taran. Emily went to the 8th grade boys football game with her friend Emily. Timo's game was fun and they won! Great way to end the season.

Emily had her first choir concert this week also and she was also in a group that sang 3 Little Maids from the Mikado. It was really cute and all the choirs sounded pretty good for the first concert with their new director whom they adore. Granny was able to make it that night.

Gwen and Luke had a field trip to Hee Haw Farms and they wanted me to take a picture of them with their pumpkins they got! My dad was over that day so my mom could go to Idaho with my sister for my cousin Brigetta's funeral. Later I took my dad home and I spent the night at the house with him. He did fine so that was a great blessing for my mom and me! My kids loved having him there at our house all day. Friday I had to leave him to watch my niece's baby June with Gwen (Tim dropped her off on his way to work). That was fun she is such a sweet baby. After June we got home in time to take Gwen and friends to McDs in honor of her b-day. We let the kids do one fun thing with friends when they are little for their birthday instead of a party.
Here is the valance I made for Gwen's room! I think it turned out pretty cute. I used a tutorial from a website. She had 4 tiers but I knew I only wanted 2.

Saturday was Gwen's birthday. She picked Fruit Loops for breakfast--we don't have those kind of cereals anymore so this is a REAL treat! She opened presents, went to her soccer game and then went to lunch with Granny at Chick-fil-a and played at the mall playground (dinosaur). She wanted salmon for dinner but the timing didn't work with all the running around I was doing so we saved it for Sunday and had pizza and she was thrilled that cousin Jeremy was there with us! The boys played football until dark then watched the replay of the BYU game (which they won) until Tim had to take Jeremy home. Gwen was ready for bed after getting up early and all the fun all day!
Meanwhile Timo was at Sadie Hawkins, a girl's choice dance at the high school. He went with Qunici Heaps, a girl he met in his foods class in 9th grade! He had fun but was beat when he got home--they went rollerskating and dressed 80's for it--part of the costuming I ran around trying to find!
Tim and I waited up to hear how it went so we three were beat today!

Today was Emily's 14th birthday! WOW! How did this happen so fast? She had a fun day even though it was low key. A couple of friends came by and gave her a gift. We had family party with the Louw side tonight and she had ribs for her special dinner and cheesecake for her dessert! Taran was able to come so that made it a perfect day for her!

Other highlights: I went to the temple on Tuesday, Tim and I went to a Marriage Enrichment talk on Friday night by John Lund. Very entertaining besides inspiring! We were able to go out to eat with a bunch of people from our neighborhood/ward who were there as well. Micah scored 2 goals in his last soccer game. Zane scored a touchdown in his flag football game.
Tim got a new calling today at church Assistant Executive Secretary. His interview was really neat with the Stake Presidency member, he was very complimentary to Tim and said that there were lots of great comments about him when his name was brought up for this calling but he said it could not repeat them. The setting apart was also really neat today. I am excited for him to have this experience. He is excited because he loves the men he will work with.

Lots of wonderful things to be grateful for! Have a great week! We have fall break Thursday and Friday which will be very nice!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

In Memory of Brigetta, My Cousin

I had planned to write this earlier and post a photo but alas I am not on my home computer so no anyway which is almost over. But I digress, my cousin Brigetta Nicholson Keller died this past Sunday of a blood clot to her lung. She is leaving behind 2 young children Bailey (12) and Jonah (10). The last time I saw my cousin was ten years ago at my grandmother's passing. Bailey was just one. So much time has passed. She has always lived in a different state so we would usually see her every summer for a day when we came to Idaho to visit my maternal grandparents. Getta (what we usually called her) was 5 years younger but such a fun kid and person. I remember thoroughly enjoying our visits with her and her siblings, feeling the visits too short. She was also a strong person. She had to be. Her mother got MS while Getta was young and she and her siblings had to become her hands and everything. Unfortunately MS was hard on my aunt and my cousins got the brunt of it. Yet even when they got reprimanded for minor infractions to her orders they were pleasant and even funny, if so under their breath. I remember after the burial of my grandmother we all went to a restaurant to visit and eat. We were laughing so hard about what, I have no idea but it was a great time despite the sober occasion. Our grandmother was 96 so she was ready and willing to go. She had been a widow for a long time by then. But Getta leaves behind a new husband and children. It is tragic and sober to me. But my faith that God our Heavenly Father has a plan brings me consolation. Getta's time had come and we are all left to pick up the pieces and make sense of it. We may never make sense of it, in this life anyway. But I know all things will be made right and her children will be compensated for their loss. It's obvious that we weren't 'close' cousins but nonetheless she was an important part of our family that we will miss. I was so excited when she requested to be my 'friend' on facebook and I was able to reconnect with her and rejoice in her recent marriage and great happiness. I know I will see her some day and until then good bye Getta. I hope you that you know that you were and are loved. Rest in peace.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are Mormons Christian?

This has been in the news a lot. I thought I'd give my take on the question since Mormon is the nickname people use for the church I belong to. The official name of the church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Why do people call us Mormons? We believe in the Bible as the word of God: God spoke to ancient prophets and these are their writings. The Old Testament was written by ancient prophets before Jesus Christ's time. Most of those writings pointed toward the coming of a Messiah, Jesus Christ. The New Testament, the other part of the Bible, are writings written by followers and apostles of Jesus. Some actually knew him, others were 'converts' who became apostles or followers of Jesus after his death (ie., Saul-Paul). We also use a book of scripture called the Book of Mormon, another Testament of Jesus Christ. Where did it come from?

During the reign of King Zedekiah (around Isaiah's time--Old Testament) a man named Lehi and his family left Jerusalem, before it was going to be destroyed, bringing ancient writings with them. They also wrote of their journeys and travel to the Americas. These writings were on plates made of a brass material. The leaders passed these sacred records from generation to generation. Within the plates the story is told of Jesus Christ visiting the Americas after his death and resurrection, healing and teaching the people as he did in Palestine. Eventually the plates were buried by the last prophet in the Americas. Later these plates were given to an unlearned man named Joseph Smith which he translated by the power of God.

If you have read the Book of Mormon you know it completely supports the teachings of those Biblical prophets. It testifies that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah and the Son of God. Now how can you know it's true? Do we have the plates in a museum? No. We don't. But we do know God is our Father and he wants everyone to know the truth for themselves. How can we know the truth for ourselves? By praying. Study the scriptures for yourself--the Bible, The Book of Mormon--and pray about their truthfulness. God knew people would doubt the Bible, so he prepared an additional way for us to know about his son Jesus Christ and his miraculous atonement.

Yes, 'Mormons' are Christian. Yes, we have a different beginning to our church. It was not invented nor broken off from another church. If you want to know more go to -- it's a way for you to learn more. I am sharing just a small part of the story. But it is my testimony that I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves each one of us. He is there to help us. We can come to know Him and our Father through the scriptures and prayer. They will send the spirit, sometimes called the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit and it will testify, or tell you, that it is true. That is the beauty of it, you can know for yourself and you don't have to rely on anyone else. If you don't want to know that is your choice and I respect that but please don't misjudge 'Mormons' as a cult or not Christian without actually learning anything about us.

In high school I had a friend who told me I wasn't Christian when he found out what church I belonged to. I assured him I was Christian but he would not listen me. I found this very frustrating but I understand that it could be very threatening to other churches to have a church that tells it's people they can know the truth for themselves. We worship Jesus Christ--he is the center of our doctrine. Those who say otherwise have never studied it. So again I ask you to find out for yourself, thanks.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

October brings the cold...

We have had a beautiful fall so far then cold hit this week, it was bitter and unwanted! Fortunately it is looking like we will be back to the 70s this week. Monday, I went to my mom's to help her. It was a lovely morning so she had me clean her garage doors so she could paint them later, which she did. She was rather worn out that day and enjoyed resting with Gwen watching a movie. My dad had had his shower (a guy comes 3 times a week to shower him) so he was worn out so he was sleeping. I did other little things I could fine to do to help. Gwen and I left a little earlier than usual to get home for Zoe who was getting dropped off after preschool at our house. Zoe's mom (Stephanie) was at the funeral of Jerry Washburn, who was her mission president. Tim went as well, he was good friends with his son Chris. My mom was going to go but it didn't pan out. I took Gwen and Zoe to dance which was fun, I filmed them. Gwen played at Zoe's house after dance until they had to leave--they had a very busy day. I had scouts and we taught them or guided them as the older scouts taught the newer scouts how to lash. They did pretty good. We have a very sharp group who seems to catch on to knots and lashing pretty fast! For family night we watched a slide show of all the operating temples. Our stake asked us to focus on the temple this week by going as much as we could. Our bishop asked that we fit in at least the 3 ordinances. So this was a nice family night activity to prepare for it! I did my weekly shopping after family night.

Tuesday Tim took off a day to go to the temple. We went after Gwen left for preschool. We decided to do sealing first since we haven't done them in awhile and I had noticed they almost always have a sign saying that they need people for sealings. We got out at 10 AM and did Initiatories. He had 3 male names that I had found on Family Search and Taran and Timo did the baptisms. It was busy so we met up about noon. By then I was hungry and my nose was like a faucet. I had not slept well and my allergies seemed to be extra crazy that morning. I took medicine but it didn't seem to help. We decided we try to do an endowment later in the week. We went to lunch and still my nose ran. Tim picked up Gwen from Luke's and took her to Costco and I rested. Izak had a game in Payson (about an hour south of us) so the other reason Tim took the day off was to get him there on time. He drove Izak and another kid on the team. They won. So that was nice. Taran had called about some supplies so Tim dropped those off on the way back. Timo had a flag football game that night and they won! Emily had play practice and I picked her up when it was over. I dropped her and Gwen off at Ross while I went to after hours for some prescription allergy medicine. They gave me a sample one and a prescription which was nice since it was a 2 hour wait at the pharmacy. Micah's soccer practice got canceled so that made things a little less hectic.

Wednesday, I watched my niece Anna's baby June. She had Alyse, her cousin/bosom buddy's wedding that morning. I had slept good again but my nose wasn't as bad as the day before. June ate and then slept until Anna got her. I also found out that my dad's secretary he had in Chico died. She was a dear family friend so this was sad. When I told my dad he said, "well, good for her!" Her husband died a few years ago so she was probably ready.As the day progressed I began to feel worse and it started pouring rain. I was able to pick up Emily and her friends Emily and Tiffany from their practices. Micah had a soccer game and Zane had a flag football practice that Tim had to cover for the coach who was out of town. Timo had a flag football game as well. So Emily watched Gwen while I went to Micah's game. Izak had soccer practice but it ended early due to the rain. Tim thought he might be able to relieve me at the game because most kids wouldn't show up but most did so they practiced. By the time Micah's game was over (which they won) I knew I had some sort of infection. I was achy and weak. I got Micah a ride home from the game and then went to the after hours place--a different one than I had gone to the day before. I had bronchitis and an ear infection. She gave me some samples of a decongestant, a prescription for the Zpack and codeine cough medicine. Luckily the wait wasn't too long. I came home and took the meds and went to bed. I think Tim made the kids toast and hot chocolate for dinner. We were suppose to go to the reception of Alyse's reception to go to that night so Tim tried to get there before it was over--he did sort of, he saw Alyse and John as they left! He was able to tell Anna that I was sick and couldn't watch June Thursday while she went to the dentist. I was contagious for 24 hours.

Thursday the weather really turned nasty--it had been wet and chilly and now it was snowing! See my raspberry bushes that are on the side of our house. Tim worked from home so I could rest and he took care of Luke and Gwen.
After lots of sleep and the medication I started feeling better--better than I had felt in a few days. Tim had a meeting that afternoon so he left for that. I laid low. Tim came back for the parent-teacher conferences that I was suppose to attend. I also missed Emily's junior high parent conferences. Zane had a game at 6 PM and Izak had a game at 5:30 PM close by. Tim took Zane because he thought he might need to coach. He didn't in the end. Izak went with Stephanie whose son plays on Izak's team. Luckily I had gotten some food out of the freezer and got it going in the crockpot. Tim made mashed potatoes to go with it and it was a hit. Timo was fed dinner at work. He went to the Lone Peak vs PG football game. LP won but he said was super cold. It was televised so Tim and the boys watched it. Meanwhile I perked up enough to use the computer--my friend had invited me to Pinterest. What is that? It is pin plus interest. You have a virtual bulletin board that you pin stuff you like that you find on the internet. It may sound dumb but I love it. I bookmark stuff and then I can't remember where or what the name...this you pin the photo onto your board and it links it to the website. You can also add pins or pin things from your friends' boards as well. You can organize the pins anyway you want. So check it out if you dare!

Friday I had planned to go back to the temple but I was still weak. I had told Gwen she could paint her mirror I had bought her at Hobby Lobby--it's wood and shaped like a flower. When we got out our paint the color she wanted was pretty much gone. So we ran to Walmart for paint and more tissue and a couple of other things we needed. So she painted the mirror and a little pumpkin I also bought while I tried to get some things done and then I'd go lay down. We read Halloween books. By afternoon I felt pretty good. So I decorated for Halloween.

The three little boys and their friends have been enjoying football in the backyard almost everyday. Here is a quick photo I took of them Friday.

My mom made us dinner so I started on this project, a skirt for Gwen. I bought the material a year ago and finally found a pattern--for free on the internet. It is pinned on my board on Pinterest! Anyway, it was pretty simple. She loves it. I made her a matching hair clip. This is her before church this Sunday--darling if I do say so myself!

Sewing the skirt got me back into the sewing mode! I sewed most of my clothes in high school when it was cost effective. My mom lent me her sewing machine she bought to lend out! Who does that? Only my mom!:) I am in the middle of sewing some stuff for Gwen's room with the same material that is in her skirt. Hopefully it will turn out cute! Her birthday is Saturday so I want to be done by then!

Saturday we had 3 soccer games and Emily and Izak refereed 2 games as well. Tim and Emily got up early and went to the Draper temple for baptisms. Tim got back in time to take everyone to their games so I didn't have to go out in the cold. Tim is a true gentleman! I did pick up Emily and Izak when they were done refereeing besides doing chores. Tim and I went on a date and ran errands. It was nice to get out for a little and the sun had come out by then. Tim took Zane to the BYU game after dinner--it was a late game. Timo spent most of the day speaking Spanish for his Spanish class they have to do so many blocks of only Spanish speaking. Taran was here a little going to a concert in SLC--Switchfoot, Anberlin, Neon Trees...He went to the game after picking up his stuff. We don't get the channel so the rest of us we just listened on the radio. Micah and Izak fell asleep by half-time. Zane had a blast and slept on the way home. Timo watched it at a friend's house. They won! I stayed up sewing and listening. Tim and Zane got home after midnight.

Today I taught my class. I was pretty tired from coughing most of the morning. I still went to all the meetings and they were all very inspiring--not sure about my lesson though. Tim had an interview after church for his new calling...check it out next week! Just after dinner my mom called and to tell me my cousin Brigetta had just died a couple of hours ago--blood clot in the lung. I am still in shock! She was my brother Charl's age. She was such a fun, loving person, she will be greatly missed. Unfortunately it has been about ten years since I saw her last. I feel so bad for her husband who is serving in Yemen and her kids. My uncle (who is a widower)is holding it together but my mom was so heartbroken when she called. I am sure she wants to go up to Idaho and be with him but can't leave my dad. If they have the funeral the next week which they may have to do if her husband is going to get to come home for it then we will be done with soccer and less busy either way we'll figure it out so she can be where she can help out the most. Life is short, we really need to spend it wisely, loving those around us and making great memories that last!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Freedom Friday a little early...

Here is an excellent article that summarizes a book written by a lady who broke out of the welfare state. How she found true freedom! Check it out!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The last week of September...

Monday I went to my mom's and we finished picking the rest of the peaches. I helped her bottle some and she even had time to go on a walk before I had to leave for Gwen's dance class. The kids got out early that day so they tend to get less done while I am gone, luckily I was mentally prepared and they also knew I would be gone. Later I had scouts. Tim taught our lesson for FHE since we didn't get to it on Sunday, it was really good. We played Apples to Apples after the lesson which is always fun. I did my main grocery shopping after.

Tuesday I picked apples with Stephanie during preschool. YUM! I drove to preschool since Tricia was driving for the field trip on Thursday. I usually go to Costco on Tuesdays so I took Gwen and Luke with me. An adventure! Zoe came over later after lunch and they all had a great time. I made apple crisp and mopped the floor. Huge for me!:) The kids had piano after school. Emily had play practice so she missed piano. We may need to change her day. I picked her up. Usually Micah has soccer practice and Izak a game but this week they had no soccer games. Zane did have his first flag football game that night--it was a tough game the other team really knew what they were doing and Zane's team did not, yet. Micah and I had Pack Meeting that night so we did not go to the flag football game. Gwen came with us. Timo got asked to Sadie Hawkins not too long after we went inside from Pack Meeting.

Wednesday I also drove to preschool. Then I went on a walk. The weather has been so beautiful that I thoroughly enjoy walking outside as much as possible. Gwen and I took my friend Linda so send a fax, after I picked her up from preschool. Then Gwen and I went shopping at DI--thrift store. I had a couple of things I was looking for. I did get a couple of frames to paint--Gwen got a stuffed animal and book. You can see the frames in this photo.
I had found the fall subway art free online so I got it printed as well as a fall collage of photos to frame--not sure you can tell from the photo. So when we got home I washed and painted them. I also got the vase that is on the piano and put a flower that I already had in it. I also borrowed my friend Liesl's apple-peeler-corer so I could dry some apples in our fruit dryer. Zane had flag football practice so Tim went and helped out with it. Izak usually had soccer practice but it was canceled and Micah usually has a game so it was a mellow evening. I was able to make peach syrup from my mom's peaches and the apples in the dryer and plant some flowers.

Thursday I dropped Gwen off at Tricia's then I went to the temple. It was busy so it was almost 10 AM before I got home. I cleaned house like a maniac! My companion Fabiana Cristeche from my mission had contacted me via email that her husband Anibal was here for training with the church. He is over Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay computer systems of the church. He was coming and I wanted to make sure it was in a presentable situation. It was greatly improved for his visit! I know I have a long way to go but I learned or had reconfirmed that our Heavenly Father truly loves us and blesses when we try to do his will first. He made me so much more efficient with my time and focused. He helped me see that I can do more with his help than I can ever do without it. So many times I try to solve my problems forgetting to include him in the planning and/or process! It's crazy! Why not have the most powerful being in the universe helping ME? Silly not to, eh? Anyway, I had a meeting for being a room mom right after school then I had to get Emily from play practice. Anibal was happy to eat whatever was my kids' favorite food--pizza. So I got some Papa John's and Papa Murphy's. He arrived as I was at Zane's flag football game. Zane and his team had learned a lot so they did a lot better. They actually won. Zane got to run in for the extra point and he ran the return of a punt. He did a spin move to get away from the defense. Fun times! We had a great time with Anibal. He felt like part of the family. He played soccer with the kids and joked with us. He shared video of his family and videoed our kids playing the piano and singing. Timo was late because he also had a flag football game. After Anibal left we watched Lone Peak High School beat Bingham High School in football on TV. Bingham was nationally ranked last year. They had pasted Lone Peak to be number 1 so now they are number 1. Bingham hadn't lost at home in a LONG time and it was a pretty good win for Lone Peak 45-24.

Friday, Gwen and I didn't get to watch June since Anna was taking her for her check up. So we went to pick apples again. It was fun, a big crowd but not as many as the Friday before. Then we went to lunch with Stephanie and Zoe in honor of Stephanie's birthday Monday. The girls wanted to eat at Wendy's so we went there and we adults went to Kneaders then ate at Stephanie's house. Yummy! It was grandparents day program for the 2nd grade. Zane was excited! Tim's parents brought him home so we made sure we were there. My mom had come but went home right after, my dad was not feeling well. Tim came home early and we took Emily on down to my mom's while we went to the BYU vs. USU. We don't get the channel and they wanted to watch. They always enjoy going there. Here is a picture of us in the stadium. If you didn't see that game--bummer cause it was a classic BYU miracle ending game. BYU was behind until they won with 11 seconds left--poor Utah State. We saw Taran at half-time and got him a chicken sandwich. It was a beautiful night and I was actually too hot in my jeans. Saturday Emily and Izak refereed at 8 and 9 AM so Tim took them. My mom and I went to get our eyebrows waxed. We got back before General Conference started. Loved the sessions that day and enjoyed that only Gwen had a soccer game which was at noon. Tim took her and said that she was really involved more this game. Progress! She was happy when she got back. After the second session of conference Tim took Timo out for dinner at JCWs a hamburger place--Tim said it was packed with men and their sons in white shirts! He said that it would have been surreal for someone to drop in for dinner there not knowing about the General Conference Priesthood Session of our church. Meanwhile we were home having leftovers and I made cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning. Once the cinnamon rolls were done we headed over to Tim's parents' to meet up with the men after priesthood. Erin, Anna, baby June, Amy and her kids met up too. Nate did not come since he went to a special showing of the priesthood session for the band dads and band boys--they had a competition earlier and did not finish before it started. We had rootbeer floats and a nice visit. Taran went to the Priesthood Session with his ward which had an ice cream social before and then went together. Here are some photos from our gathering...

Today we have enjoyed conference. The kids liked my cinnamon rolls for breakfast. In between Tim took most them for a walk to get the wiggles out. We are going to my parents' for dinner after the last session. Have a great week! Time to get out the Halloween stuff!