Monday, April 25, 2011

Prom, Easter and stuff...

We went to my mom's to celebrate my brother's birthday and Easter. We got home rather later so I saved my blog post for today.

This past week has been tiring, mostly because we have needed to help some children with school work. It's good stuff, just tiring. So getting to bed after 3 AM for the Prom Saturday night has set me back a bit as well. I did manage to finally get my Easter decorations up! Funny how that isn't a priority when other things are in need! I don't have that much to put out but because it is such an important holiday I wanted to acknowledge it. I bought stuff to make too but that never panned out. Muddlers...maybe next year!

Tim has also been busy with work and has worked late most nights. He even worked Saturday between things and then went in to work Sunday to get something that needed to be taken to Salt Lake and took it to a guy last night who would take it up today. He will be glad when this is over! Me too!

Micah's team tied and won their two games this week. Izak's team played in the pouring rain Wednesday night and won 15 to 2. I got out to watch and got soaked just getting my chair out and decided to park closer and watch from inside the car instead. Tim had a regional mens basketball game which they lost. It was a bummer game so not fun to end the fun season that way.

Micah and Izak had scouts. Micah is making me something for Mother's Day. I took my scouts (which Izak is a part of) up the canyon, it was sprinkling we talked about native poisonous plants and how to treat for their exposure in first aid and native plants--which was a bust but I won't go into it here. Saturday Izak had his Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge class so it is DONE! HALLELUJAH! He still needs to finish the Reading MB.

We had a family gathering for April and May birthdays and the annual Easter Egg hunt at Tim's sister Amy's. It was a lot of fun and Taran even had time to make in between prom activities--notice the very green outfit. One of his friend's brothers organized the Amazing Date for their group. Each couple was a team and they were the green team. They came in 2nd out of 6 teams! He said it was a lot of fun! They took the girls to Log Haven an expensive restaurant up Little Cottonwood Canyon. They enjoyed it for the most part. But after they watched Tangled at one kid's house. Hence the late night once returning from the State Capitol in Salt Lake City and doing that. He made it to church and sang in the choir after the late night!

Zane had a birthday party this week and got to go lazertagging and bowling at it. He enjoyed it for sure! Timo spends most of his time studying or playing basketball.

Saturday night Timo, Tim and I watched HP 6 part 1 finally. We were waiting for Taran to get home from prom but we finished WAY before!

Sunday was a very nice Easter. The music at church was great and the talks as well. In Primary the lady in charge of sharing time asked me to portray a Nephite Woman who knew the Savior. It was hard for me to do my part since I felt it very strongly hence tears. I am grateful for my testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for his love and tender mercies on my behalf.

Hope your Easter was meaningful as well! I think I will take a quick nap now...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Freedom Friday last minute post

I am posting a link to a powerful Easter media clip that I found this week preparing for my lesson this Sunday. I hope you enjoy it and see the correlation between Jesus Christ and freedom. Watch it here. Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Monday was the first day of Spring Break...Tim couldn't take off until the end of the week because of some work things going on. We made Taran's birthday breakfast that day since he didn't feel up to it Sunday. I had scheduled Taran to have his senior pictures taken that morning with my niece Anna. We were grateful for no rain but it was so bright that she had to be tricky with her photography. She took a lot of time with him so I am sure she got plenty of good photos. I'll post them once she gives me them! Liz, her mother, was down visiting and she joined in the photo shoot so we got to visit as well. Later I took the younger four kids to the duck pond for a picnic. We met our friends there who have kids the same ages. We had a lot of fun, the weather was perfect—we even got sunburned! Micah actually had soccer practice that afternoon so he went to that while everyone else played outside! Taran even went to a park with friends and played tag on the playground. He also had 2 friends get their wisdom teeth pulled so he and another friend made them pudding and took it to them. I pruned all the bushes in my yard and I am pretty sure my one tree died over winter. Gwen was in charge of Family Night so we played Hot Potato. That was fun until people got too competitive.

Tuesday Izak went early to do service at the Humanitarian Projects Area in AF with his friend and his mom and another scout. My mom took Taran to lunch in honor of his birthday, they went to Red Lobster. He loved his meal. She dropped off Taran and took Timo to the BYU library to do some research. Emily was gone Monday and Tuesday with one of her friends all day. I was able to squeeze in some shopping before the cousins came over to spend the night. The kids played outside until dark then came in and watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Wednesday we had donuts for breakfast to make it easy. Maddie had to babysit that morning for someone so Amy picked her kids up early. Izak went to DI with his friend and his older brother who is waiting to go on his mission so he has been doing service all over in between working—great kid. So the kids played then I left Taran, Timo and Emily in charge while I went to lunch with all my sister-in-laws who live here, my mother-in-law and nieces. Since Liz was down we thought it would be fun! And it was! We ate at Zupas, I had a large Yucahtan salad and since I had a donut for breakfast I was starving! When I got home I packed up the Espinoza cousins and all my kids (minus Taran and Timo who had plans with friends) and took them to Amy's to play for awhile. I ran to Kohls and Costco then picked up my kids on the way back. I was meeting my mom and dad for a movie later so I needed to have them done eating before I left. Tim ended up taking Izak, Micah and Zane swimming at the Lehi Pool—indoors. They had a blast and got back just before me. So Emily stayed home with Gwen and got her to bed early. My mom ended up inviting my sister-in-law Amber and her parents to see The King's Speech with her. I was really tired and worried I would fall asleep but it was fantastic. We saw the PG -13 version but it still had plenty of swearing. I really enjoyed learning the history and the actors were fabulous. I can see why it won best picture—usually I don't even want to see the movie that gets best picture. And Colin Firth, I am a big fan already but even more now!

Tim was able to take Thursday off so he took Izak and his friend to finish up their service hours for the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge in the morning. They worked at DI (like Goodwill). Taran and Timo had Spanish club practice for the Foreign Language Fair at BYU on Friday so we planned to do something as a family after they got home. We went to Trafalga, Taran brought his friend Stephanie. We did the indoor mini-golf and then everyone but Gwen and I did lazertag. Gwen went on dome kiddie rides outside until she was too cold—it was sunny but the wind was cold. She played in an indoor playground until the others were done. We splurged and went out for dinner. Trafalga was 'free' since we bought passes last summer for a year pass which includes Seven Peaks and many other venues!

Friday Taran and Timo were gone before light to catch the bus at the High School for the Foreign Language Fair at BYU. Tim and I ran to the temple in the morning and were able to do sealings. We went to BYU to the Hall of Legends or whatever they call it where they have the different awards that student teams and athletes have won are on display. It's pretty interesting. The kids loved it--notice how Gwen isn't so sure about the cougar! We had brought 2 neighbor boys with us who are big BYU fans. The kids wanted to go to the Bookstore but there wasn't anywhere to park close enough and we had quite the group. We found parking near the Creamery and so we went there for some ice cream and then came home. When we got home Taran's friend Stephanie had covered everywhere with yes—to the Prom. Taran has been asking her over and over so she got him back pretty good. That night Tim and I went to a wedding reception for the son of his cousin. His aunt and uncle and cousin had come up from Arizona so we got to visit with them there too. The kids watched HP6 part 1 which we had bought earlier in the day. Emily, who had seen it, fast forwarded the scenes that were weird or freaky since Clearplay would not have an editing available to download until next week. (It takes them about 3 days).

Saturday I went with my mom to get my eyebrows waxed. We go to a girl in my sister's neighborhood who is helping her husband through school. Then it was back to the chores. Tim took Taran to get his tux for the prom and I ordered the corsage since I was actually thinking of it! Then Tim and I went to the nursery and bought plants with a gift card he gave me last summer for my birthday! I still have some money left. I mostly bought more strawberry plants to fill in the retaining wall behind the house—we did the other side last year. It's filled in quite nicely. While I planted the strawberries, peas, ground cover and black eyed susans Tim mowed and aerated. He and Timo aerated the neighbors—it's the scout fund raiser for camp. We got 4 houses because they thought Taran was going. I ran to the mall because I had a $20 off coupon to a store. What I didn't realize is that you have to spend $40! I am used to Kohl's cash you have to spend the amount but you don't have to spend more than that. So I almost left but then I found some cute things for my niece who is having a baby girl in August. So I got Gwen some stuff and her! Then I ran to Target to get some Easter sale stuff. When I got home I finished putting laundry—towels and the like, the kitchen was a mess from dinner and such before I could go to bed...I was exhausted.

I didn't sleep well since my leg kept waking me up. I am just grateful I don't have some worse ailment. Today was ward conference and it was really good preparation for Easter as they spoke about using the atonement in our lives. I taught Izak's class, cute kids! Zane played the postlude music in Jr Primary—he did pretty good considering we forgot the music! I felt so bad since he had practiced all week Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam. We started a last week of Jesus life yesterday, it always helps us prepare for Easter as we ponder on the last days of his life. I am so grateful to know about him and the meaning his life gives mine.

Have a great week and may the spirit of Easter heal your heart and lift your soul!

PS Taran finished his 2 online classes so now he can graduate for sure! BTW The kids all did fantastic on their grades last more to go!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday Taran and other things!

Today our oldest is 18 today! We have enjoyed many happy moments with him over the years. There have been moments of frustration and such of course but really we can not complain about the great adult he is turning out to be!

This week we have had Christmas weather. It's starting to bug me. I didn't take photos, maybe I should have for proof. This week I don't feel like writing a ton. We had the usual scouts, piano and soccer. I had meetings almost every night. Let's see highlights:

Monday: my scouts did a mock first aid/accident activity, we watched the NCAA Men's championship basketball game--what a let down of a game! Taran got home around 11:30 PM from Choir Tour to San Francisco. We talked until 1 AM , he had a great time!

Tuesday: I went to the temple, highlight for me, that night Tim took Izak and his friends to a city council meeting for the Citizenship in the Nation MB.

Wednesday: my visiting teacher came over, it was a nice visit, I ran errands while Gwen was at preschool and playgroup, that night I had a choir parents board meeting at the high school and brought home some clothes that the teacher needed washed from a performance, Izak's team won their soccer game

Thursday: I found out the father of one of my good friends from high school had died. He was from Logan and had moved back from California. He was a really great guy. I babysat the twins and did the laundry from the choir, I had roundtable a scout meeting, I ended up sharing ideas that we use with a couple of new scout leaders that had come, you know me I like to share! Izak had another soccer game and the older boys a church ball game that ended in a loss--this was the tournament so they are done too bad the ward they played has a bunch of punks on the team (swearing and playing dirty--what's up with that? the only boys like that in the stake). Timo has bruises all over from it.

Friday: I took back the clean laundry to the choir teacher, she was thrilled! I feel bad she feels like she has to do so much! Gwen had a friend over when we got back. Taran registered for the dorms that day. Shipp Hall in Heritage, right by the Creamery! That afternoon I took Izak and some of his friends to do service at the local goodwill (DI). They gave a tour, it was actually a very powerful experience for me to see how much our church does to relieve the suffering of others and to help them become self reliant. Tears welled up in my eyes as they explained different things. Powerful. Tim and I went out to dinner and basketball shoe shopping meanwhile one of the moms (Stephanie) had all the scout boys I had taken to DI come over after dinner to watch a movie another prerequisite for the Citizenship MB about someone who has made a difference in their community. They watched the Otherside of Heaven.

Saturday:My mom picked me up before 7:30 AM to drive to Logan to the funeral of my friend's dad. Her dad had been a counselor to my dad in the bishopric and her mom my YW President. We knew them well so we went. We picked up my sister on the way. We had a nice visit in the car in spite of the blizzard we made it in good time and safely. It was so nice to see Sherisse and her family. We had a nice visit before and were able to see some other Chicoans that live out here now. We had to hurry back because my dad's cousin from England was coming to my parent's house for a family gathering at 2 PM. My brother had gone over to my mom's to help him out until my mom got back. Tim and I headed over and we had a nice visit then we went shopping for Taran for his birthday and bought him a small something he wanted so he could open it today. Then back home...Tim, Emily and I were teaching today so we were finishing up our lessons. We watched Evan Almighty on Clearplay that night==Steve Carell is so dang funny! Love HIM! It was cute.

Sunday: Gwen woke us in the night with an earache. We gave her ibuprofen and some ear drops we had left over that numb. She woke up feeling great. During church it started oozing. I had cleaned it that morning so I knew it wasn't leftover from the drops. Since she said she had no pain we went on ahead since Tim and I both had to teach. After church it really bugged her so I called and got her an appointment with the after hours doctor. We had Taran open his small gift--I also found some cheap stuff for his apartment (we had given him a simple point & shoot camera before his tour as an early gift). The difference between boys and girls: Timo said, "How depressing!" When he saw them! I would have been ecstatic!
My parents were able to come for dinner: fried chicken, asparagus, mashed potatoes, country gravy, watermelon, pineapple, and biscuits. He chose a cookie bar and ice cream for his 'cake' again. Which he did not eat because he was feeling a little off all weekend so he is waiting. He got some calls and some treats from friends today.
Very fun. I hope to post few photos.
Gwen wanted a picture of her with the birthday boy--exact words!

Spring break starts tomorrow so the little kids are sleeping in the playroom downstairs. That should be interesting! We hope to do some fun stuff. Hopefully the weather cooperates some!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Last Week of March

Monday I woke up at 2 AM with a really, really bad sore throat. I took some Tylenol and went back to bed. I decided not to go to the school and help until I knew I didn't have strep. Tim took a sick day and watched Gwen while I went to the Urgent Care since my doctor never has appointments available. It came back negative but the doctor gave me a steroid liquid to swallow. It was nasty, but it helped a ton. I ran some errands for scouts and went home and rested. I had scouts that afternoon, more our last week of first aid. Emily went to a friend's who lives on the way to Taran's work so it was easy to accommodate. Zane did our activity even though Taran taught our devotional. We played four corners. After scouts I was wiped out but as we did our family night activity I started feeling better.

Tuesday I felt better, not a 100% but better. I watched Zoe so Stephanie could go to the temple. So I took Gwen and Zoe to the store and we got Tangled. Yes, we love that movie. They had fun watching it. We have enjoyed it ever since! Then Stephanie took Gwen and Zoe with her to visit a pony--Gwen wouldn't ride or touch it. But she was very excited to tell me about it. It was a blessing. I actually took a little nap. That night was the pinewood derby and Micah's soccer game in Eagle mountain--40 minutes away. So he went to the game and got there at the end to race his car against his friends. He was okay with it which was a relief. He had had a freak out before he left for the game but I was able to pray with him and he calmed down enough to be reasonable. The Power of Prayer! I ran to a couple of stores that night after the pinewood derby. Tim had a mens basketball game and they won the championship--he is excited they have regional games.

Wednesday Gwen had preschool and playgroup. I was able to get the last things Taran needed for his trip. We gave him his birthday present, a camera, early. Hopefully it will last him through his mission. Izak had a soccer game that I had to take him to before I dropped Taran off at the school--he was going on choir tour for the A Capella choir to San Fransisco. Then I had a Court of Honor that night and our scouts had the flag ceremony. Tim went to Izak's game and brought him to the Court of Honor. Izak had earned 2 merit badges and his Scout rank and he's only been in since the beginning of the month! It helps that he has motivated friends he can do it with!

Thursday I wanted to just stay home and do stuff around here. I was still not feeling totally healthy. The weather was beautiful so Gwen blew bubbles and jumped on the trampoline outside that day! That evening Izak had another soccer game and we got him a ride since it was Zane's 1st grade music program. It was darling! It was patriotic. My parents came, I had forgotten to tell the grandparents but I happened to be talking to her and told her. Afterward we got soft ice cream cones from the grocery store. This was Zane's suggestion which we all agreed that it would be fun idea. Izak was home by then so he joined us too. Timo felt he had too much homework to go. That night he had a YM basketball game which they won.

Friday I wondered how I might get everything ready for our camp out that afternoon evening. I made sure I did not miss my morning prayers and I feel I was greatly blessed with accomplishing all I needed within less time than I thought I would. Does God care about our little concerns? I say He does! Gwen and I went across the street to our new neighbor and invited the preschool children over for lunch and to play. Gwen was thrilled to make friends with them and they are very cute boys. When the other boys came home they enjoyed playing with the older one (he is 5 and the other is 2). I was able to finish getting things ready for the camp out and then help Izak pack for the camp out. Timo has had to work for Taran while he is gone--thank goodness he knows what to do! But I had to leave at 4 PM to start our camp out--we set up tents and teach skills--actually the older scouts teach, we guide. The dads come by 7 Pm for dinner. Tim was there, which was fun! He had had to take Emily to a basketball team party at her coaches before. She had a lot of fun. I got home around 11 PM. Emily got a ride home and she got home after that. Since my co-scout leader and I are women we aren't allowed to spend the night. So we are blessed with some dads to spend the night--not all spent the night.

I got up at 6 AM to make special syrup for our scout breakfast--the boys plan the menu and cook it. I showered which helped my sore throat and went over and got everyone up--we camp in my co-leader's backyard. It was delicious! The dads loved our meals! But all the credit goes to the boys. Tim had Zane's game at 8 AM and I had to get Emily and Izak to referee soccer games at 8 AM. I went back and helped clean up after I dropped them off. When Tim got home we went can got our tent. We all struggled to stay awake because of the late night early morning. But I always love conference. I am looking forward to reading the talks. I find they strengthen my testimony and faith which make we feel more peace and joy. Of course the kids tend to interrupt and test my patience and this year I wasn't as prepared with what I was going to do with them. Our Primary brought a packet around for all the Primary kids to do but they didn't want to do them until Sunday! Micah had a game in between sessions so Tim took him and I got lunch for the kids. When he got back we put away the tent. After the second session I got dinner for the kids and I (a large sub sandwich from Walmart) since Tim took Timo out to dinner before Priesthood session. The kids played with friends until dinner. After we ate dinner I fertilized the grass. It started raining. After baths and tidying up we went to Tim's parents where we met up with his siblings their kids and our adult nieces who live here. It was fun and the men met up with us after the Priesthood session. We had rootbeer floats and visited some more. We met Stan a guy Erin has gone out with a few times or more lately. He seems pretty cool. Tim talked to Taran when we got home after the kids were all in bed. He is having a great experience! We are so glad. He and 3 other guys from their choir were watching the Priesthood session at a Stake Center and the signal went out so they sang Nearer thy God to Thee to the congregation! I thought that was cool!

Today we tried to sleep in a little. We woke up to SNOW! Utah has crazy springs! We did manage scriptures and prayers before the first session. In between sessions we watched a byutv show about a family with 21 adopted kids and about the Eagle Eye program--check it out I don't have time to write about it here. Amazing stories and every inspiring it made me cry! We are planning on staying here for dinner so I am cooking a ham I had in the freezer. It smells good! The snow has melted now and everything is greener. So grateful for living prophets to guide us and strengthen our faith and understanding. Conference is truly a blessing in my life and I hope my kids come to feel that way too. Have a great week! We have one week and then it's spring break!