Saturday, October 18, 2008

Birthday Girls!

Gwen and Emily have birthdays one day a part! Gwen was just short of being born on Emily's birthday--not a bad early birthday present for a girl with 5 brothers! Gwen's birthday was the 15th, the kids were still in school and Zane in preschool so Tim and I took Gwen to Thanksgiving Point's Animal Farm. She loved it as long as none of the animals got too close! It was fun. We had chicken nuggets for lunch and pizza for dinner. She likes singing happy birthday so she enjoyed that especially! Emily's birthday was the next day but the kids were off for Fall Break. We opened presents after her crepe breakfast and then Tim took Gwen and Zane for check ups, which they did well. Emily played on her karoake until Granny came and picked her up for lunch. They stopped at Justice "on their way" so she could spend her gift card from her local cousins and aunts and uncles. Then they went to Tucanos, a Brazilian restaurant that specializes in Brazilian BBQ--amazing, this was all you can eat buffet. She got a free meal for her birthday with a paying meal. She had creme brulee for dessert and loved it!
Later she had roadshow practice then we had Panda Express for dinner. We also sang happy birthday and served up her cheesecake and an Oreo pie before heading to Tim's parents' for the sad BYU game. Emily watched her Camp Rock DVD she got for her birthday while we all suffered.

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Shellie said...

That sounds like it was a very yummy birthday and I love Gwen's dress.