Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Last Week of July 2011

Monday was the official holiday observance of July 24th so no one at our house had to go to work. Pioneer Day commemorates when the pioneers came to Utah after much persecution in the mid-west. We had planned to go on a hike with just our family but Taran's ear drum burst in the night and he needed medical attention. Tim took him while I got everyone ready to go swimming at my sister's pool. We brought our lunch and ate it at her pool. Taran and Timo stayed home from swimming. Not sure what they did. We had fun with Charl and his family were there as well as Teresa. Then we met up with my parents at our house. We had pizza to shake it up a little--chicken garlic pizza from Papa Murphys, yummy! It was fun and yummy. We didn't do any fireworks since the guys had to work the next day and we had done enough on Saturday with Tim's side of the family. We saw plenty before we went to bed and we could still hear them until we fell asleep!

Tuesday our nephews Jeremy and Ammon were coming over because their mom and sisters were at girls camp and Nate had to do some work that day--he had tried to take the whole week off but couldn't get the whole day off. They had swimming lessons in the morning and soccer practice in the afternoon so he dropped them off late morning and picked them up early afternoon. The kids always enjoy having them over. Izak had lacrosse practice with Timo and team at 1 PM but they practiced until 2:30 PM--long in that heat! Micah had soccer practice at 4 PM and I drove him and his friend and mailed stuff afterward. That afternoon I had started on an photo project I have been wanting to do all summer! I got some of it done. I bought some Groupon vouchers for $29 for 1,000 4 x 6 photos scanned and mailed back with a DVD. The have all these specifications so I had to go through all the photos and prepare them. Hopefully I'll get them sent tomorrow? We had a cool pack meeting that night with a Polynesian Pack--the leaders had made friends with this other group at Woodbadge.
We had a luau and entertainment! Very cool and YUMMY! The boys were a little disappointed because they had promised to teach the Haka--New Zealand chant thing. They did a variation so they were disappointed!

Wednesday was library day so I walked over with the kids--the week before just Izak and I went. The rest of the day was mellow, kind of nice! Izak had a lacrosse game that got canceled because of the weather. I worked on my project some more.

Thursday we went to my mom's to work in the yard and watch my dad while my mom took my sister Teresa to the airport. She had planned to spend the day in Salt Lake going to the temple and shopping having a little break. But some crazy things happened to thwart her plans and there are too many details so I will leave it at that! Timo actually dropped us off and brought Emily later after she volunteered. Emily had forgotten we were going to go to Seven Peaks so we didn't go. We ended up hanging out after working in the yard and then going and getting Taran after. We got a lot done in the yard but we still have more to do for her. That night I worked some more on the photo project so I have 2 boxes I can send.

Friday I spent a bit of time on lacrosse--the reschedule was for that night and I needed to find out if we would have enough to play. In end we did. I also spent about 2 hours in the yard. Timo mowed the back and I mowed the front. We have a swarm of wasps in the front that we need to spray and I didn't want Timo to get stung so I did it. Micah went with our friends the Olers to the Bean Museum at BYU and then to the Creamery (ice cream) on their way to the lacrosse game since it was in Provo. Tim took Izak down. I was behind on my house stuff so I opted out and stayed here plus Gwen needed to go to bed early which only happens if I am home. Tim and the others are way to fun!:) I had the kids do their Saturday chores that morning so we would have Saturday free to go to 7 Peaks. So that's what we did. I rewarded them with movies from Redbox. Gwen and Zane watched a Scooby Doo movie. Izak, Micah, Emily, Tim and I watched I am Number Four--on Clearplay later. I went to my sister's with my mom to borrow some games, right after dinner. My parents had brought Taran home and ate dinner with us--Tim had to leave before Taran would be ready. My mom needed to go by my sister's anyway so we planned it out. We liked I am Number Four--action movie. We give it a thumbs up. Taran was having a band meeting and Timo was at a party. After we got the little boys to bed we watched The Green Hornet--Emily got the movies for us and got both. I was wondering if it was part of the Avengers (which it is not) so I had mentioned it. It was weird, not sure if it's a thumbs down or neutral. Lots of swearing or inappropriate language which Clearplay edited so it went quiet a lot! And it was just different...Timo was home by then and he said that he liked it. I liked Thor and would like to see Captain America, I know weird I like Super Hero movies!

Saturday morning we all went to 7 Peaks but Taran who had planned to play soccer with his friends--one of them Andy is leaving on his mission Wednesday so it was their last time to play with him. Since Taran can't get his ear wet we didn't insist. Timo would have preferred sleeping in but came and was fun. We went to Macey's after for a cone because Zane went on a big slide with Tim. I thoroughly enjoy the wave pool and lazy river.
After we got home I went shopping--I always need to get milk but I am so proud that I only went to Walmart on Tuesday and Saturday! A true miracle! Then I piddled around getting stuff--washing the swimsuits and towels etc. After dinner Taran and Timo scattered! Tim and I went to some neighbors to play games with a somewhat newly married couple--the neighbors were trying to help them meet more people. It was super fun and we laughed a lot! We played my sister's game Loaded Questions. We played the Teen-Adult version--there is an Adult version in case you were wondering!

Today Taran had 2 missionary farewells his friend Andy, and Ryan. Andy moved here in 4th grade from Chile. His parents died and he has relatives here. Taran was one of his first friends. He learned English by immersion. He is going to Ecuador. Ryan moved from Springville to Alpine and started at Lone Peak in 10th grade. Taran has had classes with him through the years and this last year Ryan was in Chamber Choir and sang the solo in Carnegie Hall! They are both great guys and will be great missionaries. He went to Andy's talk then to Ryan's post talk gathering then back to Andy's for socializing. Timo also went to Andy's farewell today. It was during our sacrament meeting where Emily spoke. She did a good job. She doesn't like it as much as singing in front of people--opposite of me! I taught today--the raising of Lazarus. It was touching. I came home later and stayed with Zane because he was coughing all through Sacrament Meeting even though we gave him cough syrup before. He slept and seems a bit better. Tim had to go do Elder's Quorum stuff. It was a good day overall. Our hometeachers came today which was nice, we always enjoy them.

I can't believe that August begins tomorrow! The kids start school the 23rd, Taran can move into his dorm the 24th! Gwen also starts preschool the 23rd. She starts pre-Irish on the 8th! She loves dancing so I hope she likes this! Her friend Zoe is doing it so hopefully it will be fun for her.

Hope your summer had been happy!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A New Pew and other happenings...

Monday, I dropped Timo off at work on my way to my annual check up. I am grateful to be relatively healthy. She had had me come in January because (TMI) my papsmear was irregular last summer so they did another and also checked my blood stuff. It all came back normal, good. Well, I have gained weight since January. Ya, that wasn't fun to find out! She doesn't want me to diet just watch portion control and the carbs. Guess what? I am probably eating more carbs now that last week, yep that's how I roll! Someone tells me to limit something and it backfires. It's a crazy deprivation thing I need to figure out. She had me get labs done again to make sure my thyroid meds are still right, my Vitamin D and the other blood stuff. I got the results, normal! So now I need to combat the brain. Anyway, I am doing some exercising with weights and stuff the past 5 weeks so hopefully I can figure out what I am doing and find balance. That same morning Tim dropped Izak off at my parents' yard. He had just finished when I got there and so my mom left to run some errands until I had to pick Timo up from work. It was nice to spend the time with my dad. He said some wacky stuff but normal for Alzheimer's. His shingles are still nasty and so he tries not to move too much. Gwen was in charge of Family Night so we went to the Animal Farm at Thanksgiving Point.

Which was fun! We got cones at JCws afterward and then dropped Taran off at the movie theater there so he could see HP7.2 with his friend who did not see it last week with him and their friends.

Tuesday I took Timo to work again--waiting for that van to be fixed! My visiting teachers came to visit which is always fun. I picked up Timo then went straight to get my eyebrows waxed. It didn't take too long. Meanwhile Emily and her friend Ashley were having another movie marathon this time Chick Flicks on the Clearplay. They watched: Never Been Kissed, Beastly, I Am Number 4 and Phantom of the Opera. They liked them all. Timo had lacrosse practice for his team (Izak's on it) and then I took him to the dentist to get those cavities filled. I started reading another book at the dentist, The Walk and got about half way. I finished a good one last week Ever, by Gail Carson Levine (she wrote Ella, Enchanted and other fun books). That night we got a call that our niece Anna was being admitted to have her baby early--her fluid was low and she had other issues so they got her going that afternoon. This meant that Tim's brother and his wife left Boise, Idaho at that time and got here 10 minutes before the baby was born! Exciting! Unfortunately we have yet to see her! But her facebook pictures are cute! We got Timo already for scout camp that evening--always way more work than I realize and account for! Tim had softball that night so he was gone doing that.

Wednesday Timo left for scout camp--they went to Escalante and hiked the slot canyons. Don't ask me why he is dressed like Trale Lewous! We watched our neighbor's daughter Emily who is only 2. The husband got laid off and now is working with his dad in Texas so they are trying to sell their home and move there. So Mary needed to work on packing to show the house--we were glad to help out! She is a darling little thing with a great laugh! Izak and I ran to the library part way through to return books and get a couple out. Emily watched Emily (with everyone helping her!). We had planned to go to Seven Peaks but then maybe to visit Anna. I had wanted to go to the temple that morning, early but we were up with kids who had nightmares or something until 2 AM. Yep. that stinks! So it didn't happen so I felt I should go that afternoon, after a nap. So that's what I did. Then I did a Costco run and got ready for scouts that night. I had thought after scouts we might run down to Provo to see Anna and baby but it was too late.

Thursday morning I went visiting teaching. In between visits I ran Emily to her volunteering at the Ahlzheimer's/Dementia place near our home. She really enjoys spending time with them. Visiting teaching was fun, I enjoy the ladies we visit. We planned to go to 7 Peaks that day and found out just as we left that there was a private party at so the park was closing at 3:30 PM! We ate lunch in the car and then picked up Tim on our way. He came with the first this summer! It was super crowded but we had a lot of fun. I actually went on a slide with Izak--not together but we stood in line together which was fun. Usually I am in the wave pool or the kiddie pool. We did the lazy river a few times too. I think Tim was the only one feeling ripped off. We had to pick up Taran from work at 5 PM so we ended up with an hour to kill. Tim suggested seeing Anna's baby--what? in our swimsuits? He didn't think it was an issue. We bought Emily some flip flops at the dollar store near the hospital so she could come with. By the time we got a hold of Erick and then Buck (Anna's husband) we realized it wasn't a good time for Anna to have us visit--besides the fact that we were dressed inappropriately! So went to the Macey's grocery near there and had ice cream--a tradition we started a couple of weeks ago. Then we picked up Taran and brought him ice cream too. That night Micah had his last lacrosse practice. I drove them home, as I did one of the neighbor boys (he is Gwen's age, 4) was riding his bike around and I said "LUUUUUKE! LUUUUUKE!" And he said (without missing a beat), "Hiya babe!" What a crack up! We were laughing all the way home! He is a character. Meanwhile Tim had taken Izak to a BYU Mens Soccer game that night. They had a lot of fun and ran into Tim's sister's husband and two oldest boys. Izak's friend game him a bunch of free tickets and this is the only one Tim could take him to. I am glad they got to go! So again we didn't get to see June, Anna's baby who is now home.

Friday it was our turn for cousin camp at our house. I decided to do a cousin theme. I think it turned out to be a good experience. I just love that my kids have cousins to grow up with and to help them feel loved and accepted. Taran went camping with friends so he left around 4 PM. Once everyone else left we went to my parents'. My mom and Emily were going to the MoTab Pioneer Day concert in SLC. They met my brother Keith and his wife Amber and he drove them up and back. Meanwhile we worked in the yard and watched my dad. It was a pleasant night so we got him to come outside with us. He sat on the deck and enjoyed it. Tim met us there and went and got Wendy's for the kids, my dad and him. Gwen got stung 3 times by a wasp. That was nasty. My sister had stopped by to get something and was there at the time and helped her out. I was cutting some dead branches off a tree so it took me sometime to get there. She is fine but it was quite traumatic. Once we got to a stopping point in the yard work Tim took the kids home and I stayed with my dad. Emily and my mom got there about 10:30 PM and had enjoyed the concert very much.

Saturday Micah had his last lacrosse game, he scored 2 goals. Izak had his game right after and played well. I ended up staying home with the little kids and helping them with their chores. Then I ran some errands later. Timo got home just afternoon and had lost his food money so he was starving--poor kid. I think that put a downer on it at the end. Emily and Izak had invited cousins and friends to do space camp with them--15 total kids on the mission.
Micah snuck in because Emily was afraid that one kid wouldn't make it--he had had scout camp that week and couldn't confirm if he was coming. So we suggested that Micah go and if the kid didn't show up he could go. I guess the kid showed up as they were giving out assignments so they had plenty! They had a great time. Later Emily took her friend Tiffany out to dinner, Tim dropped them off. Later we met up with the Pew clan at Amy's. We had dessert and fireworks later that Erick and Liz had bought--we contributed glowsticks! THe neighbors helped out with their own show behind Amy's house! Tim's aunt Gaye and Uncle Bruce were up from Arizona visiting so they came over with his Uncle Lee and Aunt Dianne who live in Orem. They brought some of their grandkids along so it was a party!

Taran got home from his camping trip at 9 PM. We didn't get home until 10:30 PM or so. And we made all the little kids bathe so it wouldn't be 9 of us trying to shower the next morning.

This morning a couple of kids were ill with runny noses--not sure if it's a cold or allergies. So we made them come to sacrament meeting because the choir was singing--half our family. It was awesome! Tim's parents and brother Erick and his wife Liz came to our meeting--Erick and Liz were leaving for Boise after it. I taught Sunbeams. Taran took Gwen and Zane home. They seem fine now--kind of crazy actually! Tim and Timo went hometeaching this afternoon. After dinner Tim and I went to Anna's to visit and see her baby!
She is darling and just so sweet! You can see Tim is a proud grand-uncle? So even though her last name is Harrison she is a Pew too! We had a nice visit and also got to see their new house they barely moved into before she was born. It is really cute! We watched the broadcast of the MoTab Pioneer Celebration Concert after we got back. It was good but a little long for our monkeys!

Have a great week! And to those in Utah, Happy Pioneer Day!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter and the rest of the week...

It's over, yep. The last final HP movie came out this week. I feel a little melancholy over it. A little more on that later!

Anyway, we had fun at Seven Peaks Monday. We decided to try the early entry for pass holders that morning and made it there by 10 AM--9:30 AM they open. Only problem was that the kiddie pool was COLD. I am not sure if it heated up later because we left by 12:30 PM, so Gwen hung out in the wave pool which I love and she rode out the waves with me a couple of times...amazing! She usually sits at the edge. The other kids enjoyed it as well as the slides. Izak was able to get her on a couple of 'medium' slides. We stopped at Macey's for a cone and Tim met us there since it was his lunch time. Timo needed the car so we had to be back by 1:30 PM. What was he doing? He has some friends, mostly girls, who organized Harry Potter activities all week in honor of the last movie. They did all sorts of things from Harry Potter Scene It to Quittich, Sorting Hat, Butterbeer...Anyway, most of it was after work and sometimes into the night! He had a lot of fun. Our kids snuck in as many of the HP movies all week as they could!

Zane had his last coach pitch baseball game. It looked like it might rain but held off for the game although we saw lightning and got sprinkled. For Family Night we played hide-n-go-seek in the dark after Zane's devotional. We pretty much played that until someone got mad--it lasted longer than I thought it would!

Tuesday Micah had scouts so we didn't go anywhere. He carved this out of soap. He also got his one cavity filled and had soccer practice--here we go!

Wednesday was library day so we went to the school library and got some new books, always fun! Then we were off to Teresa's pool--free for guests. They have one day every other week so we go and take full advantage. Here some of those photos

Emily missed YW to see her friend in the local musical Cinderella, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Taran went down to UVU Institute with a friend for a class--which he enjoyed. Then his friend Andy came over with leftover pizza (he works at Little Cesar's) which they all enjoyed! Timo had planning for scouts camp. I also had Scout Committee Meeting.

Thursday Tim helped me take my scouts on a 5 mile hike. But everything did not go smoothly! He had to drop off Taran at BYU to work first. Meanwhile I had gone to our Walmart for a couple of things and when I came back the van wouldn't start. It was DEAD. A battery thing. So my co-leader drove her mini-van and Tim drove his car. It was a steady, rocky, uphill hike--a bit challenging but very beautiful. The hike was to Horsetail Falls, in Alpine. Here are some of the photos:

About half the boys wanted to go back after we stopped for lunch but we decided we should do the last 15-20 minutes to get there. It was beautiful. I thought we got a picture of the valley but not the one I thought of--you could see almost all of Utah Lake, and the rest of the valley--quite impressive!
Most of the boys had ran out of water by the time we finished so we got them snowcones--our neighbor sells them for $1 so it was a fun treat after that! When we got back the guy who fixes our cars was there so he checked our my van and fixed a couple of things--like my AC blower that wasn't working! YEAH! He also did a few things on the boys' van but had a wrong part so maybe this week it will be done! Luckily Amy my sister-in-law had the kids for cousin camp and didn't mind having the 3 youngest there all day! I dropped Emily and Izak off so only missed a little bit and it was a Harry Potter theme so they were so excited! Emily had volunteered that morning at the Alzheimer's Center so she was waiting to be taken. I felt bad that the hike had been so long! Then I came back and showered and Tim went back to work. I drove Timo and some friends down to the movie theater to wait for HP. They didn't have assigned seating so there was a little bit of a panic when one girl went down to get the actual tickets and saw a line already at noon! Here are some pictures of most of Timo's group
They were in line for the 12:05 show--8 hours in line having a total party--although it was very hot because they had them set up in the parking lot! Taran paid extra to see it with his friends at 9 PM through a friend's dad's work. I didn't get any photos of him this time. I got Timo's because his friend posted them on facebook. Later Tim and I dropped the van off at the theater around 10 PM. Another freaky thing happened to the van when I went to pick up the kids from cousin camp the sliding door wouldn't unlock! The kids climbed in over the back seat. Tim tried to figure it out and then it just worked! CRAZY possessed van! We were glad both boys made it home without any problem!

Friday I ran errands in the morning with my friend Linda. I had some mail to take to the post office and so did she. I got home in time to check in with the kids and wake Timo up! Emily and I went to see HP with my friend Julie, her kids, their friends and some friends of her's from Arizona who were visiting--we took our van and it was fine! I really enjoyed the movie, I laughed, I cried and was satisfied! The movies could never really be as good as the books but they still carried the theme and heart of the story.

I am so grateful to JK Rowling for being inspired to write great childrens literature! Her characters are ones that you identify with, appreciate, love and admire. Emily wrote a sweet thing about it. I want to re-read these books! We only discovered Harry Potter just before Taran's 7th birthday--a random find at a store that had the first book for $4 in paperback. Tim reads to the kids at night and so after he finished the book had been reading during that time, I suggested Harry Potter book we had given Taran. The boys protested! (But in the end they loved them too! This was in May so after the first chapter Tim was hooked and asked if I had heard him reading the book. I said, "no, why?" "I think you will like it," he said. He was right. I read it while I nursed Izak (who is 11 now). I couldn't put it down and finished after a couple of days. Then I found out there were MORE books! Heaven! So I got number 2 and Tim got 3 for my birthday and Father's Day which were the same day that year. We had no idea the following Harry Potter had! But jumped in and pre-ordered number 4 that was coming out in July! And we pre-ordered every HP since! We bought 2 of book 7 since by then we had 5 of us reading them! It helped my boys enjoy reading and hopefully they learned some things as well!

After I got home I called Tim and my sister because we had planned to see it together. Teresa found some tickets so we went that night after dinner. We went to the wrong place first but luckily had enough time to get to the right theater--they had very similar names! It was fun and we talked about it all the way home.

Saturday Micah and Izak had lacrosse games. They did well and their teams did too. Micah scored twice and Izak got his first goal! It was super fun. Meanwhile Emily took Zane and Gwen to our ward activity--the Amazing Trek Race. Zane and Gwen lost interest so Emily brought them home early. I have heard it was really good. Timo coaches Izak's team so he didn't go and Taran was feeling sick so he went back to bed after scriptures. Later my mom called and needed me to watch my dad while she went to a play with a friend. Gwen and I went out there and had a fun visit with my dad. He is still in a lot of pain due to the shingles. He barely slept the night before because of it! I feel bad for him, he doesn't want to move because it hurts so much. Mom had a nice break and got us Little Cesar's for dinner which was really nice and unnecessary! Timo and Emily had birthday parties that night. Tim dropped Emily off and Timo drove the van with his friends. The van was acting weird so Tim was on his way to get Timo or help him and Timo called to say it was working normal again! Crazy...what can I say? This is an inconvenience but minor in the scope of things!

Today we all made it church, it was good and uplifting. The children's choir sang--Izak and Micah are in it. It was great! I taught Sunbeams today and that was fun. The leaders did a sweet pioneer re-enactment which made all the adults cry--it was about the sacrifices for building the Kirtland Temple. Puts things in perspective! Well, that's about it. Just been doing scouts and Faith in God stuff this afternoon and may get to visit Tim's parents'. Hopefully, since we got to visit mine last week! Have a great week! Just 2 weeks left in July--crazy!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

First week of July 2011

So I didn't write about the first part of July last week since I was covering all of June! Later I remember some things but of course I forgotten them since! I did spend some time getting Emily's room cleaned while she was gone at girls camp. I did add a couple of new pillows too. Last year I did a total makeover which was super fun! She got home just as cousins were showing up for Cousin Camp! She quickly showered. We did some simple stuff for the 4th of July. I found some blue ICEE cups which they enjoyed eating! A guy came and serviced our air conditioner and said that it looked great which surprised him since it is so old--11 years? A blessing from tithing. We got all the chores done Friday night so we didn't need to them Saturday. Taran went to the temple and then to a birthday party, Timo went too. Saturday morning Tim and I went to breakfast since we had no sporting events to attend with our kids. It was fun, we went to IHOP, Kohl's, Old Navy and Costco. I liked having him along even though he doesn't enjoy it. I enjoy shopping for fun stuff but it was just nice to spend the time together not rushed! I spent the afternoon working on my lesson for RS on Sunday. I did end up taking Taran to the doctor for a sinus infection and then getting his prescription after. He went with some of his friends to watch fireworks outside the Stadium of Fire. Timo was probably playing Monopoly with friends and the other kids played games here. Sunday was our 20th Anniversary! We went to church. Taran had been asked to teach RS and then they asked me to teach with him. We taught about enduring to the end. Taran rephrased it THRIVING to end! He did a good job--yes, he did feel awkward being the only male in attendance! Anyway, Tim and I exchanged cards after church. We had a special salmon dinner and a cool dessert as seen in our only photo on the anniversary of Tim and 2 candles for 20. Gwen blew them out, classic! It was an ice cream sandwich cake: layer of ice cream sandwiches, caramel, whipped cream, ice cream sandwiches, hot fudge, whipped cream and nuts. EAsY!

Monday was the 4th--it seems like it was a month ago! We had brunch at my parents strawberries and whipped cream. I made an egg casserole with green chiles. We had muffins, juice, hashbrowns, bacon and sausage.

Then we went to Tim's parents' for a BBQ, celebrate June and July birthdays and do fireworks. Tim and Nate (BIL) made homemade ice cream peach and Health bar--delicious.

Liz and Erick were down from Idaho too visiting and our nephew Daniel who finished Basic and Special Training for the Army and is now in California learning Arabic for the next 18 months was in town for the weekend! It was fun to catch up a bit with him. He is enjoying his experience so far. It was extra fun this year because Utah lifted the ban on aerial fireworks so people were setting those off everywhere! Erick had bought one really good one we did at the very end as our finale.

But we could see the others over over and our little fountains in between. The kids did some sparklers too which seemed to be a safer kind that Nate bought. We contributed SNAPS, Poppers and glow stick bracelets and some fountains as well. Yeah for the 4th of July! Tuesday everyone was beat but back to work! I actually went to the temple that morning with some friends. Gwen actually went to friends and played most of the day there! Yeah! She's been weird all summer not wanting to play away from home. Timo had his check up since our appointments the next day were during his work. Emily and her friend Ashley had a Lord of the Rings marathon! I made them take a walk for an hour that afternoon in between. Izak and Zane had their usual lacrosse and baseball practices--I helped with the baseball practice that night. Timo and his buddy Tyler are now obsessed with Ping Pong so they spend a lot of time at our neighbor's playing it and now they are trying out tennis as well. I am glad that they are doing productive things. Wednesday was our family check ups. Only 2 kids had cavities and they weren't very big. YEAH! Later, I took the kids to 7 Peaks. Gwen started swimming on her own to get the diving sticks & rings in the kiddie pool! I am so excited because she has never had any swimming lessons. I have failed at the my attempts of getting her enrolled. I got her to try the Lazy River and she went on it again. Izak got her to go on a bigger waterslide but not the BIG waterslides--the kiddie pool has 4 slides going into it for little kids and she is even weary of them. We are making progress! We picked Taran from work and stopped for cones at Macey's grocery store in celebration! Zane had a baseball game that night. Timo went to the temple for YM--too early for Taran to get there after work. Emily decorated cakes for YW. I stayed home with Gwen and got her to bed early. Thursday Emily started volunteering at a local Alzheimer's care center near our home. She enjoyed it. I took my good friend Linda to lunch for her birthday--it was later in the day actually. But we had great time. Zane went swimming with a friend to a pool in Lehi. I am not sure what the rest of them did while I was gone. Timo also did a lacrosse practice for Izak's team at the actual field that afternoon. Micah had lacrosse practice that night. Friday the kids had Cousin Camp at Shellie's at noon. So I convinced the kids to do their Saturday chores before! I dropped them off and met Tim for lunch. It was a nice date, we ate Chinese food! We haven't done that in awhile and it was under $15! Then we looked at some stuff in the sporting goods store there. I got some new TEVA sandals, they have an arch and I just am a flip flop girl so I need them!:) I ran some more errands and then Costco last, picked up the kids and then Taran from work. My fan in the front of the van doesn't work so I get no AC luckily we've had such bipolar weather that the air has been cool enough with the window down. One more thing on Tim's long list of things to fix! He was suppose to take Izak on a mini-camp out but was feeling overwhelmed by it all and backed out. Izak handled it well. He fixed several things on the kid car: horn, headlight, windshield wiper...The sink plumbing and dishwasher have been having trouble and he fixed those. He fixed the drain plugs in our bathroom and the little kids' bathroom! We had movie night and Izak and Micah watched Forever Strong and Zane and Gwen watched Toy Story 2--we have misplaced Toy Story 3! EMily and Taran had birthday parties. Timo played ping pong with friends. Saturday Micah and Izak had lacrosse games here so Tim took them while I finished up my lesson for Sunday. I took Gwen and Zane to Walmart later they wanted to spend the money I gave them for not getting cavities--my friend Linda's idea. Zane bought Lego and Gwen got a Jasmine Polly Pocket type doll. After dinner I went shopping a little more, practical stuff. Tim took the little boys to an Owlz baseball game--Rookie League. They had a blast. Taran and Gwen ended up helping my sister at her house move stuff. Emily and Timo watched HP7 part 1 at our neighbor's. They had planned it for outside on the BIG screen but our funky weather turned wet and windy and they couldn't. I mopped and worked out and folded laundry. Tim ironed after he got home so I caught the end of Independence Day. Today we all made it to church. It was a good day. I taught on tithing and most of the talked were on it! Two of the youth were in my class who spoke! It was fine not super long. So that is what I can remember! If I forgot something don't tell me, it will make me more paranoid about getting Alzheimer's!:)

I tried to put the photos in order but they really aren't at the beginning, sorry!