Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beautiful Fall!

I am finally sharing some photos I took at the Thanksgiving Point Garden.(we bought a family pass in July.)I tried to make a slideshow with Picasa and I gave up! Not many photos of the kids though I took some nice profiles there, owell! The Garden closes on the 25th of October so we wanted to go one more time until spring. It was so quiet and beautiful. I love fall, the colors are so intense and the air crisp it just stimulates my senses with it's amazing beauty! We went for family night the last day of Fall Break and we splurged and rented a golf cart. Taran and Timo had fun practicing driving.
We found the "secret garden" they have made there and a water feature we hadn't seen before and then we enjoyed the waterfalls with the beautiful fall leaves on the trees and bushes around it!

They have a huge hill the kids like to roll down as you get back up to the top where the entrance is--Tim got the action on film!
We are truly blessed to have this beautiful world!


Shellie said...

Wow, we went there the day of your brother's wedding and we didn't even see all those fall colors yet, how quickly it changes!

The Cranes said...

I can't believe how bright those colors are! I am enjoying my first Utah fall in many years. Everywhere I look I am amazed by the beauty of the changing leaves. Those are amazing photos. Thanks for sharing them.

4boyzmdmom said...

So beautiful! Makes me wish I were there!