Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall, Homecoming and stuff...

So where is time going? We are starting the last week of the month of September...what? The kids have been in school long enough we hit midterm this last Friday!

Monday I went to my moms as the schedule goes. I picked peaches while I was there and got to bring some home that we have enjoyed! Gwen had dance so we made it home for that and then I had scouts later. I needed gas so I ran to Costco and got some much needed food too and was back before they had gotten into trouble:) We took our scouts up the canyon and it was another gorgeous day. Fall in Utah is probably one of my most favorite times! For family night we visited a new family in our neighborhood. They actually bought their house years ago and have been renting it out and finally moved back. I write 'back' because they lived in the neighborhood 'above' east of us so we actually knew them before! Small world! That was fun then we went home for an early bedtime! I ran to Walmart shortly after. It's my new schedule since I price match and one store changes ads on Tuesday--one changes Monday and the rest are Wednesday. I was going Tuesday but I wouldn't get the ad in time to use it. And they have some amazing prices! I started doing this last spring and I know it's saved me a lot of money. I also use coupons when I can which helps too!

Tuesday I went to the temple right after Gwen left and got done early. I ran into a neighbor and had a nice chat and got more motivated to do family history. I changed and ran errands. I picked Tim up for lunch and we went to the mall. We dropped his tennis racquet off to get restrung. Then we walked around getting some ideas for a photo scavenger hunt for Timo and his friends to use for their day date on Saturday. While we were walking around we ran into an old neighbor Becky Weisler who was in town filming as an extra for the new New Testament videos that the church is making out in Goshen, Utah--apparently they've recreated ancient Jerusalem. It was fun to chat with her awhile, she is such a great person! Then Tim and I went to lunch at 5 Guys--we split a meal and that was plenty! Then I dropped Tim off before I went home and picked up Gwen. The kids had piano, Emily had a cast meeting after school and Tricia brought her home since her daughter Emily is in it we are carpooling. Timo had his first flag football game that night, they didn't win but it was fun. Emily went to the 8th grade football game--Tim dropped her off. I went to Izak's soccer game. They barely won it was a fun game. I had a Scout Board of Review afterward. Then Tim had a flag football game late that night. I helped Timo study that night for Spanish and AP US History. Late night!

Wednesday, I went for a walk as soon as Gwen left it was a lovely morning! Then I picked up Luke and Gwen. Gwen and I met my mom at Holy Cow and cute seasonal boutique. I got Gwen and Emily something for their birthdays--I had kind of freaked out that it's weeks away and I haven't done a thing. So if nothing else they will have one gift!:) We got back in time for lunch and housework before the kids got home. Timo had another flag football game after work, Zane had flag football practice, Izak had flag football practice and Micah had a soccer game. I took Micah. Teresa met up with us and watched the game. It was a close one but they won.

Thursday I went for another walk, then to the bank and dry cleaners. We've had a problem with the school district paying Taran still for Timo's work and then Taran having to transfer the money. This last time they put the money in an old account we set up when Timo was born and he is not allowed to access until he is 18! And I deposited money into Izak and Micah's savings accounts. I picked up Gwen and Luke and went to the Dollar Store. They picked out a toy while I got some things. We went to Hobby Lobby also to see what they may have that I didn't find at the Dollar Store. Then we went home and had lunch. They wanted to have a picnic and watch Toy Story 3 so I consented. I am helping the high school choir teacher with the choir tour itinerary so I was working on that for most of the afternoon. Izak had a soccer game in Provo so he got a ride. I picked up the 2 Emilys from play practice. Gwen had soccer practice later which we carpooled so I only picked up! They were so cute running around! Teresa took Micah and Emily to Jimmer's AllStar Game at BYU in the Marriott Center. Jimmer got a bunch of first round picks and 2nd round picks from the NBA to do this exhibition game to give them something to do since the NBA is in a lockout. Tim watched from home after he got back from Izak's game. They lost their first loss this season! Tim said that the other team was very good and Izak's team didn't adjust to that quick enough. Timo went to the Powder Puff Football game with friends--the Juniors won.

Friday I picked up baby June and she and Gwen and I met up with friends to go apple picking. Stephanie, Zoe's mom, had invited us to her parents who have an orchard. It was fun and June was content and Anna got her stuff done so they could leave for Idaho that afternoon.
Zoe came home with us so Stephanie could get her haircut. Then Gwen went over to their house until the Primary Program practice. I went over part way thinking I could practice one of the songs they were having the teachers and scout leaders sing toward the end. They did practice but not until the very end so I just enjoyed watching! Tim came home early to get to the BYU game but he also had to set up a tent for him and Izak to sleep in after the game--remember we got rained out last week. He got Izak just after I got there so he practiced half of it--he wasn't the only one who left. About 5 more kids left with parents for the game. Tim said that they barely made it there at kick off the traffic was so bad. After the Primary Program practice Micah got invited to go to the BYU game with a family in the ward who had an extra ticket. He was thrilled. When Zane heard he was so sad he went and cried on his pillow. Emily and Timo left for the Lone Peak Homecoming Carnival and stuff. So I took Gwen and Zane to Walmart. We rented a movie from Redbox and got a treat. Then we walked back home and had dinner and they watched their movie while I did stuff--laundry while I listened to the BYU game. Emily and her friends came back, they didn't actually end up in the game since they didn't want to spend the money so they hung out and came back and watched a movie here. Lone Peak was playing their rival AF and won 54-7 so not much to watch anyway after the 3rd quarter. BYU won so that was a good night for our family of fans! Micah got home pretty fast but Tim and Izak took some time--they got us milk from the Creamery. It's $5 for 3 gallons! So anytime they are down there I make them go!
They slept in the tent that night and had I remembered I would have gone to bed earlier! I kind of wait up.

Saturday Iwoke up early with a terrible runny nose. I finally got up and got going. It was homecoming and Timo was using our van so I thought I better clean it out. Actually the boys were going to but I think they ran out of time. Emily and Izak were refereeing at 8:30 AM, different fields so we carpooled. Tim got the outside of the van washed and the carpets vacuumed after I did the inside. He also picked up the corsage. Gwen had a soccer game at 11 AM. Emily came with me to her game. She wouldn't play at first and then somehow she went and then when she came out she wouldn't go back in until the very end! Crazy! I am not sure what to do about it! She is a very sensitive kid that is not easily coerced! We've never had one that acted like this. We got home just as Timo's friends were arriving and Tim got there with the van. They did the photo scavenger hunt and it went well except I sent them to Costco last and they wouldn't let them in without a card. OOPs! I goofed. Taran had had a friend who went there to eat for a date but he must have had his mom's card! They survived. Meanwhile Tim took Zane to his game and then I dropped Micah off at his. I had a lot of housework to catch up on so I skipped the games. I would have missed Zane's game to take Micah anyway and I watched Micah on Wednesday and Tim would be at Micah's game he just couldn't get him there for the warm up--I felt justified. Nice run-on, huh? I made homemade bread and soup for dinner. Emily went to the park where some of the parents had gathered to take photos of Timo's group for homecoming. Timo had asked one mom with a nice camera to do it but everyone joined in! They were going to do dance pictures at the dance too but decided against it after they got to the dance so the ones my friend took will be them! They had a ton of fun. They went to one boy's home for cookies and milk after wards. The other kids were tired as well so we got them to bed shortly after Timo left. I think all the little kids: Izak on down were asleep before 8 PM. I watched the Womens Broadcast at 8 PM on the computer via internet. I loved it! So grateful for living prophets! I stayed up for Timo but Tim was wiped out from not sleeping well camping the night before! And Emily went to bed when Tim did.

Today was the Primary Program! It was great, of course. The leaders and chorister did a fantastic job of preparing them. The theme this year is I Know the Scriptures Are True and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a teacher with it. I love the scriptures they are such an amazing part of my peace and happiness. Another proof that God, our Heavenly Father LOVES his children! I didn't feel well because of my nose and the meds I took to control it but I survived and enjoyed all the lessons. Tim and Timo went Hometeaching after church and our hometeachers came. Taran came home with my parents because the guy that Taran and the other priests (including Timo) taught got baptized today. Tim and Emily went as well. Here is the photo of the boys who taught him and the guy. I had invited my parents for dinner in case I had gotten a hold of my first greenie I trained, her husband is up here from Argentina doing some training. He works for the church and is over their computer systems--I think. My Spanish/Castellano is rusty! But I have not been able to get in touch with him but we thought it would be fun to have him come for dinner and meet my parents. Owell. We had a nice visit with my parents and Taran. Taran has a great set up at school they have girls cook dinner for them. Yeah, I know...lucky! He has a calling now he is the Fast Offering Coordinator for his Elders Quorum. They have 2 quorums. He also has a hometeaching assignment. He is having a great time and actually got to high five Jimmer at the BYU game Friday night. So it was doubly cool! He had his first set of tests this week he took 2 and has 2 more tomorrow and Tuesday.

So have a great week, happy fall! Enjoy the last week of September and enjoy General Conference this weekend!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Last 2 Weeks...

How to do this? Most people don't blog as a family record but I post for that any family or friends who care what we are up to! So let's see...

Monday, Labor Day, Tim and Timo played tennis in the morning. Maddie our niece spent the night so she and Emily watched some of Emma the movie after our donut breakfast. Tim took her home and then went to Lehi Trafalga to mini-golf with the younger kids--they also went on the water bumper boats and got wet! I got food ready for the family BBQ. Timo doesn't like that mini-golf course so he stayed home and did homework. Taran had gone to his roommate Nic's family cabin so we didn't see him. If he had gotten back earlier he would have joined us. Timo and went early to my mom's to help set up and prepare our fruit. It was also to commemorate my mom's birthday which had been Wednesday.

Tuesday I was able to attend the temple earlier than normal so it wasn't as busy. I also did my other errands and exercised while Gwen was at Luke's after preschool. That night we had scouts and soccer stuff. It was last fitness test visit to the Rec Center then Izak and half our scouts had a game in Orem and with construction and traffic we left early. Tim met me there and I went home to finish up dinner. Micah had soccer practice but I got a ride for him. Timo had a homecoming planning meeting--cute huh? Taran was in the neighborhood with some of his BYU zoobies to find out his friend Tyler's mission call. He is going to California Ventura Spanish speaking! Then he a few friends ate at our house and visited. It was fun.

Wednesday after Gwen's preschool we went to my parents' to watch my dad so my mom could go to lunch with a friend in honor of her birthday. We had a nice visit and got back just before the kids. Micah had scouts and a soccer game which they destroyed every kid scored who played! Izak had soccer practice. Tim got home to feed the kids and was going to go to the Meet the Candidates but both Emily and Timo had early YW/YM so no babysitter and he didn't want to take them! I had a choir board meeting that night.

Thursday was our turn to have Luke over after preschool. I took the straight to the duck pond.
They had fun and then we headed home for lunch and such. Tim actually was working from home because he wasn't feeling well. He did play tennis with his friend Ryan which has been doing for awhile now. He feels like exercise helps him feel better. I usually don't feel that way! That night Izak had a game and I was taking my friend Linda to a doctor's appointment. She called a couple of hours before and had another ride doing errands so that lady was going to just take her from the errands. I had arranged Izak to get a ride with his friend Kaden. So Kaden's mom took him and Tim brought them both home. They won and Izak scored 2 goals that game. I had RS Meeting that night, Back to School. It was a great activity with 'school lunch' served by the lunchladies, and our schedule rotated to different classes! I came away with some inspiring ideas!

Friday Gwen and I watched my niece's baby June! She and her husband were able to go to the temple. We are so glad to help out! That afternoon we got a crazy rain/thunderstorm with lightning so Zane's soccer practice was canceled. Rest of the details of the day are hazy!

Saturday we only had 2 soccer games! Very mellow for us! Emily did referee at 8:30 AM so we were up for that and Izak ended up helping her because the other ref got stuck at the Stake Volleyball game and the rules say that a player can't leave until the game is over! She was there after that game. Zane scored in his game 2 times! He told he was going to do that! I should have had the video camera! Gwen's soccer game was funny to watch her hop around and almost get into the game! Tim took the kids to his parents' to watch the BYU vs. Texas game. Timo went to a friend's to watch. A close one, but a loss. I stayed home and finished up things I needed to for my lesson and on Sunday and what not.

Sunday we had a sister missionary farewell. It was great. Tim stayed home not feeling well still. I had gotten up with a cough at about 3 AM so I taught my lesson and ran home. I crashed. Most of my class does not go to sharing time. They were actually practicing the Primary Program so the 2 kids were gone for my lesson that day. Too bad, I shared some cool Mormon Messages for Youth in my lesson! That night after dinner my parents stopped by it was nice to see my dad out and about. They joined us for Emily's devotional. It was nice to have them here.

Okay one more week!
Monday I went to my mom's so she could get her haircut. Gwen came with but mostly watched a movie. We got back in time to pick up Zoe and go to Irish dance. They are darling! I had scouts that afternoon. For Family Night we went up the canyon on a walk, it's just beautiful!

Tuesday I met with the principal about our reading program/contest we do in the fall that I am in charge of! We made some decisions that I can go on. I went to the temple after voting in our city primary election. I called Tim who had taken a sick day--yep he was still not well, after the temple to see if he wanted to go to the Urgent Care. He consented so I came home and got him. It was near Costco where I had planned to go right after the temple. I dropped him off and went into to Costco and when I was done I called him. They x-rayed his chest for pneumonia. He had it starting in his left lung so they gave him a prescription for antibiotics and an inhaler. We stopped at our local Walmart on the way home to get his prescription but they were going to lunch so I went back later to get them! I took my friend Merrily a birthday gift and picked up Gwen from Luke's. We picked the meds. Gwen went to Zoe's to play after we got back. The other kids started up piano again. Emily had Charlotte's Web tryouts that day and got home later than usual. It was nice that night we didn't have anything but Micah's soccer practice. I did take Emily and some of her friends to the 8th grade football game. One of the girl's dad brought them home!

Wednesday I did stuff around the house until I picked up Gwen. We invited Zoe and Sophie over to play after lunch and they came. Zoe didn't stay as long but Sophie hung around so that was really fun for Gwen. She has been really weird about going to other people's houses these past months she told me it is because she will miss me. I helped her see Tuesday that she didn't even think of me! So maybe this will be better! I had a choir tour meeting for Timo (I am helping with that a little) and Izak had soccer practice. I had a break in between and did my Friends of Scouting thing. Then I had a scout committee meeting. We have a new committee chair and he is really on fire to help the Life Scouts--Timo has been a Life scout for almost 4 years! I gave some of my thoughts, needs as a parent.

Thursday Tim got up earlier than usual to go to the temple with the Elders Quorum Presidency. So I did the whole morning thing myself! Crazy--but I did it! My Visiting Teachers came over. I really like the lesson this month. Luke came here after preschoolthey played well although I could tell Gwen was tired since she cried whenever she didn't get her way. Poor Luke! But I got some cute photos of them as pirates--she said that she is Elizabeth Swan!
Emily had call backs that day for the play and came home all down and out that she had blown it. We had another lighter evening so Tim and I went on a date to Coldstone--my gift certificate from my birthday. On our way home we saw lanterns in the sky just like in Tangled the Disney movie. We drove around until we found the source, an evening reception at a park! Very cool!

Friday Gwen and I went to watch baby June. Anna ran an errand and went to a dentist appointment. We took her to the park in the stroller and Gwen swung and played on the playground. I brought Gwen a lunch and she ate it in the park. We came back to Anna's after she was done. We read some books we brought. And June slept! The weather started turning cooler. Then a storm rolled in. We had planned our campout for that night for our 11 year olds. We used the pavilion at the park to do some of our skill stuff and our dinner and canmpfire program. We hate to reschedule esp. when BYU's next 2 home games are on Friday nights! So it stopped raining enough that one dad volunteered to have the boys sleep in their large tent in the yard. I guess it rained again that night and they got wet and didn't sleep much!

Saturday we met to make and eat breakfast at my co-leader's house (where we usually camp). After some faulty camp stove issues we got it going and it was yummy! Meanwhile Emily had found out she got the part as Fern in Charlotte's Web! She was thrilled and surprised. Drama people, never can trust their judgement! Gwen had a game at 9 AM that I took her to and Tim went to get Taran to help us out! She wouldn't play at first but Tim told me to tell her she wouldn't get to watch a movie if she didn't play and it worked! Then we ran to Izak's game, Tim had dropped him off on his way to get Taran. Izak scored not too long after we got there so I am glad we weren't any later than we were! They did well. We had a short break and then 2 games plus Emily and Izak were refereeing 2 games. But our stake conference adult meeting got changed to 1 PM so Timo and Taran got the kids to their stuff. Luckily Emily and Izak refereed Zane's game and then the one right after that! Stake Conference was great! We had an area seventy Elder Wirthin (?) not Wirthlin. But he is a BYU Law Professor right now. He had some great insights to the scriptures about families. After Stake Conference we finished up chores. I took Taran over to Walmart to get his groceries. He paid for them but I did the price matching with some of the items he bought. Then Tim took Taran and Micah down to Provo. Taran was meeting up with friends to go to the game. Micah was going with Tim. They ate dinner at the Creamery. I took Emily, Izak, Zane and Gwen to my mom's to watch the BYU vs UTAH (rivalry game). We don't get the channel so it gives us an excuse to visit family who do! My mom made dinner for us and had lots of comfort food! Which was good since BYU unraveled. It was frustrating and Zane was just sobbing in the 3rd quarter! Gwen had fallen asleep so we went home before it was OFFICIALLY over. What a bummer! What is going on? It just doesn't add up. I did take a photo of this beautiful sunset we saw that night. A tender mercy!

Today we had stake conference. Taran had a farewell for his friend Jared so he spent the night here since it was at 9 AM. Tim had leadership meetings at 7 AM. Tim and Emily sang in the choir so we left shortly after Tim got home from the 7 AM meeting. Timo was in the choir but woke up with a cold. It was a great meeting. I really love conferences. Our Stake President gave an excellent talk on Sacrament Meeting/taking the sacrament. The seventy also gave another excellent talk. We came home after and had our big meal. Taran joined us later. He was full from the farewell open house food but ate dessert with us! Then we all had a little nap time--well not all some of the kids played Settlers of Catan. The BYU game was so late that it was early for Tim to get to that meeting this morning. After the nap Tim took Taran back to BYU. We had pancakes for dinner! The kids loved it. We weren't that hungry after the big meal earlier. Now everyone is in bed. We are hoping to join them even after the nap we are still tired! Here is a photo of EMily and Taran. He is a celebrity at our house everyone wants to talk to him and be with him and he is really patient and gracious with them. It is very sweet. We miss him but he is doing well and having a great experience--he played in a huge BYU vs UTAH dodgeball game Saturday at Thanksgiving Point and is planning on being in a flash mob at BYU in a couple of weeks! Good times and memories!
If you actually made it this far, have a great week! Fall is on it's way here!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Later...we STILL remember

I was going to post about last week but I feel like this is such a special anniversary that I would rather take a week to share thoughts about 9/11. It is emotional to think about the losses of that day, the heroes of that day and the blessings of that day. For once I realized how vulnerable we really are that we can in no way predict the actions of others but we can decide how to react. And most reacted with love towards the victims and their families. Our nation came together on a level probably unknown since World War II. I am grateful for my faith in God that he is in charge and though he allows others to choose these terrible things to do he also comforts and heals and supports. We are never left on our own but can always turn to him always. I am grateful to live in this country that with all it's problems still is the world's best hope for freedom and peace. And I say God Bless America!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lost found

I lost my camera after our Court of Honor this week. This will make this post less interesting for sure! So what we did...

Monday I went to my mom's in the morning. She didn't go anywhere except a walk so I helped her around the house. Gwen had pre-Irish dance class right after. She is still enjoying it. I took Izak and his friend Blake swimming right after school and we worked on some of the BSA swimming requirements. They can both swim but lack confidence so we did not get as much done as I had hoped. All our other scouts have passed the swimming off so I only needed to take them. Izak has started working on exercises that strengthen your upper body to help him have more strength and stamina. We had a short FHE, Timo was in charge so he was at a loss for ideas since he always wants to go to Trafalga mini-golfing and that was not going to work with the timing.

Tuesday I went to the temple that morning before doing my big grocery shopping for the week. I also got to exercise all while Gwen was at preschool and then at her friend Luke's afterward. That night Izak had a soccer game and Zane had soccer practice. I dropped Zane off and went to Izak's game. They were well matched with this team so it was a close win 2-1.

Wednesday it was my turn to take the kids to preschool. After preschool Gwen and I ran something down to Taran before we went to my mom's. It was my mom's birthday so I took her to lunch while Tim watched Gwen and my dad. Tim's work is close to my parents'. We went to this yummy Mexican food place--authentic stuff. We had a nice visit. That afternoon after helping with homework, I had to make cookies for the Court of Honor. Our scouts did the flag and did a good job. It was fun also because they showed slideshows of all the scout camps over the summer. I took photos of my scouts doing the flag and I thought I had brought it home with me but I did help put chairs away so I may have put it down then. Meanwhile Tim was at Micah's soccer game which they won. Emily went to a football game for the boys her age with some friends after young womens. They had a lot of fun, Tim picked them up when it was over.

Thursday I drove again to preschool and then Luke was here after until 2 PM. They play well together so it was fun. I tried to get some stuff done around here so I did not take them anywhere. Gwen had a soccer game that night and I had Roundtable. So Tim took everyone to that. Timo taught a guy in our ward who is preparing for re-baptism with another Priest in the ward. I love that they get to do this!

Friday Gwen and I had to run to the high school to get DVDs from Taran's choir. Then Zoe came over then we went to watch baby June. Anna ran an errand and we took June to the park. She mostly slept the whole time. They played on the playground and I also pushed them in the swing sometimes. There was a 2 year old boy there for a little bit and after he left a 4 yr old boy and his younger brother came and played. They were a little shy with them, I tried to get them to play with him. They were really good and after we got back to Anna's I had to change June 3 times before I could get her bottle ready. She is just the sweetest thing. We dropped Zoe off at a neighbor's (her parents got to go to the Ole Miss vs BYU game in Mississippi) where she was staying. Gwen and I had lunch and read books. I was exhausted and fell asleep after 2 stories! We got ready to go to Seven Peaks for one last time. We picked up Tim on our way. Erin, our niece, met up with us there with one of her companions from her mission--she is from Hong Kong and going to the ESL program at BYU. Timo had to work and Taran didn't get my message. Apparently an apartment of girls had them over for dinner that night! He is having fun, not getting a ton of sleep though! We had fun at Seven Peaks but didn't stay until closing at 8 PM. We stopped at Macey's for ice cream per our tradition. Then we headed home. I 'made' frozen pizza for dinner which ended up being after 8 PM! The kids wanted to watch a movie until they fell asleep. So we let them.

Saturday morning I got up early to go to Swiss Days with my sister, mom and 2 sister-in-laws. My brother Keith watched my dad while we were gone. It was fun but was way more busy than last year even though we were there early. Teresa dropped me off at Tim's car we had left at work the night before. I ran errands that I had in that part of town. Meanwhile Tim took the kids (minus Timo) to watch the BYU vs. Ole Miss game at his parents'. Timo went to a friend's. Taran and his roommates went to one of his roommates sister's house to watch the game. Luckily BYU pulled out a win after a slow start! I ended up being done about when the game was over so I didn't make it to Tim's parents'. His brother and wife are down here for their granddaughter's blessing--baby June! Tim and I went to a wedding reception for the daughter of a lady I visit teach. It was a beautiful reception! The food was great too. They had it at a newly renovated building an old church converted into a reception center. The bride was stunning and my friend was holding up well. It was her youngest daughter, who just got home from her mission on Christmas, and she battled breast cancer while her daughter was gone. I am sure a very emotional day! We saw lots of neighbors there as well. When we got back I wrote letters to the missionaries and Taran's friend who is in basic training for the National Guard. Tim watched the rebroadcast of the Ole Miss game and I watched some then fell asleep!
Long productive day! It's nice to be able to run around and get some things done that I can't when I have little people with me!

Today is June's baby blessing and my mom is lending me her camera and some other things for the gathering afterward. Tim and the kids went to choir already and Timo will be the only one at church since he needs to help with the lesson in priesthood. I am glad he feels responsible, too bad he doesn't take notice of when things are happening:) He will join us later. I may add some photos to the end of this post if I can! I am grateful for the opportunity to spend time with family and to rejoice in the blessings of the gospel. Taran will not join us since his ward holds a "Break the Fast Dinner" provided by their bishopric during that same time. I want him to bond with his ward. He is going to his roommate Nic's cabin after the dinner and will get back Monday evening so we probably won't see him at the Louw gathering tomorrow. Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope it's great day for you!

I found my camera--according to the camera Gwen took a bunch of photos of me Thursday while I was sleeping! She put it away in my nightstand! Here are some photos from today!