Sunday, August 8, 2010

The first week of August is history...

WOW! I can't believe how many things happened this week! Monday, I took Izak, Micah, Zane and Gwen to see the final Shrek movie at the dollar movies--it was actually 75 cents. My mom heard and decided she'd like to join us as well. So we got her a ticket. It was entertaining and had a good message. Taran went to Salt Lake with friends from EFY. They spent the day seeing the sight watching the Joseph Smith movie, etc. One girl's grandpa is Bishop Edgley so they got to go to his office and one girl's uncle works at Temple Square and gave them a tour as well, they got to see some of the tunnels. We played a game for Family Night and everyone seem to enjoy it.

Tuesday morning Taran met Teresa at her school with his resume and to meet her head custodian. He hired Taran after a short introduction and interview. It was free day at Teresa's pool so we spent the day there. Taran and Timo joined for a bit too. My cousins Hiedi, Gwen and Jennifer came with their kids and my aunt Leslie, their mom. Katie and kids showed up after naps, Charl also came just before I left. It wasn't a very hot day so it quite pleasant to sit on the side while the kids played, Emily showed Zane how to swim so he is quite the little fish now that he isn't so nervous. I realized Monday that time was running out before school starts. I told Zane, Micah, Izak and Emily they could have late nights before we leave on our trip. So Zane had his Tuesday night. They had a lot of fun playing capture the flag, watching Sinbad and eating popcorn and treats.

Wednesday I went with my visiting teaching partner to help a lady I visit teach who had a mastectomy. She was having a rough morning, she found out that the cancer they took out was very serious so even though they think it's contained they feel she needs chemo to clean up any remaining cells. That was super disappointing. She has some family issues as well that make this news even more stressful. We were able to help her out and I think give her some peace of mind. It's amazing how good it feels to help others! That afternoon the other lady we visit teach needed some help since she is moving this week so after giving my kids lunch I helped her while my partner took her kids for the afternoon. I had scouts later that night and we got done rather early, that was nice!

Thursday I took Taran to the bank to get his own checking account. He needs it for direct deposit of his monthly pay. It took longer than I thought to get that set up and I went to Old Navy to return a t-shirt. I found they had a ton of good deals for back to school and decided to bring the kids back Friday. I also waited since I had a coupon that didn't start until Friday anyway. That afternoon Izak had his first fall soccer practice--here we go! This year only Izak, Micah and Zane are playing soccer. Micah just got recruited for a competition soccer team. Originally he was not going to play any soccer, just flag football, Jr Jazz basketball and lacrosse. Now he may not get to do lacrosse. His choice. Micah had his late night that night. It was huge, he had fun but next time won't have so many kids. They watched Down and Derby--movie about dad and pinewood derby cars, it's actually quite funny.

Friday morning I took the kids to Old Navy, Target and Walmart. I also spent time Saturday with Timo as well. I am almost done getting everyone what they need to start school. I also bought some school supplies this week as well. 6 kids in school all day! We also paid Emily's fees for Junior High. Not looking forward to paying the high school fees. Friday night Tim and I went out to his parents and got stuff they were donating to Taran's choir yard sale. We borrowed our neighbor's trailer to get the items. They gave 2 full things of sheet rock. I remembered Charl was working on some projects at his house so we took it out to his house since he lives close by. What a relief since we are storing everything in our garage. Taran and his fellow scouts went hiking to Timp at 1 AM. So we got him ready for it. We got a phone call at 6:30 AM from them--yep we were thrilled! They got home around 10 AM. About the time I left with Emily for Anna's (my niece) bridal shower. Anna's sister Erin, cousin Allyse and mission friend Kenzie were putting it on at Tim's parents'. I had offered to help so I showed up early to finish my stuff and do whatever I could. It was really fun and Erin and the girls did a great job on this Victorian Tea Party Shower! The food was great and the company fun. We learned a little more about her and Buck (her fiancee). After cleaning up we headed home and finished sabbath day preparations. Izak and Micah got to go see Despicable Me for a friend's birthday. They enjoyed it. Meanwhile Tim took all the other kids--Taran finally woke up--to our new McDonald's for dinner. I ate at home since I am not a huge fan. I also made zucchini bread after grinding some wheat in my electric wheat grinder--I keep what I don't use in a container in my freezer. Timo and I did a little school clothes shopping-less than successful in some ways after they got back. I watched the Slipper and the Rose while I exercised and folded laundry. Tim and Emily watched too. I remember watching it at BYU. It was fun, although I admit somewhat corny. Taran worked on his lesson for Sunday he had been asked to do on the hike! Timo hung out with some friends.

Micah woke up in the night with a tummy ache so he stayed home. Tim stayed with him. They came for Gwen's first talk today. I got to see her. I was proud of her even though I couldn't hear what she was saying she stood and said it--with Tim helping her. I taught and came home to be with Micah. Emily was here too because of allergies and I had to put drops in her eyes when I got home. I guess I could have stayed at church. Today we are going to visit Tim's parents. His Uncle Fred died and they are leaving for his funeral tomorrow.

One comment about the weather, we have had crazy thunder and lightning storms all week. It's been nice to not have to water the garden! And it has kept it cool. I am posting a photo of Taran and Timo and their friends after they ran around in the rain!

One more week to get ready for school and our trip! Have a great week!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Freedom Friday Late

I have been pondering many things and just would like to post something short of my own this time--STOP THE MADNESS.

What do I mean? Stop spending money that isn't there. Stop treating the American people like they don't have an opinion or don't know what is best for themselves--granted some don't but they should have the freedom to do it within the law! Stop portraying anyone with an opposing view as racists, dangerous or crazy. Stop making deals with criminals and give true citizens their rights. Stop bailing out companies, and people period! Stop putting money into the non-productive part of our economy. Stop raising taxes by going through the back door. Stop lying about what the REAL issue is at hand, and talk about facts instead of distracting with other comments. Stop taking God out of our culture. I am soooooo tired of it all. And I don't think I am the only one.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

July is over...

I feel like this summer is over since we have 2 weeks until we go on a trip and then the next week the kids start school! I am feeling pressure to get ready for school now! Sometimes I enjoy that feeling of anticipation, this year not so much. It's possibly because it is Taran's senior year and Zane's in first grade yet Gwen will be home alone with me all week except for Wednesdays when she has preschool. I am not sure.

This week Taran and Timo had EFY all week. We signed them up for one that is not overnight--they stay at home at night. There were 17 other kids from our neighborhood who did it from various ages so we all carpooled. They had a good experience and met kids from Florida, New Jersey, Indiana, California and Utah.

Monday Tim dropped Emily and younger at mom's to work in her yard. Izak mowed while the rest picked apricots. Even Gwen! Taran and Timo usually help her but they were gone this week to EFY. They went in the hot tub after lunch. I met up with them after taking a van load of kids to EFY. For Family Night we had an Emergency Preparedness dinner--we all had to cook food from an alternative source--no stoves or ovens. We did a dutch oven cobbler but it took and 1 hour and a half instead of 45 minutes. We learned a lot and the food was actually really good. We had rainstorm come through so it got postponed a bit which worked to our favor with the cobbler.

I had a cold from Sunday so I was laying low most days. Thursday I felt best and took the kids to the Thanksgiving Point Animal Farm. It was fun and not too long. That night they spent the night at their Crane cousins. Emily made snitch cupcakes and they made butterbeer and treacle fudge at the Crane's in honor of Harry Potter's upcoming birthday Saturday. I spent that evening after dropping them off finishing a poster for a friend that had breast cancer surgery on Monday. She was coming home the next day. Tim and I decorated her house with pink crepe paper and balloons and a poster that neighbors signed. She called very grateful and emotional the next day--not sure who told her I did it! I guess I did something right this week!

Friday I picked up the kids from their cousins and the cousins came over here. Amy picked up her kids in the afternoon. By Friday my cold had settled into a cough. I was worried because I had a hike Saturday with my scouts. So Emily and Maddie took care of the kids except Gwen who played at Max's while I rested. I decided to go to Urgent Care and found out I had a sinus infection. I got the z-pack and started feeling better a couple of hours later.

Unfortunately the antibiotic loosened up the stuff and I coughed for an hour and a half until Nyquil kicked in. So I did not make it to the hike, fortunately we had extra parents going with my scout partner. I was bummed, I hope that they had fun. I am also glad that no one got hurt. I slept, as much as a mom can, until 1 PM. Tim took Emily to get her reading glasses ordered from Costco. Timo needed to get new church pants, church shoes, belt and shirt. Tim refused to take him so I got dressed and went with him. Timo practiced driving, he's having an easier time of it than Taran. I only had stamina for 2 stores so he had to borrow a shirt and belt from Tim for today. Taran went on a double date with his friend they took 2 girls from EFY. Then they went over to a friend's and played games later. Timo went to a girl's house for a party. Tim and I went out to eat for a quick date and the other kids watched the Lord of the Rings on Clearplay. They have been watching them all week and almost finished. I actually went to bed early--for me. But I coughed most of the night and Gwen and Zane came in and woke us up about being uncomfortable.

Poor Tim was suppose to teach today. I was so wiped out this morning I stayed home. Micah had a cough too so he stayed home with me--his is nice and juicy so productive where mine is a dry, nagging cough. Taran got up early this morning and went to the Tabernacle Choir broadcast with some friends from EFY. Tim ended up NOT teaching, to his relief, since they decided to combine with the Young Men and hear the amazing story of the only known person to survive Lou Gherig's disease. Tim told me the story, it is very amazing and inspirational. Tonight we are going to my mom's for dinner and plan our family reunion at Yellowstone. That is why I decided to write now. I will probably be too tired later. Happy August, stay cool!