Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hey, this isn't Rachelle, this is Tim. Since Rachelle gave up on her blog I've been missing it since that is how i find out what has been going on with my wife and kids. So, I hacked into her email and got the letter she sent to Taran and I'm posting it here, slightly edited.


Monday Izak did flags for Labor Day with the scouts. The YW used to do it but now we can't do fund raisers anymore so they are just having the youth take turns. Tim and I went on an hour walk up to the canyon via the golf course. We went to my Mom's that afternoon to celebrate her birthday. She wanted pizza, watermelon, corn on the cob, cinnamon cake and rootbeer floats. It was fun but we had to hurry back to clean the church. We were subbing for someone who had a 12 hour shift at the hospital that day. A couple of other famiiles were there as well. One of the families said that they usually take closer to 2 hours to finish and we took just over an hour! Helps to have big families helping.

We read Taran's letter as soon as we got home and then had ice cream and the kids showered and we watched the rest of 17 Miracles. Gwen actually wanted to watch it again this week! She is random. It is about the Martin Willy Handcart companies and 17 miracles that happened along the way, including one where a pie magically appeared in the wilderness--very awesome!. It is actually very inspiring but heart wrenching. It was so hard, why, why would people submit to that? Because they had testimonies. They knew this is the church of Jesus Christ and they wanted to come to Zion. They were willing to endure these hardships for the chance. Despite the advice of experienced leaders they left late and unprepared. It is amazing to me.

Timo got his Homecoming answer that night via some skittles YES! Relief! Although he had decided that if she said no he would take the girls in the ward who aren't going (a polyga-date!), all of them together! He is so nice!

Tuesday I got to go to the temple early so I was able to go walking, shower and then go to Costco. Gwen goes to the Zoe's before and after school on Tuesday. The kids started piano that day and seem to be gung ho! We are hoping Emily will learn the hymns so she can quit before Gwen starts next year. Timo is on the Cedar Hills Youth City Council and they had a car wash to raise money for the Sub for Santa program. I took the van in between my meanderings and they washed it. Micah had soccer practice and Izak had a game. Tim went to Izak's game while I got dinner for the little kids. Emily went to an Owlz baseball game—box seats with the Harts so she couldn't babysit. Timo got done before Tim and I had to leave to see 'Arsenic and Old Lace' at the Hale Theater. I got everyone in bed so when Izak got home Timo could leave for taco Tuesdays. The play was hilarious but a dark comedy. I thought I had seen it but I hadn't because it was not at all familiar to me. I bought the tickets because I have ALWAYS wanted to see it.

Wednesday I got to walk again. June didn't come--Anna and Buck went to pick up his sister at the airport and knew she would want to see June. I was going to watch my neighbor's son so she could go to the temple but she ended up needing to be home for a repairman. Another morning alone, so I walked again, then came home and worked on PTA stuff for our meeting the next day! Yep secretary is a lot of work sometimes. Zoe comes home with us on Wednesdays. That night was Micah's soccer game. I got him a ride and Tim went to the game when he got home from work. I had YW that night but we got a call just before YW that Scott (Tim's sister's son) was going to come visit us—he had just flown in and was on his way to BYU-Idaho the next day. I also had a choir board meeting that night at 8 PM that I really needed to go to so I didn't go to YW. I would have gone with a class that night but no one needed my help. I went to the choir meeting for a half an hour--we were preparing for the yard sale on Saturday. I got back home just before Scott and Annette (Tim's sister). It was fun--he's a cute kid. Tim made homemade peach ice cream for the occasion.

Thursday I had the PTA meeting. It went well. I had stuff to do that made it so I couldn't go walking, so I ended up watching Tangled while doing the Elliptical. I made Gwen's lunch and she watched with me. After the movie we made pumpkin chocolate chip bars for a snack. It was a fun time. She loves helping me make food so I need to let her do it more. That night I went to my Mom's to give her a break. She went to the mall and walked around and had a nice break. I enjoyed visiting with my Dad. I picked up all the peaches off their grass and then picked all the ripe ones off the tree. Then my Dad and I watched tennis (US Open) and talked politics, social reform and life after death. Yea, we covered a lot! It was great. While I was gone Tim got Gwen and Izak to soccer practice and what-not at home.

Friday my Mom had an MRI on her foot and found out she will need surgery--not fun! Meanwhile we had Zoe over until their friend Teresa's mom came by and picked up Zoe and Gwen and then brought them home later after school. I walked again, it was nice, a little cooler than other days. I am enjoying the new Linkin Park song we have and Imagine Dragons as I walk. Tim came home early Friday to get ready to go camping with Izak and the scouts. Timo had to work for his coworker so he was gone until almost 6:30 PM. Then he went and helped get yard sale stuff ready. I had the other kids do their chores. Emily was emotional about her friend situation. Fun times...I tried to go to bed early because I had to be up at 5:30 AM at the school for the yard sale.

I woke up at 5:15 AM. I took Timo and a friend over and they started unloading trucks. I put up signs in the road and nearby intersection. Then I helped until 7:30 AM and I had to take Emily to referee at Deerfield. I left Micah to babysit. Tim and Izak got home not too much after me. They had fun. Tim took Micah and Izak to their refereeing games and I picked up Emily. Zane watched Gwen! Crazy, I know. Then I went to Gwen's soccer game. She played pretty good. She was a little off. Zane called wondering where I was—oops! I had meant to leave a note! After her game we went to get Micah and Izak because Tim and Emily had left for the BYU game. I had Micah get a ride to his game because they needed help loading up stuff at the yard sale. So once I knew Micah had a ride I made him a snack and headed to the high school. I got done so late that I got to Micah's game at half time. They were winning and he was having fun so I guess that's all that matters. We went by Wendy's on the way home and got lunch. I scarfed mine down at home and left for Izak's game (he had gotten a ride). It was a close game so they had to work hard to keep a lead. I enjoy watching these guys play! Izak got to eat after his game! Yes, I am mother of the year. So we ate dinner at 8 PM because most of us ate lunch between 2:30 and 4 PM! Tim and Emily had fun and got home around 5:30 PM. I crashed at one point because I was exhausted from being up since o'dark thirty. Emily did her chores then hung with friends. Izak played night games with Ethan Lynch and friends. Timo stayed home to write his talk for Sunday. He spoke on the Via Ferrata trip his scout group did. Timo actually crashed after packing the leftover yard sale stuff into our garage—it's half full and all the way up. After we got the kids to bed Tim and I went around and took down the yard sale signs I had posted. Then we went to Walmart for milk. I made some treats for neighbors whose son (Taran's friend Spencer) had just returned from his mission. Then it was bed time!

Sunday Timo and I had BYC. We got out early—wow! Sacrament Meeting was great. Timo did a great job on his talk and the other talks were also amazing. After dinner, Timo and his guys planned Homecoming. They are doing the breakfast for dinner that Taran did. Izak said that he is going to do that when he goes...cool beans! Okay, off to bed for me! Oh wait I am also in charge of their Amazing Race day date...how do I get myself into these things! Timo is excited so that is good. He wasn't before since his date is acting kind of weird. Life!