Sunday, November 27, 2011

Zane's birthday, Thanksgiving and decking the halls...

Well, this week seems like it had a month's worth of activities! Monday I helped my mom in the morning. Then I took Gwen to dance, she wouldn't dance because her bosom buddy Zoe wasn't there. She just loves dance but she can't be brave on her own. This has become somewhat crippling for her and I am not sure what to do. Lots of prayers so far and more to come! Buck and Anna dropped off Da Vinci their turtle for us to watch while they are in Boise all week. We wrote Thank You cards for FHE and delivered any that were close by. It was a good experience we should do it every week!

Tuesday I was going to go to the temple when my friend couldn't go with me I went ahead and got the donuts for the classes that won the reading contest--one winner for upper grades and one for lower grades (it was an average). I also got some shopping done for Zane's birthday party, that night. I also helped my friend who did the awards for the reading program hand them out that day. It took us about an hour. The kids seemed happy about their prizes. I am glad that is over, now I can focus on my Young Women's lesson. I am teaching next Sunday, all the girls. And of course I have big plans...not really but you know I have some specific goals and they are lofty...we'll see. I was able to get the little boys to piano and get the stuff ready for the party. I even mopped which seems a waste but it made me feel good and isn't that the point? We had the boys over for pizza and then we went to lazertag at Trafalga. It was pretty fun but it took longer (standing in line) than we thought and so we only ended up playing one game. Emily and Timo were out with friends so Izak babysat Gwen. He did great with her. He is very good with little kids. The kids all seemed to have fun. Zane enjoyed it so that's what counts! That night I realized I hadn't really shopped for him, waiting until after the party but I had forgotten that so I was a little panicked when I realized that I had to prepare the stuff for the Louw Thanksgiving that night and get his birthday stuff done.

Wednesday the kids didn't have school so they slept in and milled around playing with Zane's new toys. I ran around getting stuff. I was in charge of the smoked Turkey, cranberry salad and the drink. So I got that done when I got home. We met Tim at my mom's, as well as Taran whom my mom picked up. We went a little early to mix the salad and drink--cranberry lemonade. It was all yummy stuff! We had fun celebrating Zane, Timo and Amber's birthdays as well. Teresa gave some of the funniest cards--it's kind of a competition between her and Keith and they are great at it. We missed Teresa that night she wasn't feeling up to it.

Thursday was Zane actual birthday so he had chosen crepes for breakfast but most of them were planning on going to the Turkey Bowl so I convinced him to go with some cold cereal that I don't buy anymore. So Fruity Pebbles, Golden Grahams and apple juice were his choice! After breakfast Tim took all of them over but Gwen to the school for the Turkey Bowl. It's for all the people in the neighborhood who want to come and play football. Emily was the only girl but she had fun anyway! Gwen watched the Maceys Thanksgiving Day Parade. I actually cleaned up some leaves and stuff in the yard. Tim mowed when he got back. It wasn't as nice as Wednesday but it was pleasant to work in. Last year we didn't have a chance to clean up much before we had snow and biting cold weather. The guys showered and watched football until it was time to go to Grandma Pew's. It was a relaxing day. The food and company were fun. We also celebrated Ammon, Grandma Pew, Timo and Zane's birthday. Zane picked pumpkin pie for his 'cake'. Unfortunately I only videoed him blowing his "8" candle out. We stayed until all the NFL football games were over. We saw all the gazillion cars parked at our Walmart, and the surrounding areas. We almost worried that we wouldn't be able to get into our driveway!:) For some reason that kind of thing doesn't appeal to me even though I am a MAJOR bargain shopper! That night the heat bulb we had just replaced on Wednesday was dropped on the carpet and because it was hot it busted so someone was going to have to get a new bulb on Black Friday!

Friday Tim and I went to the Temple after breakfast. They needed patrons for sealings so we did those. It was really nice, of course. Timo went with my mom to lunch in honor of his birthday. Taran did some music recording with his friend Andrew. Tim took Izak swimming to pass off his 2nd class swim. He did it! He has tried before but was so freaked out it didn't happen. Now to get him to pass the 1st class swim! Emily had to be at the Night in Bethlehem at 5 PM so she ate early. She is a Hebrew girl and she and the other children do a dance and act. Timo went to a friend's that night as well and Taran so we had to be ready to get Emily. I also ran to the store for some things Taran needed and there were still some Black Friday deals out! Amazing! Gwen and Zane watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey version). Tim ended up getting the heat bulb for the turtle while he and Izak were out because they went near PetSmart.

Saturday Tim and I went out to my mom's after scriptures. She needed some help in the yard still. We offered Taran and Timo to go or help the little kids with their Saturday chores. They opted to stay home and so it was like a date for Tim and I. Keith and Amber showed up a little after us and then Charl and family. My mom's next door neighbors the Bergesons came over as well. Between us all we had the yard looking good and ready for the major digging happening in January. Because we were so quick we got her Christmas stuff out: outside lights on the bushes and small trees, inside artificial trees set up...She was super appreciative since what we did would have taken her a lot longer than an hour! The kids were done when we got home. Tim had set up our trees the night before but they still needed decorations. He decided to work on the house lights after lunch. It was cold in the shade by then so that made it slow work. I put lights on all the bushes and trees in our yard. We don't have many so it's not too bad. Tim finished at 5:30 PM just as it was getting dark. I helped him as I could handing him stuff. He almost had an accident. The ladder slid and it stopped with about 1/8 of an inch holding him there! I saw it! Freaky! I would work on the tree inside and upstairs while making dinner and checking on him. The kids were in and out and Gwen, Zane and Micah decorated their own bedroom trees. Gwen helped me with the living room tree too. It's a bit of a bummer no one cares about decorating the trees much anymore. So I finished the inside tree after Tim didn't need the ladder. I didn't attempt photos of our outside lights because they never turn out. I think I might try it at dusk tomorrow. We went to the Night in Bethlehem Emily is participating in, a free live Nativity. Our tickets we were assigned were at 8:30 PM. I had reserved 9 forgetting Emily was in it! So my mom used the extra ticket. It was nice to have Taran with us but I forgot my camera! It was really nice and got us into the spirit of Christmas. Maybe we can volunteer to help next year! We put the little kids to bed and then watched Trapped in Paradise on Clearplay--quite a bit of swearing but a wonderfully funny Christmas show! I folded laundry. Tim ironed.

Today Zane had his baptism interview with the bishop so he is set. Timo had his interview so he can baptize him and get his temple recommend. He and Tim went hometeaching after church. Taran went to his ward which only had Sacrament Meeting and it was combined with another ward. He hung out with his one roommate from out of state who was by himself. He came back for dinner and to get all his stuff-he did laundry here. I was able to get some stuff done for my lesson today. I am excited but cautious. I was hoping to get to the other Christmas tree decorated in the basement. Maybe tomorrow. I did get other decorations up yesterday and Friday but I want all the boxes GONE! I enjoyed church the Sacrament Meeting talks were about Scripture Power. This is something I know is true, the scriptures give us amazing power in our lives! They testify that our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ love us, each personally and are concerned about us. That was going to be my Thankful Thursday this week that I am thankful for my knowledge of them. I am not sure what kind of life I would have not knowing about them. They give me peace, comfort and confidence in my future and the power to overcome any trials that come my way. Happy Holidays! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Last 2 Weeks... busy

Well, it was a busy Sunday last Sunday with meetings all day such is my life in the Young Womens! I am enjoying it though so it's all good. I am not sure how much I will remember over the 2 weeks which will be a blessing to those who read this!

Looking at the calendar the week before last was mostly busy with Emily's play. She was in the Jr High production of Charlotte's Web. It was really cute. She got the role of Fern, the girl who saves Wilbur (the pig) from slaughter. She did well.
It was so great to have so many family and friends come to support her. All the grandparents, several aunts and an uncle, cousins and friends and neighbors. She had lots of practices and then four performances. She enjoyed it.

Zane was the spotlight one week so Gwen and I went in and brought a treat and talked about Zane and he shared the poster we made--need to get a photo of it! Micah did a diorama of a Goshuete winter dwelling. The kids always enjoy these projects. I helped by making the salt dough and helping him figure out how to do it. He got a 100% so he did well!

Taran has been getting his mission papers ready. Over these past 2 weeks he has seen the dentist and the doctor. Dental was fine. He needs to have his heart murmur checked. He had it checked when he was 12 yrs. old. The doctor said that if he reads the report and finds it thorough enough he won't need an EKG. We should know Monday. Other than that he just needs his blood tested. Once that's all done he can turn the papers in on January 1st. That is 120 days before his availability date. He is going winter semester so he put May 1st. How do I feel? I am actually pretty excited. Having served a mission myself I remember how happy I was to be getting ready to go. I can tell he feels that way too! What else would I want for him? As much as we'll miss him, college has been good prep for us. He has grown so much and he is really being prepared to serve a mission. I did get a little emotional when my friend--the mom of one of his friends mentioned how this would be the last normal Christmas for us since our kids would start leaving. So true! Life is all about change and growing and moving on! But it's all for good which makes it less bitter and more sweet.

I also have spent some time giving my scout stuff over and getting stuff for Young Womens. I am teaching next month on the first Sunday and I have this big project for it but I feel it's what I need to do. This has been confirmed by meetings since I felt impressed to do it. Unfortunately, I have been also busy with the elementary school reading program. That will end in the next couple of days--the competition part is over we are just tallying for awards. I am also helping with a couple of other things so I have been relying on the Lord to help me and He has, it is always amazing to me! Why? I am not sure but I really need to trust him more than I do!

I was able to go to lunch with my good friend Julie for he birthday--we did scouts together. She is an amazing lady it was fun to spend time with her! We had a great Relief Society dinner for all the women with a Christmas program by a group of women who perform for free for anyone! It was very uplifting. Although it was early I appreciate one less busy night in December!

One day I took Gwen and Luke to the duck pond--boy were those ducks starving! They freaked Gwen out she was crying. Luke and I couldn't feed them fast enough. It made me sad for them. I wish I could go every day and feed them. There are a couple that are injured/maimed that can't migrate and I guess the others don't anymore? I am not sure!

Beauty and the Beast is being put on by the high school this past week and into this week and I went with Micah's class. It was amazing! The talent around here is amazing! Emily and Gwen went yesterday to the matinee. They loved it!

Lone Peak won their State Football Championship! Tim took Emily and the 3 little boys and their friend Mason--Gwen and I stayed home since it was a very cold day. They had a lot of fun--see the photo!
Timo took the spirit bus up and back and had tons of fun!

Yesterday was Timo's 17th birthday so we surprised him with pizza and friends while he was at work--he missed it for the Lone Peak football championship game. Taran had come home for a friend's birthday so he helped him and made sure they were there for the friends. He was anticipating a lame birthday so I am glad we did it. After pizza they went mini-golfing which he enjoys. He actually got after me later for doing it since he knows most of his friends don't care for it--he would rather do something they want to do. Owell! It was also my niece Anna's birthday so we celebrated later with her and her friends and other family members.

Gwen and I did the usual watching helping my mom on Mondays and watching June on Fridays and it has been super fun!

Granny took Zane out for his birthday lunch yesterday since Timo was being surprised. And Zane's birthday is Thanksgiving Day!

Today Chad Lewis spoke in our Sacrament Meeting--yes, Chad Lewis who was the tightend for the Eagles NFL team. All the talks were good but I especially was touched by his words and testimony that if we are on the path back to Heavenly Father trying to do our best we will make it. I know it doesn't sound profound but combined with his stories and thoughts etc it was powerful! Here is Gwen in the skirt Teresa bought Emily on her trip to England when Emily was 6, so cute!

That's basically it! We still had scouts, piano and homework, science fair project...normal stuff too! Have a great week! Remember to be grateful for all our many blessings during this Thanksgiving holiday!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

Family sometimes you can't live with them but you can't live without them! Even with all the randomness our family has in our immediate and extended family I am grateful for each person. Each person in someway or another has blessed me with their love and example. They are brave, good people who are trying their best. I am so grateful for all they do for me and how much they have enhanced my life. Life is hard but family can bring many joys too it if we let them. Family doesn't have to be perfect to be meaningful and I am so grateful for mine!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday...late

Well, I blew it after one post last week and missed it yesterday. But hey with it being Veteran's Day what better day to post my thankfulness to our armed forces. Just because I am grateful to them doesn't mean that I don't know that some have been less than moral, etc. I am grateful to those who have volunteered or volunteer and those who willingly went when drafted. War is ugly but unfortunately the only way to stop some unreasonable leaders. I am also grateful for the families who sacrifice while their family members serve. It is truly a thankless job. They give up so much and get so little in return. Thanks a million and know that we pray for you everyday! Yes, we do and for your families. And may God Bless America!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween and the first week of November...

Monday was Halloween...why does that seem months ago! The kids dressed up of course! I helped my mom go through photos and stuff. Then Gwen and I went to Izak's class Halloween Party--I'm the room mom. Luckily one of the moms that signed up to help did all the games, the teacher came up with the treat on her own so I really just showed up! Gwen and I ran one of the games. Then I took her and Zoe to dance, they got to dance in their costumes! Then we ran home and met up with the kids. We went to Tim's parents' when Emily got home. Amy brought Ammon and Jeremy so we saw them. Erika was doing Grandma Pew's hair while we were there so we saw her too. Then we went to my parents'. My mom had invited us for dinner. She made Navajo Tacos, pizza and homemade donuts which were delicious! Charl and Katie brought their kids. Tate didn't want to dress up but play with the football. It was lots of fun but they were anxious to go trick-or-treating with their friends so didn't stay long. The traffic was horrible so I took back roads to get home and beat Tim by a half an hour! He was behind us but didn't see where I actually going or he might have followed. Owell. It was gorgeous weather so we had lots of trick-or-treaters and the kids went longer than usual so they got lots more candy than usual. I mostly sat on the porch and handed out candy. Tim took Gwen around. Some neighbors made homemade donuts and hot cider for the trick-or-treaters. Fun! Timo had to work so after work he and his friends went to the wealthy part of our area--not where we live. They got mostly large to Kingsized candy bars. Emily didn't go trick-or-treating but went to a party at a friend's. There was some drama there so it wasn't a fun night for Emily. Once the little kids were done getting ready for bed Tim showed them the Halloween book by Jerry Seinfeld while we listened to it best Halloween book EVER!

Tuesday we let the little kids sleep in and then they went to school once they were rested. Tim took a sick day for the kids, so I could meet with the principal and go to the temple. I met with the principal to solidify the reading program and the kick-off assembly for it on Friday. By the time I got home all the kids had gone back to school and Gwen was at Luke's. Tim and decided to go out for lunch. We went to Chick-Fil-A since I had a free salad there. I love their lemonade! Tim got a sandwich. We got home just before the kids. Zane had his last flag football practice and Izak worked on the Geocaching merit badge with a group from the neighborhood. He loves it! I worked on some reading program stuff that night.

Wednesday I picked Gwen up from preschool (and Luke). After we dropped Luke off we went to Costco for gas and other stuff. Then we went to Ross and I found a cute dress and some cute black boots for reasonable so I got them! I also got some Christmas stuff--as in presents and new bath mats as well. That night we had Zane's last flag football game, a meet the candidates and a choir board meeting. Tim went to a meet the candidates and I did the rest. Zane's team did well and my friend Lisa took this great picture of the team.

Thursday I took Gwen and Luke to a PTA meeting at the school to explain what the Reading Program was going to be this year. So I took them to the park right next to it to play. At first they mostly explored the empty creek--which seemed to have a stream of yellow through it instead of water! they enjoyed gathering leaves and throwing them in the air!

Tim and I took Emily and her friends to the semi-final of Lone Peak 8th grade A team vs. PG 8th grade. After we dropped them off we went to Kneaders so I could get Pumpkin Bread for the author coming to the school the next day and the librarian. Tim had to do stuff at the church that night so I was prepared to pick up the girls but they got a ride home. Lone Peak lost so they were crying--even the boys!

Friday morning Gwen and I watched June for Anna. We took her to the park for a little bit. Gwen loves to swing so I decided I should get a photo. After that we went home quick so I could grab a quick lunch and head to the school. Gwen ate a lunch I had brought her. We were greeting the picture book author Kristyn Crow. She has had 4 books published so far and lives in Utah. I thought it might inspire the kids to read for the reading program if they met an actual author! The librarian had read her books to the kids all week so they were a great audience as well! Kristyn did a great presentation. She told the kids how she decided as a kid that she wanted to write books. She shared some stories she wrote--hilarious and clever! She also read 2 of her books and used instruments and students for the final book. This was one of the books the librarian read to the kids so they were really into it! She was really great to sign Gwen's book Bedtime at the Swamp which she loves! And let me take their picture together!

That night Tim was going to take the kids to the Lone Peak Semi-finals/last home game but made it back too late. So he took them to Trafalga and then Wendy's for dinner while I cleaned. I had told them I would do the cleaning since were helping my mom on Saturday work in the yard. I got a bit done. Timo missed the game since his friends didn't have money to go and then they had a birthday party after the game.This is him--I guess he and his friends dressed up 80s or something? Whatever...

Saturday Tim dropped Emily and her friend Emily off at play practice which was ALL day. She has had practice all week and now into this week it will intensify as the play starts this week. Timo had a breakfast at his YM President's house and then he had to go to work. We worked at my mom's from about 9:30ish until almost noon. They are fixing to cover the canal behind her house so they will be in her yard 18ft. Anything she wants to keep needs to be moved by January--why they just told her, I don't know! It would have been nice to have all summer to move stuff! Charl and Katie stopped by after we finished and visited. It was fun. I went back to cleaning when we got home. Tim took me to dinner because I had worked so hard (and wasn't done yet)! I finally quit about 10PM and Tim and I watched Captain America--Tim and Timo fell asleep part way through but I watched the whole thing. I enjoyed it! Emily had hung out with friends and watched Thor, I think she liked it.

Today I got my new calling as YW Secretary--they didn't change anyone else in YW. I taught my class for the last time. They were cute. The boys didn't seem to care but the girls who did realized I will see them just not as much. My scouts are in good hands. I went to YW today, the first time in 26 years! It will definitely be a change. I am sure I will learn a lot. I will get set apart next week--they redid the whole Primary Presidency too. They will be great. Now trying to get the kids to write in their journals, work on scouts and Faith in God, Personal Progress...Tim is doing PPIs. I am so grateful for the daylight saving change and slept in a little! I had forgotten about it.

Have a great week and remember to be especially thankful this month! Even though we can justify losing hope or being down because of the events going on around us we do have so much we can be thankful or grateful for and it will heal our souls to do so!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

So I did this a few years ago and thought, why not? Even though I feel like I only write for my own personal history, it is good to remember what is important in life. Gratitude is probably the most important virtue since it affects so many others. My favorite quote on gratitude is "Gratitude turns what we have into enough." I don't know who said it but as I focus on how blessed I am the happier I am. So this week I am grateful for simple pleasures like fall leaves, fall leaves with frost and smiling children!