Friday, August 31, 2012

Freedom Friday: Why I am voting for Mitt Romney...

So what's the big deal, I am a Mormon all Mormons are brainwashed and do what whatever they are told right?  Well, I have heard these things and find it quite funny that anyone who actually knows our church knows it's all about choice.  God gave us all the freedom to choose.  Now we can't choose our consequences which makes us very unhappy when the outcome is less than desirable like the extra 5 pounds I gained after a summer of frivolous eating!  I digress, so it wasn't a slam dunk for me to vote for Mitt.  Why?  Okay, I am ultra-conservative.  He did a fantastic job with the Olympics, he saved the day!  Read about it if you didn't know.  But he tends to be more compromising than I feel a conservative should be.  Maybe that makes him a good fit.  He is willing to listen and work with others who have differing opinions.  It's not that I am not willing to listen I just want the government to keep to their role: protecting my rights and freedoms not taking them away through taxes and over regulation etc...I would say I am almost Libertarian except for legalizing illegal drugs and foreign policy.  So Mitt has some great leadership qualities that we need as a country.  He understands the corporate world and the economy.  He also has had to run a budget in a state as a governor so he gets that whole process.  I am not really sure about Obama.  He served in the senate one term and was a community organizer.  So far he is showing no real leadership.  He has divided more than gathered us to work together to solve our problems.  His solutions are more spending and taxes, sorry but what happens when the well runs dry?  We need less spending and less regulation.  Then companies can feel confident in hiring more people, investing in new ideas, etc.  It works, look at post-Jimmy Carter up until the mid/late 90s we were very prosperous.

It actually doesn't matter much if I vote for Mitt because he will get the Utah votes.  So I can only pray that good people everywhere will think and if they are the praying type, pray about who to vote for.  I pray for Mitt and his family because the media is going to step it up.  He is the underdog in a sport where the referees (the media) will side with the home team (Obama).  He and his family have already been attacked with terrible lies and hearsay.  You can tell they are nervous, by the outrageous things they are saying.  Unfortunately this is all some people read or see.  So it's really in God's hands and if we deserve better we will get a better leader if not we will reap the unfortunate consequences of an inexperienced leader.  May God bless America in November.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


So now I am 2 weeks behind and I am not sure when I will post again.  I want to it's just that I  need my sleep and I need to find a different day to post.  Sundays were good but between writing Taran and stuff it was commandeering too much time and making it less peaceful around here.  I know no one but me will really miss it until I figure it out but until then this is good bye.  Here some favorite quotes from Pinterest:

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Olympics and summer are winding down...

Gwen and Holly backstroke Olympic swimmers!

Charl, Izak, Micah Anders and Tim at the hoop!

Tate floating amidst the floaty toys

Tim makes a shot!

Izak gets ready to do the backstroke--gotta love the Olympic fever!

Zane doing the 'butterfly'!

Holly and Gwen getting tossed by Katie's feet

Emily and Dad have a hug.

Teresa and Tate converse.

Timo chillaxing...

Timo working on his eagle project.

Gwen and Tim at the SLC 7 Peaks

Zane and Emily @ SLC 7 Peaks

Micah in the wave pool @ 7 Peaks SLC

Rachelle chillin' in the wave pool, her favorite.

Izak @ SLC 7Peaks

At the Zoo, we ARE the monkeys!

Spider Monkeys!  A favorite.

The baby elephant was so fun playing a squirting in the water!

Baby and Mommy Elephant play...

The Rhinos

Even bears eat their veggies even if it's last!

Poser Giraffe!


Sweet barn owl from the bird show!

They measure up pretty good!

Monday I had a regional PTA Meeting. They basically had classes for each executive member, I am the secretary. After that they had a general meeting which was somewhat interesting—I mostly fought staying awake. I came with the President or I may have left after the first meeting. She ended up having some questions so we got home just after noon. The kids were anxious for me to get home since I wouldn't let them have friends over until Timo got home from work or I got home. Timo was anxious to go to his friend's to watch the USA men's basketball team in the Olympics—we don't get that channel. Emily was gone on a Student Council retreat/team building day. That late afternoon we met Teresa, Katie and Charl and family at her pool for free swim day—the last of the summer. I was going to bring the younger kids and Tim would pick up Timo and Emily on his way and bring dinner. By the time I got everyone home and ready to go Tim was home so we waited for him to get ready and then picked up Timo and Emily. We got pizza on our way there for dinner. Timo and Tim brought their tennis gear but I had forgotten to have Teresa reserve a court so they didn't get to play. Everyone swam but Timo. He played games on his itouch. Owell. Tim took him to play tennis after we got home. It was a fun family night all in all... we always enjoy cousins!

Tuesday I had to get my crown put on then my visiting teachers came or one came anyway—there was a mix up, no ones fault. Anyway, I always enjoy visiting with them. I had to pick up Timo and his friend Clay from work after she left. I did the family grocery shopping that afternoon. Izak had his first soccer practice that night from 6:30-8 PM and then a friend's birthday right after. He got home super late but had a lot of fun! Tim and Timo went over to Tim's parents to move the last of their furniture so they could get their laminate flooring installed Thursday. Tim knew Wednesday night would be too hard to fit it in.

Wednesday June came over. We took her for a walk to the school to return the books to the library. By the time we got home she was super tired so I fed her mac-n-cheese and some strawberries. Actually she fed herself, I just gave it to her! Then she wanted her bottle so I rocked her and fed her until Timo wanted me to make him some mac-n-cheese. So he fed her, I should have taken a picture of that! Owell, she rested enough at that point that when her bottle was done she was ready to go again. So the kids played with her, Zane was the best. He was super cute with her. That late afternoon Timo worked on his eagle project, making the triage bandages. We had about 13 scouts help others that just watched but we got them all done and now he just needs to sterilize them. There are a lot! Right after that we ate dinner and he, Izak, Tim, Micah and Zane went to Young Mens. They were having a 3v3 basketball tournament with all the young men—Tim was a ref. They divided up the boys into somewhat even teams as in each team had almost the same amount of each Quorum. Timo organized the bracket and teams. His team won which he wished hadn't happened, he wished other kids would have won. (Since he wins a lot he felt bad) But there were 3 deacons and him so it's pretty impressive. Izak's team was the most stacked team, if there was one, and they were in the championship with Timo's team. Izak thought it was fun and wasn't mad that Timo's team won. It sounds like it turned out good over all, as in even kids who don't care about basketball came and seemed to have fun. Meanwhile Emily, Gwen and I were at the church for the young women's activity, it was a craft that they didn't have time to make. It's a dry erase board made from frames, craft paper... so it was quick and easy. The girls seemed to like it. I had a choir board meeting right after and I went with my friend. It was long then we chatted until 11 something! Owell! She is just so fun to chat with. I am glad they have kept me just over publicity a few emails and phone calls and I am done!
Timo and his winning team and his YM leader with double thumbs up and wig!

Thursday Tim took in our window that was broken to get fixed then he took Izak to my mom's to mow her lawn. Timo had my car. I was able to get a lot of stuff done around the house. Especially laundry, people say I will miss doing so much someday, I REALLY doubt it. I will miss reading to little people and such but I don't think I will miss laundry! I know people who can do all their laundry for a week in a day! It takes me 2 days to catch up on not doing laundry Sunday! And I don't do Emily, Izak or Timo's! They do their own. Tim picked up Izak from my mom's and they went to an open football practice at BYU—it was pretty fun I guess. After Teresa and Izak watched the USA women's gold medal soccer game at my mom's and then she brought him home. Our neighborhood does a free swap, it's to help out those in need and help people get rid of stuff. You don't have to donate to do get anything. I helped set out stuff and grabbed a pair jeans for Emily and one for Gwen. Later Timo, Tim and I with some other parents of choir kids picked up stuff that was going to go to a local donation center for the choir kids in our neighborhood to sell at a large yard sale in September. We ended up not getting very much because we didn't get over there as soon as we should have. Owell, something is better than nothing. Every little bit helps!

Friday we went to 7 peaks in Salt Lake, everyone but Timo who had to work. We stayed until noon and then went to the zoo. It was super cool to see the newest improvements there and most of the animals were active since it was a little rainy and overcast. We had a great day but were very tired in the end! Tim and I went to a wedding reception for a girl in our neighborhood that night. We were just going to leave when Jordan Johnson, Tim's cousin's son, came up to us so we had a nice chat with him and his date (the groom's sister). Small world! Tim and I ran to Krispy Kreme to get Taran some before he leaves the States on Monday. Tim says that he is the most spoiled missionary ever...owell. I also sent him a Book of Mormon with our family's photo and testimony in spanish and then Emily's picture and her testimony that I translated (I had the Mia Maids write their testimonies and I taped it in with the translation. Tim and I watched Mirror Mirror after we got back and the Olympics were pretty much done. Emily and her friends went to the Lone Peak girls soccer game. I am not sure what Timo did besides watch the Olympics with friends.

Saturday Tim was up early to go golfing at 7 AM. It was a 'tournament' of guys from the neighborhood. But they were in teams of 4, and they used the best shot on each hole, that kind of thing. He had fun but didn't get home until after 1 PM. Meanwhile I went to send the stuff to Taran, hopefully he got it! I also ran some errands since I was on that end of the valley. When I got home I fed the kids lunch then I took Timo and Izak school shopping, mostly for shoes. After many stores Izak found some at the last store. Timo may have to try online. So I think other than Timo's shoes we are ready for school that way. I need to double check the school supply list for the elementary school and the jr high and high school kids will get their info after school starts unfortunately! I am dying at the amount the school fees are costing over $300 for Timo Emily is close to $200 and Izak's are over $100. Gwen hadn't really done her stuff while I was gone and Tim left soon after he got home to pick up our window and help his parents move furniture back and hook up all the electronics. So I helped her get her room clean and some things. I am going to have to clean the bathrooms this week since she didn't really get past her bathroom. Emily went to a LP football scrimmage and her friends on the Freshman team beat the Sophomore team! She came home after that game (there were more) and she worked on her online computer class. I ran to get milk and stuff and return our movie. Izak and Micah swam at a friend's who have an above ground pool until the sun went down.

Today I woke up with a severe allergy attack, my nose was running like crazy! Unfortunately I didn't get back to sleep so I am not feeling great at this point. I had taken some 24 hour allergy stuff that usually works so I can't really take any other meds until tonight! I am going to go to Sacrament Meeting, I think. I don't like missing but I need some rest so we'll see. We get to talk to Taran, they are allowed to call from the airport. If we don't hear from him in the morning we'll have to wait around to talk to him in the afternoon! I told him in my letter to call in the morning our home phone. I am glad that we don't need to go up there to the airport. We've said goodbye but it will be fun to hear from him!  I turned on the TV to watch the Spoken Word and the USA men's basketball team was barely beating Spain.  After the Spoken Word we switched back to see the last 25 seconds!    I was impressed with how patriotic the team was.  I am somewhat sad the Olympics end today but it will be nice to get to bed earlier and not be distracted all day and night!  I did go to church and Sacrament meeting was awesome.  It was about the importance of the Sacrament and Keeping the Sabbath Day holy.  I came home after and took a nap.    I feel less zombie like now.  Summer goes too fast and so do the Olympics but I am glad we have this last week to maybe do some more fun stuff before this summer is totally over only problem is we have A LOT going on.  Timo needs to finish up his eagle project: making cribbing and triage bandages for our emergency blocks in our neighborhood.  He is getting close!
Have a great week! 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympic Fever...very tiring...

Monday I decided to stay home. Usually we try to go out to my mom's and help but their water was turned off from 10 AM-4 PM. So I thought I should get caught up on laundry and other tasks. I did go to the store later in the day because we were going up the canyon for Family Night. We have neighborhood dinner groups (every 3 months it's a different group and we have 3 months to get together) and usually it's just the adults who get together. We decided it might be fun to eat up at the canyon with our families. We all brought our own meat/or sandwich whatever we wanted and then a side or dessert. It was fun and yummy. Zane was playing around and fell into the stream and got soaked head to toe. It was pretty funny but he didn't think so—he wouldn't let me take his picture! Tim drove him home to change. We had so much fun we didn't get home until 9:30 PM!

Tuesday I prepared to have the missionaries over for dinner. This is the first time since we moved into this house we have been able to have them over for dinner. It was a busy night because they were coming at 5 PM, then the 3 little boys had Pack Meeting at 6 PM but they had to be early to practice stuff—Izak's troop was helping retire some flags and they needed to rehearse what/how to do it. Meanwhile my brother had called and needed me to go out to his house and play with his dog. She is a puppy and they have a neighbor kid who comes during the day and and plays with her. His wife was not going to be home that night from work she got to go to Wicked in Salt Lake with her sister and he wasn't going to be home until 9 PM from work so he was worried about the dog. Tim's parents had called that afternoon/evening needing help with their flooring preparations. They live near my brother so it was perfect! Once the missionaries left, which was really fun by the way, we went to Pack Meeting we go there in time to watch Izak and Zane retire a flag—Micah did it too but we missed it since we needed to leave. We left our neighbors in charge of the 3 boys and left. Gwen kind of freaked out with the dog for a little then she settled down. She is a cute puppy—getting bigger everyday. Tim came and got us when he was done and he got her all wound up which freaked out Gwen again! Owell, just was we drove away my brother was coming in his last appointment didn't show up. We got a call on our way home that Emily and my mom were almost back so we ran to my mom's instead of going home. My mom and Emily had a great experience. I am so glad they got to go. My sister had stayed with my dad.

Wednesday I was busy...I was suppose to go to the dentist and get my crown but I didn't have a car or a purse. Tim had gone to Salt Lake for the day and I thought my purse was in his car but it was in the van (because Tim put it there) which Timo had at work anyway. Owell... this week. I had Young Womens Presidency Meeting so the kids watched June while I was gone some of them also went to the library. She was actually napping when I got home. She woke after an hour and Micah was able to get her to try her bottle. She hadn't had lunch and I tried to feed her food but she just shook her head no! After helping Gwen with lunch I went into the living room and Micah was feeding her. I had to get a photo of that! Once Tim got home I ran to get a wedding present for a girl in our ward/neighborhood. I also had a bridal shower for another girl the next day so I got a bag for the gift I had purchased the day before. The wedding reception was really nice. Timo drove his friends and we went in the van. The girl is the sister of one of Timo's good friends so they went to hang with him. They had yummy, fancy food from BYU Catering. Emily went to Young Womens after because her class was writing missionaries from our ward. Timo had had mutual the night before, a dance for all the Priests and Laurels from 2 stakes. There wasn't a great turn out so he didn't think it was very good. It's so different here, I lived for stuff like that when I was that age! They see everyone all the time so no big deal! Owell...  Tim gave the little boys haircuts after the reception.

Izak's temporary mowhawk!
Thursday I went to the temple. I was helping with the bridal shower and taking dinner to our neighbors who just moved back after moving to Idaho for 2 years. Their moving van wasn't coming until Monday so they could get things ready but they didn't have stuff to actually cook food other than a microwave. It was fun to visit with her again, we were good friends before she left so we just picked up where we left off. We have been in touch while she's been gone via cards and facebook. I actually visited her when she moved to Boise when we went up to my niece's wedding. Tim was going to take the kids to Seven Peaks right after work so I drove them down to his work but I forgot their passes so he was going to take them to AF Pool and it was closing early for a party so he brought them home. I was fixing Timo and I breakfast burritos so I fixed them some too. Then Tim took them to Orange Leaf for handling the disappointment so well. I went to the bridal shower. I had a fun visit with my neighbors there. It's so fun to see these young adults getting married and they are happy. I was watching the news this week after the Olympics and they had a segment about how less people are getting married than ever. And we wonder why things are going wrong in our country! It's a known fact that stable families provide a stable society. It effects not just children born in these circumstances emotionally but economically and educationally. I am grateful for the gospel which helps me understand my purpose. This guidance helps me avoid the pitfalls of present day thinking, anti-god and anti-traditional values. After the bridal shower Tim and I went over to my sister's to help her put some things upstairs. She still has a boot on her foot but has decided she can handle going up and down her stairs now so moved back from my parents'. We had brought back her red chair and she decided to give it to me for my birthday! That was a fun surprise.
Gwen got to play on the playground for a little bit in Park City.

Friday Timo didn't have to work so he and some friends went to Seven Peaks in Salt Lake. I went to Park City with Gwen and my sister. My mom was going to be out of water again, all day and my brother needed her to come out to his place and play with the dog. So she picked up the 3 boys. Emily had a party and so she stayed and was getting a ride with friends. She didn't hear them knock so they left her and so she didn't go in the end. She called me all upset but I guess she got over it because when I got home from Park City she was hanging out with some friends at our house. We had fun in Park City but didn't find the best deals even though it's an 'outlet' mall. I ended up getting more stuff at their TJ MAXX. Most of the kids enjoyed what I got them. Tim took the 3 boys on the Father and Sons camp out. We made it back just in time to see them before they left.  Too bad he didn't take the camera, hewas early enough to take the boys up to Cascade Springs and said that the sunset was amazing!  It was Timo's friend's birthday. So he hung with him instead of going. I got Gwen a movie, Chipwrecked—Alvin and The Chipmunks. After dinner and her bath I put it on for her and then I made some treats for my friend's daughter's baptism the next day. Once I was done with that I watched with Gwen but actually fell asleep! Owell. Emily and her friends had started watching Never Been Kissed on Clearplay. I hadn't seen it in awhile so I got sucked in! Then I read to Gwen and she went to sleep. I watched the Olympics and worked on my lesson for Sunday. I actually worked on it a lot over the week and I also watched the Olympics until midnight every night! Crazy! I am so freaking tired! But I love it!

Saturday Emily had to be to a parade, she was going to be in it. She had to meet at 8:30 AM. After I dropped her off I ran to the store to get some stuff to make another treat for my friend's daughter's baptism. I got that made and then Tim and the boys were back—not a lot of sleep but fun. Zane had a special scouts at Home Depot that morning and they made a corkboard. I set up the food for my friend while they were at the church for the baptism. I barely had it all done when they came home! She did a very nice job and I am glad that I could help. It's great to live where we all are a great support to each other. The rest of the day was chores and working on my lesson. Tim picked up Emily after the parade while I was at my friend's. After dinner I ran some errands. I got Taran a new camera. IF I find the receipt with proof of the extended warranty I will get a new camera but he is leaving in just over a week and I want to get Emily's camera back before he leaves. I also spent a lot of time reading about cameras and finally found one that seemed to fit his needs and budget. I stayed up late watching the Olympics, running on the elliptical and folding laundry. Tim didn't sleep much at the camp out so after Michael Phelps won his final medal he went to bed. I like seeing the interviews and stuff.

Today at church I taught all the young women about the scriptures. I actually divided them into 6 groups and had 3 groups discuss why we should read our scriptures, I had quotes and scriptures that were different for each group to read and help them. The other 3 groups talked about how we can read the scriptures. They also had quotes and scriptures. Each group shared what they discussed. I had 3 young women share how reading the scriptures had blessed their lives. I shared a few personal experiences and that was it. I feel like the girls learn way more from each others experiences, than me just standing up front talking and trying to drag answers out of them. I feel like the small group is less intimidating. I had one leader in each group to help them stay on track. I got a lot of positive feedback. I felt strongly I should do it that way. It's Fast Sunday and the kids are less than pleasant. All this staying up late because of the Olympics and not eating makes for less than pleasant.

Taran wrote that he got his visa so he will leave a week from tomorrow! Life is going fast and school is around the corner, meh. Have a great week!