Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rachelle Update III

Okay, I haven't meant to blog everyday but it's something I can do and maybe I am thinking too much! But this is actually about my nerve test today. I had the first test 2 weeks ago but he couldn't finish it since it was too close to when I started having symptoms. So I went back this morning and finished it. I do have nerve damage and that is what is causing my numbness in my toes and back of my leg. I am fine with that I rarely notice it anymore. Hopefully this will help the back surgeon know where my fragment is lodged. Yesterday I saw the Neurologist and he thought that was an important part of the testing, so the surgeon should get my results by the time I see him and with the MRI know what to do. Anyway, keep praying for me, it has helped so much. I have more I could write about the blessings but I will save it for another day--I need to rest!

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