Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rachelle update II

So I have gone down to 1/2 a Percocet and the pain is manageable or almost obsolete, I still take ibuprofen and gabapentine (a nerve painkiller, non narcotic). Physical Therapy is good, I love the electrod stuff and massage they do. I don't like the exercises they have me doing at home since some hurt to do but the PT says to do what I can. I am enjoying my elliptical again and I have no pain when I use it, yeah! I have an appointment with the back doctor who did Tim's dad's surgery, on the 24th. I feel I will not be able to get off the narcotics until that bone or piece of the membrane, whatever of the two it is, is removed or moves so I am looking into surgery. It is not as evasive as other surgeries so I am hopeful that if I choose that route I can have a good chance of a positive outcome. We'll see how I feel after the visit! Thanks for all your prayers, they have made a difference in many ways. Please continue to pray that I will know what I should do. Thanks!


The Cranes said...

I have done physical therapy several times in the past, and I also loved the electrode thing. Since that time, I have always said that everyone should have one of those machines at home. We would all have so much more relaxed muscles if we could hook ourselves up to one of those every day!!

Shellie said...

I wanna try those electrodes too! Hoping and praying for the best path to complete improvement.