Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Standing For Something . . .


So I ranted and raved and lost the post while trying to get this video downloaded! I am fed up with our media and how they are so biased. I don't watch the TV much-too busy and it's not worth it. Some people said that Reagan was scary. I'll tell you what is scary:

higher taxes, abortion, limited energy, socialized health care= unavailable and incompetent (I've lived where they have it), judges that interpret the law instead of standing for the Constitution, instilling fear into the masses and a Republican Party that has forgotten it's principles!

So even though I am not thrilled with McCain, he won my party's nomination and I respect that. He has a great running mate who has the principles that Republicans have been looking for in a candidate. Less government, MORE freedom. Some think it's scary to let people have so much freedom and accountability in their lives but that is part of preserving liberty. So I am posting this great YOU Tube video I found on another blogger's blog (Pikes Pickles). It reflects the values of all people of faith.

Family is what this crisis in our nation is about. Are we parents teaching our children the core beliefs that stem from the Constitution? Do our children understand the value of work over getting something for nothing? If parents had been teaching these principles around the dinner table we would have less trouble now. We are in for a difficult time. So get out there and let your voice be heard. We must do all we can to elect those who will help strengthen families through freedom and our nation in the process.


4boyzmdmom said...

Frank and I were just talking this morning about how tired we are of the biased media--we can't stand to watch the news anymore! This is a great post-thanks!

The Cranes said...

I, too, have had it with the media! This was a great video. It's encouraging that we aren't the only religion promoting strengthening families.

Shellie said...

I'll have to watch this on the other computer, the laptop doesn't want to anymore :(. I'm frustrated with both parties. The people of our country need to wake up more and live in a way that promotes freedom, no matter how the elections pan out. I think we need to hold the media much more accountable for their part in all our society's woes.