Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gwen's birthday dress, nightgowns and her new bed!

I know this isn't super exciting but it gives a little update on our happenings. Tim's mom made Gwen this darling panda jumper and shirt for her birthday--she made me take her other dress off immediately.
She is so obsessed with dresses that we had to buy her some nightgowns--she wanted to wear dresses to bed and she would kick and scream when we got her dressed in normal jammies. Here she is wearing the princess nightgown, she barely knows who they are but she thinks they are pretty so she is okay with them. We also bought a Tinkerbell nightgown but she screamed when we tried to put it on. She will wear it now, Emily and Timo told her that Tink is pretty. So here is proof that I have mellowed out, I never would have bought Emily those. But Emily was more laid back. I figure if it's not immodest or obscene I can give a little. When Taran was just starting kindergarten he came home and said, "I want shirts with pictures on them." I asked him what he meant and he said something like Power Rangers--which he never had watched. He did have some t-shirt with pictures but I was pickier then about it!
So we bought the bed from Ikea (it can expand into a twin) since it would help me with naps and bedtime when Tim is not here to lift her. She really likes it but hasn't slept well since the change so it's been the hardest on Tim since he doesn't have med induced sleep all the time like me!

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Shellie said...

She is a dolly! I love that dress, too. It was so cute how she just stripped and got it on