Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy 40th Suzette and Georgette!

Tonight my sister Teresa and I went to a party for our friends Suzette and Georgette (maiden name was McKinney) who just turned 40. Suzette and Georgette were in my ward (our religious congregation) my second year at BYU. Later Georgette served a mission to Michigan (Lansing Mission) and was companions with my sister Teresa. Georgette lived at my parents for a little while before she got married, I was already married and Teresa was just home from her mission. So our whole family got to know her pretty well then. Tim's twin sisters were in the twin study BYU did with Georgette and Suzette and other twins. It's a small world! I love these ladies, they are so fun and kind. They are funny and genuine. It was great to see them and reminded me of how blessed I have been to know so many awesome people!

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Shellie said...

I like the names, they seem like fun ladies!