Thursday, March 24, 2011

I won, I won!!!

Okay, today was sad because my BYU cougars and their star Jimmer lost. (March Madness--NCAA basketball). I blame SI for putting him on the cover--jinx. They killed themselves but onto the good news. I won a giveaway on this amazing website The Idea Room. I just started following this website a couple of months ago. She has great ideas for ALL sorts of things. She gets lots of traffic so she has at least a giveaway or two a week and this week...I WON! I get $50 to spend at The Simple Stencil! I feel so blessed, now what to pick? We'll see and maybe I'll post the end product! Don't forget to check out Amy's The Idea Room for great things!


Steph said...

You so deserve that! Maybe even more than our cougs did. Did I just say that? ;)

snaH said...

Congratulations! I guess it's a lucky month for our family - we should have had a reunion in Vegas.

Lynda said...

I love, love, love that site! Congratulations! What fun. :)

RAQ said...

Thanks Steph! you know that they SHOULD have won it just wasn't meant to be.

Hey Hans that would work if we gambled:)

Thanks Lynda!