Sunday, March 6, 2011

Choir Tour Day 4

So Sunday we went to church at 11 AM in the Singles Ward in Manhattan--the meeting house is located in the same area as the temple. A very ingenious design. Some of the young men from the choir prepared, blessed and passed the sacrament. They were having fast and testimony meeting since they were having Ward Conference today. It was great. Some of the parents of choir members and some kids bore their testimonies. Taran was feeling better by now. One of the dad chaperons gave him a blessing Saturday. Part of the meeting was a confirmation of a newly baptized young man. It gave a great feel to the meeting. After sacrament meeting we went to Rockefeller Square and took photos and then the choir director wanted the kids to go to the hotel to rest. I had gotten Taran some food but forgotten to bring it with so I decided to take it to him after we got back to our hotel. We had planned to rest then go listen to the choir practice with the other choirs. No one else needed to go so I went alone--if you know my sense of direction this was a little risky! I was fine but did get lost and I had forgotten my map. Even though I had ridden the subway a gazillion times thus far some of the lines run different on the weekends and they were announcing the changes but I didn't have my map so I got off after at the first stop. I walked the wrong way coming out of the subway but once I realized I headed back the right way and got there just fine! Taran wouldn't answer his phone so I waited in the lobby until I finally got one of his roommates to take the food up to him. I called my roommates to let them know I made it--they were worried about me, with reason as you can see! I told them I was just going to hang in the lobby because now it would mean I would get back in time to come back! So I rested in the lobby chair, not too bad. All the choirs were staying in that hotel so they could practice there for the performance. We listened to their practice. This was it before Carnegie. The choir president and president elect had gotten the kids pizza to eat after the practice. They let us join in. It was yummy. Then they returned to their hotel to dress and get ready to go to Carnegie. We returned to our hotel to rest since we had a couple of hours until we needed to be at Carnegie. We rested and talked--it was just a slumber party of fun and also good gospel conversation. Julie H and felt so lucky to have these great moms to be our roommates. We all got along great. Carnegie was pricey and they didn't let you take any photos or recordings. But a lot of parents were doing it all over! I did sneak a photo of Julie H in front the staircase. It's such a beautiful old building! Thanks to Isaac Perlman they didn't tear it down. The concert was great. All the songs were religious so I am thinking this festival catered to religious groups may also explain why the concert was on Sunday. There was a childrens choir of combined choirs and a featured choir. They sounded like angels. Then Lone Peak's Chamber Choir--Taran's choir went on after. We were sitting in a box seat with a family from Atlanta whose younger son was in the childrens choir. They let us up front when they were trading places on stage. They were a great family--apparently their son was in this children's choir and came to Carnegie 2 times as a kid. He still sings and was going on choir tour to England this week! (And we thought this trip was expensive!) Also I forgot to mention that the composer of a compilation of songs the childrens choir sang was sitting next to us--in the next box. Taran's choir was incredible, his director said that they were perfect in every way. They stunned everyone! The spirit was so strong as they sang. We got lots of compliments and heard people commenting. Apparently the composer came to Ms J the choir director on the plan and let her know how amazing he thought they were and that they should be the standard for all high school choirs! I think most of the schools were private so I think they would have been surprised to know we are a public school! Anyway, I was able to give the family from Atlanta the Book of Mormon I had prepared with our family photo in it and our testimony. They were so awesome I felt strongly this is who I needed to give it to. After the concert the kids were elated! They had had an amazing experience. Taran says that it was his highlight of the tour! Me too! What a great end to an amazing experience. I guess it's tradition they go to Carnegie deli after the concert so we met up with them there. It's the same place we got the 'melo'. Ms J treated the kids to whatever they wanted. Taran and his friends got the melo and cheesecake! We saw that family from Atlanta and their group there too. It was a special evening.

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