Sunday, March 6, 2011

Catching UP!

You may not want to read all these posts but hey it's our family story so here it goes!
I didn't have time to write about our Valentine's Day or Micah's birthday. Highlights of that time:

Valentine's Day Tim sent me chocolate covered strawberries, YUMMY, from Shari's berries. We had our date the Friday before so we had a family dinner of pizza--the kids' favorite! We also one of the Costco Red Velvet cakes for dessert. We gave the kids a valentine bag of their favorite candy. I had scouts that day--we took them swimming to pass off the rescues and out for ice cream after. I also helped at Izak's Valentine class party. Forgot we made heart shaped pancakes for breakfast...It was a fun busy day!

Zane earned his 100 books t-shirt. The goal for all of first grade is to read 100 books by the end of March (that was starting in January). At first Zane did 5 books a day but then got up to 10 as he got closer. So proud of him!

The Saturday before Micah's birthday we took him and some friends to see Tangled in honor of it. He and our other boys were not interested when we went in November. They loved it! Taran and Timo have never seen it, they are missing out!

Sunday was Micah's birthday so my family came over for his dinner and dessert. It was a lot of fun and he liked all his presents. Monday Granny took him out for lunch and shopping. He had a great time. Then he went to a birthday party for a girl in his class at Jump On It--a place that has a warehouse full of trampolines. He had a blast. Meanwhile, since it was President's Day I was trying to get ready for my trip to NYC. But I had some bored sad kids so I took them to the dinosaur museum. That was fun and it all turned out fine. Tim had to work so he missed out and I am not sure what my older boys did...

Tuesday I went to the temple then I went shopping for stuff for the family for while I was going to be gone. That night was the Blue & Gold banquet and it was great. Izak got his Arrow of Light award and crossed the bridge to be a Boy Scout! That night my friend Julie who works for Jetblue, Robin another mom going on choir tour and I went to the airport to make an appearance so our chances of getting on Stand By would increase. We got home at 12:30 PM!

Wednesday I packed what I needed still. Julie who works for Jetblue was watching the flight load and saw that we were not going to get on the red eye that night--we found out that New York had the week off so lots of them were flying home that week!
This meant we had to leave by 4 PM to get to SLC airport by 5 PM to catch a flight to Long Beach and then from there go to New York! I kind of got a little panicked but Tim, my mom and the kids helped me out so I could be ready to go. I swear I went to Walmart 3 times that day! Anyway, we got to New York the same time as the kids and they flew Delta-red eye! They caught a tail wind so they made time!

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