Sunday, March 6, 2011

Choir Tour Day 3

Saturday the kids had practice all day with a few breaks. We went to the New York Public Library to an exhibit called 3 Faiths about Christianity, Judaism and Islam and how they are similar in their having Abraham as part of their religion. That is it in a nutshell but they also had cool artifacts, old scrolls and books hundreds of years old. We went to the temple after that but missed the endowment session--they only do 1 an hour so we did initiatory. Julie H. was feeling bad so she went and laid down in the church which is accessible from the temple. After we went to a bakery then back to the hotel and rested. That night our other roommate Julie went with her daughter and others to see Phantom of the Opera. We took 12 kids sightseeing and shopping. Taran was sick so I got him dinner and he stayed in his hotel. It was a cold night so that was smart. I found some great deals shopping. We stopped at the Toys R Us in Times Square it was huge it had 3 levels and a ferris wheel inside it! We ended with a trip to the Brooklyn Bridge. We saw Alexander Hamilton's grave on our way. I wish my camera could have done it justice!

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