Sunday, March 6, 2011

Choir Tour Day 1

So after we got over to Delta from the Jetblue terminal we took bus shuttles to the kids' hotel the Sheraton Manhattan. From there our kids helped us to our hotel via subway The Marriott Residence Inn at Times Square--the staff there were amazing! They stored our luggage for us (it was 8 AM) and told us to enjoy breakfast! That was so nice. Then we went back to the kids' hotel. Taran was feeling lousy since he didn't sleep at all on the flight but I doubt I slept more than 20 minute stretches! I was living on adrenalin. We split into groups one group was touring museums, one went sightseeing until they got to the temple to do baptisms. Our group was to join up at the temple but we had time to run to a couple of theaters to see if we could get rush tickets--discounted Broadway tickets for different shows. We ended up getting tickets to Spiderman the musical--which was super fun and the music was by U2 and I loved it! The temple was a great experience. The kids were exhausted but it was a nice contrast to the busyness outside. After the temple the choir was to meet back soon to sing at an Assisted Living Center. So we took them to Central Park for a little look and had gyros from a street vendor--Taran ate them all the time after! We stopped outside of the Museum of Natural History from Night at the Museum. But alas not enough time to see it all. The weather was a bit chilly that day so we used coats, scarves and hats. After we dropped the kids off at their hotel we went back to our hotel to check in and rest. One of our roommates and I were going to use the fold out bed so we opened it up to check it out--it was terrible so Julie called to get a roll-away bed mattress to put on top of it. They upgraded us for free! So we moved there and unpacked and it was great--2 queens this time! One of our roommates and her daughter went with a group to see Wicked. Our other roommate Robin, Julie, her son Breton and Taran and I went to Spiderman the musical. But before we went to the theater we got a giant sandwich the 'melo' named for Carmelo Anthony who was just traded to NY Knicks! It was $24 but we all split it and were full. When we got out of Spiderman it was raining.

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