Sunday, March 6, 2011

Choir Tour Day 2

Friday we woke up to a lot of rain. Julie stayed at the hotel to get rush tickets for that night and sleep in! So the three of us met up with the rest of our group to go to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and 9/11 Tribute Museum. The Festival organizers had arranged tour guides to help us take the subway all the way to the dock. It was a great experience despite the rain. The guides were darling. I am mad I did not get a picture of them! They led the kids in the Lone Peak fight song and the national anthem at the steps of Ellis Island. It was stirring! From there we took the subway over to the 9/11 Tribute Museum which is across the street from the area the towers resided--now they are rebuilding some but the twin towers will have a water fountain in their spot with the names of the victims engraved in the stone. The museum was touching as footage and stories were told and artifacts displayed--an air plane window, high heels, id...It was real, it was tragic the heroes were the amazing part of the story. They had a lady tell her story of that fateful day and that of her daughter who worked in Tower 7 which came down after the Twin Towers. So much that I did not know about what happened that day! It was amazing and we must not forget it. From there we went a few stores down to a deli and they served up in 15 minutes (40 of us!) and then one of the main workers told his story, he was a teenager when it happened! It was a great time. From there the kids headed back to the hotel to change out of wet clothes and get ready to go to the Lion King. We went on our own and saw some of the sights. Then we went back to our hotel and met up with Julie. I guess I should say we had 2 Julies: Julie Hallsted who works for Jetblue and Julie Fonbuena another mom who joined us. Julie H. had gotten us tickets to Memphis which had won the Tony in 2010 for best musical. We checked the kids to see if they were hungry and since we had a big lunch. They weren't allowed to go out on the subway without a chaperon and they had to go in groups of 5 and had to have some boys in it if they went without a chaperon. By now Taran wasn't feeling well but he sucked it up with meds and went to Lino King which was part of their tour cost. He loved it, he said that it was life changing! LOL! We enjoyed our show too. But we did a little sightseeing and came to Saks 5th Avenue for a little stop to see the $200 hats! Robin got a hand massage and ended up buying some expensive stuff. The saleman was so cute how could she resist? He gave us all samples and gave Robin and Julie H each a free bag! I got hungry just before the show so I bought a peanut butter brownie at a bakery by the theater. Julie H was getting sick and bought some meds while I was in the bakery. As I said we enjoyed the musical but just a heads up if you go there are c couple bad words, not a ton. I would have left and I think my friends would have also had it been that bad. Otherwise it was very entertaining. I did notice some people were enjoying it a bit much, they were drunk. Really it was good enough without being drunk!

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