Sunday, March 6, 2011

Choir Tour Day 5

Most of the kids just wanted to go to Chinatown. So after we packed/tidied up we headed to their hotel and all ventured to Chinatown/Canal street. The prices weren't as amazing as we'd heard but it was fun to see anyway. It reminded me of Tijuana, bargaining and the tiny shops lined up selling similar stuff. I got most of my souvenirs there. One of Taran's friends got a black market watch, crazy! They had to be back by noon to get their stuff and load it onto the shuttles to the airport. Taran and I traded things. He only took a carry on since it's $25 to check in luggage on Delta and I got one bag free check in on Jetblue. We said goodbye to the kids and our one roommate who was flying back with them. We went back to our room and checked out but stored our luggage, did mention how awesome the staff was there? Breton Julie H's son was coming back with us--she got him a one way ticket since standby on Jetblue was full so he got to go with the group. We went to an old church and then to a bakery we heard had great cupcakes--mmm, not as good as Dippedee here in Utah! There our roommate Robin realized she had left her wallet at the church while trying to find her glasses. So we cut the sightseeing short to go back, then she went to the hotel when it wasn't at the church. We went to a couple of stores to get something she wanted then onto a store where I got some things. We met up with her at the hotel. On our way there she told us that the guy who found it called and was taking it to his wife's work in Brooklyn. So we grabbed our suitcases and headed on the subway to Brooklyn. Many people helped us get to our destination and she got her wallet without any trouble and we were back on the subway. We got help getting to the airport on the subway--we had to change lines. We found the people of New York friendly and helpful every day! Our plane was leaving at 8:30 PM and we made it to the check in at 7:30 PM! Tender mercy! And it was delayed! We ended up not leaving until after 9:30 PM. We got into SLC at 1 PM. I really didn't sleep great but this time I was not in between two guys and no space so I did sleep some. Tim picked us up. Julie's husband is ill so I felt it was the least we could for getting me a buddy pass! So we got home around 2 AM. I had to talk to Tim until about 3 AM we got to sleep! Owell, I am feeling more caught up now, I was zombie Tuesday! I feel so blessed for the amazing experience. I am so grateful that Taran had that opportunity. What a huge blessing to have these experiences available to them!

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