Sunday, March 6, 2011

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig!

So the kids were happy to see me in the morning as I walked around in a stupor. It was Steph's turn for the temple so I had Zoe which was nice so Gwen could play while I unpacked and rested. Gwen had a party in the afternoon so Steph took her and I picked her and Zoe up. Taran and Timo didn't have school that day which was nice esp for Taran! The juniors were all taking the ACT. Nice, huh! The first year they have done it but they paid for them all to take it. Also Taran found out he got into BYU but we weren't surprised just waiting on the scholarship amount! So Taran and Timo slept until 11 AM! That afternoon Julie H and I had scouts but it was a quick one to just test 3 boys on their Tenderfoot physical test. It was the only way to fit it in! Micah had a Jr Jazz game that night.

Wednesday I went grocery shopping. Then I had play group here. Gwen and her friends had fun for the most part, we celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday with cupcakes. Then for dinner we had green eggs and ham (bacon) hashbrowns...yum! Tim, Taran and Timo went to the BYU vs New Mexico game that night which was a bummer because BYU lost by a lot. News of Brandon Davies dismissal on Tuesday was not a good thing but they pulled out a solid win Saturday. The Jazz lost too to add to the misery! Emily got to wear her pj bottoms she made for their pj party with beehives. Clever PJS stands for prayer, journal and scriptures.

Thursday Gwen and I went to the mall in Sandy to get Izak's present, Jazz paraphernalia. I also stopped at a clothes store and got some jeans for the little boys and a spring dress for Gwen. That night the 3rd grade had a fun Math Night. So I took Micah. Taran and Timo had a choir concert. I always enjoy those. It was late for the little kids but they survived! Emily had the district science fair that night from 6=9:30 PM! Long night to find out she did not move on! Taran and some of his choir friends came over to our house and hung out for a little bit. Love those kids!

Friday I tried to get things back to normal--for us! Then I watched the twins I usually watch. My dad hung out while my mom went to the temple. We had a nice visit and he rested. Taran went to Weber State to watch Lone Peak basketball play Freemont in the 5 A semi-final. We lost to them in the football semis last fall so this was nice to win! Timo came home and worked on a paper he had due Monday--so responsible! After they left I went to Walmart with Gwen and we bought stuff for a surprise late night for Izak in honor of his birthday. He was totally surprised but had a blast. They watched Hoosiers. They enjoyed Tim driving them home after!

Saturday we got up early because Izak wanted to open his presents before he went anywhere. Taran and Timo had a YM basketball game that morning early. Izak went to the BYU Merit Badge Pow Wow at 8:15 AM with his friends. He enjoyed it then Granny picked him up and went to lunch and shopping. Meanwhile Taran and Timo headed up to the Lone Peak vs AF (their rival) for the 5A final. on the school buses. Zane had lil' hoopsters at PG rec center at 11:30 AM. Emily had her last Jr Jazz game at 1:30 PM~ they went undefeated and she made a few very cool baskets! Izak had his last game at 2:30 PM and they also went undefeated this year! He also made some sweet shots. BYU won and Lone Peak and the Jazz so it was a sweet day for the fans at our house! We had pizza for dinner then off to the cousins to celebrate all the family birthdays from January thru March! We had dessert, Izak picked peanut chip brownies and ice cream! It was a fun visit but cut short by Timo's paper. Maybe next time we can visit longer! I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with Emily and Tim when he wasn't helping Timo.

Today we went to church and I ended up bearing me testimony. I wasn't planning on it but I felt like it part way through. Now I can sit a rerun the whole thing through my head and think of what I should have said. Owell. I really enjoyed the testimonies I heard. Of course all the classes were great and uplifting. So grateful for all my many blessings.

So one last note, Tim did a great job while I was gone. He had help from my mom and friend Stephanie. While I was gone: Timo got his braces off, worked for Taran at Taran's work, Timo took Izak to his basketball game, Tim took Emily to her's, he went to Emily's parent teacher conferences, he took Emily to a birthday party she had Friday night...he made a roast for Sunday dinner. He's the best. I enjoyed talking to him each night. I wish he could have gone but I am glad that he let me go! At least he got to go to Disneyland last year for A Capella Choir tour! Did I ever tell you how lucky I am?????


Emee said...

"When I was quite young and quite small for my size, I met an old man in the desert of Drize. And he told me a story I'll never forget. At least, well, I haven't forgotten it yet.

"He sat in a terribly prickly place, but he sang with a sunny sweet smile on his face.


You have indeed told us how lucky you are.

Steph said...

What a crazy fun few weeks for you!!! Love the choir tour pics. I'll aspire to go on that someday! And the birthdays, soo fun! Bryson said Izak was sure surprised!!!

4boyzmdmom said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that after bearing testimony! :)