Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday Izak!

Wow, didn't I just post about Micah's birthday???? Yes, it's birthday time around here. Tim's is next Wednesday! But today it's about Izak! He was born just 2 weeks after we moved into to our house in Cedar Hills. It was crazy and I still feel like I never got properly organized! He has been a delight most of the time. I remember thinking he was the funnest baby we ever had, he was just so happy all the time once the colic wore off. Maybe the contrast had something to do with it! :) He is a great thinker, athletically talented and musically talented. It is fun to see these children come to their talents. He is very tenderhearted and tends to befriend those with no friends. He has become a social bug this year and has spent time in the hall for chatting! I was shocked, our shy guy no longer! He's been doing better with that since I offered to come to school and sit with him. Hopefully the teen years won't break his tender heart, hopefully he'll weather that time well. He is off to the BYU Spring Merit Badge Pow Wow today with some friends. Hopefully he will enjoy the rest of the day celebrating! Happy Birthday to our Mr. Izak!

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