Monday, January 5, 2009

I want my pictures!

So I got a new camera for Christmas. It came with new software to install. Tim did it and we got some photos downloaded but now it's not working! For some reason I just think it's more interesting to include photos. So maybe tomorrow I'll blog again with some photos--like about New Year's and vacation stuff. Taran used my camera to video Gwen tonight falling asleep at the dinner table and it was hilarious so I really want that posted!!!!! So instead you get this goofy llama--my teenage sons collect these weird pictures and sometimes they come in handy!


Shellie said...

LOVE the llama.

4boyzmdmom said...

I like using pictures, too. I didn't take any last week and felt bad doing a weekly post without a single picture! I hope you get your camera to work soon. I would love to see the video of Gwen!

Katie said...

That's a bummer...Is the camera not working, or the software?? I just finished my post on Christmas Day and the Day after. E-mail me some pictures from New Year's Day, b/c I didn't take any pics and then I can put them on my Blog.