Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Eve

So Tim got the camera software working, yeah! But the video clip of Gwen nodding off was too long so it had trouble uploading it--I tried it twice. I will see if I can edit it but with my current rate of success I doubt it! If you are ever over I'll show it to you!!! This last photo is of New Year's Eve breakfast and I don't know the significance of it--sorry Gwen just looks sad!

Here are photos from New Year's Eve. We were very productive that day putting away most of our Christmas stuff and other odds and ends before heading out to Tim's parents. It was a low key party but fun nonetheless. We picked up Panda Express, a tradition we started a several years ago, on our way. Amy and Nate came with their kids too. Shellie and family were partying with friends--I believe, so we missed them. Amy made a yummy frappe and we had stuff for floats when that ran out. We also had lots of sweets and crackers and cheese dip and cheese ball, etc. The teens and adults watched Get Smart--very funny, and the kids watched The Clone Wars. I included a photo of Zane in front of Tim's mother's Christmas village. Tim's mom worked on the 1,000 piece nightmare puzzle we gave her for Christmas. Amy, Nate and I tried to help her after Get Smart. I think I got 5 pieces connected not onto the puzzle but to each other! Owell, it'll keep her busy! Tim took Timo and Taran to friends after Get Smart. Tim's dad and the kids watched Kung Fu Panda while we worked on the puzzle. We got home about 11 PM. We worked on our own puzzle Hans (Tim's brother) gave us of Fenway Park. Then at midnight we cheered each other with Martinellis and sent the kids to bed (Gwen was already in bed). Timo got home at 12:30 AM and helped with the puzzle. Taran got home not too long after. We went to bed once he was home and so did he. Timo stayed up later to finish the crowd in the stands on the puzzle! It was a great way to end 2008!


321forme said...

Love catching up this way, even though we only live a few homes apart!!! Email me your email address and I'll "invite" you to my blog (aren't you lucky Rachelle)...I'm weird and its private. Have a fantastic day! Steph

4boyzmdmom said...

It's fun to see all the different traditions going on! We also do the frappe Amy was making every year, and use it to do toasts (only this year we forgot 'cause we were having too much fun with friends so we did it on Monday for FHE instead). We usually do a puzzle, and I got one for Christmas, but I didn't want to take that over to our friends' house (puzzles don't travel well) so we haven't started ours yet. Thanks for posting the pictures!