Thursday, January 22, 2009

My most challenging time of day

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I don't really know why I decided to post this, maybe it's my way of explaining my lack of order in my home. I decided to take photos of yesterday afternoon since I find this time until my kids are bed a challenge. I basically walked around with my camera and in between helping with homework and keeping some on task I got these photos (there were more but you'll get the just of it). You will see some drama and some plain chaos. Some people complain that all they see on blogs are perfectly clean rooms so here you get your fill of the opposite at my house. This is typical, this life and I am glad even though it can be tiring and totally ungrateful it's mine!

BTW I read to Gwen and Zane after their baths but no one was around to photo that part of our day but that is one of my favorite so I'll save that for another post!


Katie said...

I feel your pain. This week I feel like I've lost all control. Holly will only take one nap and she whines all day unless I hold her. Andersen didn't take a nap yesterday and is still not asleep today. I did clean the bathrooms yesterday and I took a shower, however, today I've only managed to make cookies and I'm still in my PJ's at 2:30 pm.

It's a good thing the kids are so cute...definitely makes it easier to tolerate the battles.

Looks like you got a new chair.

On a side note - Anders has asked to watch "Cars" everyday this week. I tell him we don't have the movie. He then tells me, "It's not your movie, it's Zane's movie."

The Cranes said...

Great post! I see very similar things at my house all afternoon!

andrea said...

I ditto that, and I don't have near as many kids at my house! It is so hard when they get home from school, dump their stuff, and then all the chaos starts. Gives me a headache every day...maybe that's why I grab a Dr. Pepper every afternoon as I walk in the house with them after picking them up?! :) Oh, and I'm sorry Jared has been a turd to Zane and not played with him recently....I'm not sure what his deal is....tell Zane to not take it personally.

4boyzmdmom said...

I loved this! That is my hardest time of the day, also. Not that I don't like having the kids home...there's just a lot to fit into those few hours and messes appear everywhere! (And why do we have hooks for coats, etc.?! They never get used!)