Friday, January 16, 2009

Guess what we were trying to do?

This may become a regular feature if I remember to employ the camera often enough! So think, it looks like animal charades? Maybe, we are listening to Dominic the Christmas Donkey and acting it out? Maybe she was practicing somersaults and got tired and ran off to her room? All wrong. This is my attempt to put a ponytail in her hair. I grabbed the camera when she was putting her head into the ground and kicking up her heels! Two year olds, I'm too old for this so we may cut the hair! That should be another great photo opportunity.


Shellie said...

I LOVE that very last shot. Sometimes it is spooky how much that girl is like an Espinoza. Luckily for us, only one was a girl so we could buzz them all a lot.

Katie said...

Holly doesn't tolerate pony tails either. I've only had one successful attempt and Charl quickly took it out because he didn't like it.