Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A New Year, A New Job and A (used) New Car!

On Monday, January 12th Tim started a new job. He had worked 16 + years at Novell. You may think it strange but unfortunately he did not get laid off. They do a really nice severence package, he offered but they declined--he was too valuable but no valuable that they didn't counter offer the church's offer. The severence money would have helped us a lot. Owell. The church really wanted him, there were some things he was discouraged about at Novell and the economy. We began to think, is Heavenly Father telling us something? I told Tim I trusted whatever decision he made because he was the one that needed to be happy at the job.

Here he is in a suit! He doesn't have to wear a suit everyday only if he goes to the church office building. He had training Monday up there so he had to wear a suit. He normally wears a dress shirt and pants with a tie. It's a sacrifice when he's been able to wear whatever he wanted the past 16 years! He'll miss lunchtime basketball but that isn't until summer. He is testing family history software and works with many friends from Novell.

His car needed so much work to pass the emissions and safety (it's 20 years old)so we decided to put the money toward a newer car. It's a 1998 Saturn. It's in pretty good shape and it's paid for!

So far so good, good year, right until the 20th? Good job and good car! Yeah for Tim!!! BTW He looks really handsome in his new duds!


Erick said...

Wow, lots of changes! Is the cell phone new, too? He's holding it up like he wants to show it off. I was hoping he would be working on the stake/ward website stuff so that he could get them to get some needed features added! Hope it works out well.

andrea said...

Congrats! And tell him not to whine about the suit. At least he doesn't have to wear one every day. He can ask Ron about what a JOY that is! ;) Ron looks forward to Saturday all week since that is the only day he isn't in a suit and tie.

RAQ said...

Yes, I forgot to mention the new cell phone he is showing!

Andrea I'm sure Tim would not enjoy the suit all week--bless Ron!

Lisa said...

look at that sharp dressed man. It sure is hard to start at a new place after being somewhere for soooooooo long. I appreciate your little "Jan 20th" jab.

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The Cranes said...

I don't think I've seen Tim in a suit since he got home from his mission! He looks good. Hope he likes the job--at least the job security is high!

4boyzmdmom said...

Congratulations on the new job! I hope he is happy there. I keep telling Frank that he should apply to work for the church; whenever he calls in for help with the stake computers, he gets someone who knows less than he does!

Shellie said...

So the church's programming problems are all going to get better now? That's worth wearing a suit over.