Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Updates to finish up 2008

I am just adding some more photos of Christmas break that weren't part of the major holidays.

Tim was able to take the two weeks off during that time. We were able to go to the temple together and on a couple of dates. It was my friend Lisa's 40th birthday so a bunch of us took her out for breakfast, it was really fun! We had a game afternoon at my mom's one day after Christmas. We took the kids out to dinner courtesy of some kind soul who gave us a generous gift certificate to Chili's anonymously. Tim and I (by force) organized our closet--not that I didn't want to do it it's just that I wanted some other things done first. I am very happy at the outcome! Tim was car shopping and found a cute used Saturn he now drives. I promise a post tomorrow on it and his job situation. The kids enjoyed playing with friends and their new toys and still sledded quite a bit. We got tons of snow and I am trying the positive approach to it to keep myself happy and it seems to be working. You see I am from California, I know I have lived here awhile but I am still not comfortable driving in the snow and ice. So I just watch the weather and try to get done my errands done before the next big storm. So I still do that but I've decided to join my kids in their wonder of the beautiful white stuff. And maybe because of my back injury and being laid up for awhile I rejoice I can actually walk in it even though I can't sled in it. Taran is not a snow lover and claims that he is moving out as soon as he graduates to a warmer climate. We'll see. So we still have some party poopers. Now if we have snow in May and June like last year I am going to personally FEDEX it to Al Gore, Mr. Global Warming, HA! That's when I say enough is enough!


4boyzmdmom said...

Taran got the same "Arizona genes" that I did! It's always good to try to be positive, though--good for you!

Lisa said...

I'll help pay the FEDEX shipping for mister Gore. You've really gotten back into the swing of things after having been down for so long. My kids aren't old enough to go sledding by themselves so I have to take them which means we don't go as often as they'd like. Thanks for the kind words you said in your comment. You're so sweet. I hope it didn't come off bragging (I don't think you thought that, but hopefully others didn't either). I'm just happy with my life so far. I know I have a lot of work ahead with improvements, but so far so good.

The Cranes said...

As someone who hates the cold, I've always thought global warming sounded like a good thing! I'm with Taran but I try to be positive or I'll be whining non-stop at this time of year. Snow is pretty to look at--I'll give it that!