Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Years Day, Welcome 2009!

I love the feel of a new beginning whether it's a new school year, a new year or summer break. It's great time to reflect and start new. Of course New Year's Day I didn't worry about what I was eating that day but we had a great time. We finished putting away the Christmas stuff and returning things we hadn't had a chance. We got the teenagers up in time for lunch but they had breakfast. We went to my brother Charl's in the afternoon and continued watching bowl games on his huge TV. The younger kids watched Shrek 2 which I've never seen so hopefully it's okay. Anyway, Katie made homemade pizza dough and sauce which turned out really good. We brought toppings, stuff for floats and any other junk you could feast on. Amber helped us out with putting it all together. My mom made a salad so we did have something healthy. Actually I think the pizza was pretty healthy it's the other stuff. We also jammed to guitar hero with Amber and Keith's play station. It was pretty fun even though it told me I suck! I really did. Tim and I stunk it up but our kids, everyone else did well! It was a lot of fun we just missed my dad who was too tired from one of his resolutions--organizing his computer room!

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Katie said...

Yes, it was a fun day. Great company,yummy food and rockin entertainment.