Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Photos

So I missed Spooky Tales while I was in the hospital but our friends did it anyway and Tim took the kids. They had a lot of fun so I am grateful for good friends! We've had a lot of help this week so I can lay low, not bend twist or lift but I need to move around. So far so good, I am just sick of the painkillers--I am foggy enough with out them! Tim took the kids to work for trick-or-treating and then we met at my mom's and saw my brother Charl's kids--I will show those pics later. Tim took these pics before school and preschool so in the event they did not totally survive the day we had some documentation! Gwen started out as a fairy (with her magical cat) and ended up a lamb, she's 2 enough said! We headed over to Tim's parents' for dinner and met up with his sisters and their families. It was chaotic Halloween fun! I will add the group photo later since I don't know where my camera is to download the photos. BTW The teenagers did their own thing since they can't trick-or-treat at Tim's work anymore, it sounds like they had fun.


Cathy said...

Rachelle-I'm just reading about your surgery and everything...I'm sure that it's throwing a big wrench into your family life! Luckily you have Tim! It sounds like neighbors and family are are you feeling?

RAQ said...

Thanks, Cathy! You know Tim and everyone has been great, it's slow but my leg is better just weird with the nerve damage. I see the Neurologist on the 11th.

The Cranes said...

Cute photos of the kids. I didn't know Gwen started out as a fairy!