Sunday, November 9, 2008

Last BYU home game

Tim's one thing he does for himself is buy season tickets to BYU football. I have friends whose husbands spend a lot of money on hobbies like hunting, or cars or ATVs and such. So I am grateful his hobby is relatively cheap and he doesn't leave me alone for 2 weeks tracking a special buck to . . .kill, of all things! Anyway, he takes the kids, a nice one-on-one. I usually go to one game (I have a hard time giving up 6 hours on Saturday but I do listen to it all), I was planning on going to the San Diego St. game last Saturday, the last home game but I realized that I am not quite up for that yet. So Tim took Micah. He's been wanting to go but Tim is hesitant since our other kids have lacked longevity at this age for the whole game-Tim doesn't leave early! But he needed to get home early for the Stake Roadshow since he was on the tech crew so it was a great fit for him and Micah to go. They had fun and to top it off BYU won! A nice end to the home season!

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The Cranes said...

I wanted to go to the last one, too! But it didn't work out--Jeremy was glad to take my place!