Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Recovery

I think I have recovered from yesterday. I am not depressed. Disappointed yes. It's not that I was a die hard John McCain supporter--I didn't even have a sign. But I just think our nation is heading in a dangerous direction and I am not sure Obama is the one that will correct our course, I'm not sure McCain was either. But raising taxes has only proven to stifle our economy, decreasing our military has only proven us to be more vulnerable and less prepared, and with his party owning the majority we are set up to be the Jimmy Carter II era.

I know with all my heart I know that God loves us and that we need to pray for our leaders, and our citizens. As citizens we need to be responsible for our actions and our lives. We can not demand that others (the government)take care of our problems and expect that to help us. We need to work hard together to find creative solutions that are lasting and effective not a bailout that is certain to back fire. I know we have painful times ahead, but I know we can trust God to help us. He will help us if we are humble and obedient. I love the line in the children's Primary song, "in this there is safety and peace." Okay, I feel a lot better, thanks for letting me blog about my thoughts!


4boyzmdmom said...

I feel much the same, and feel better after reading your thoughts! I don't think Obama is the one who will point us in the right direction, but I hope he proves me wrong! And I agree that he and all our nation's leaders need our prayers!

RAQ said...

Thanks! I mentioned to some of my kids who are concerned that we we must pray every day for our country and they actually are! A good thing from a difficult thing.

Shellie said...

Although in general I don't agree with the democratic party's philosophy, I think that some good things are going to come out of this election, like more people interested in and involved in our politics and working on becoming a better nation. That's what I'm praying will happen anyways.