Sunday, November 9, 2008


This is a photo of Emily and her friends before my mom and sister-in-law Amber took them to see High School Musical 3, the movie. Emily wasn't due for a big party (next year on the 12th b-day)and with my back and all I wasn't doing it either. But we have let her do something special with friends, more than we should partly because she is way outnumbered and picked on in this testosterone home! So I told her she could have her bff cousin and her bff (both of the same name) go to the movie with granny (mind you we figured out granny could do it the day before the big release). Well, Emily has a big heart and didn't want to leave out her next door neighbor bff. Since we didn't find out until 10 PM and Emily was asleep that that the next door bff couldn't go we had to wait to ask another friend at school--we'd already bought the tickets. So she asks one friend who says she can't then she asks another friend and she says she can. The first friend comes back and says I actually can come. So totally distraught she comes home crying, what am I going to do??????? We made sure both girls could go and bought one more ticket online--there actually was one! So a small thing turned into to more but they had fun and said that it was the best HSM. Did that make sense???

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The Cranes said...

Emily's bff cousin loved it! Thanks for inviting her. Those pre-teen girl problems can be quite a crisis. Glad it worked out.