Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Zane!!

So it's late but the computer has been busy by others all day. Zane is boy number 5 and child number 6. His birth story wasn't quite as crazy as Timo's but he ended up staying an extra day because they thought he had an infection. We came home on Thanksgiving Day, such a blessing. It was a difficult experience because he was always hooked up to stuff and it made it hard to nurse him which made him fussy. I remember a nurse saying,"He's such a fussy baby." And I thought, but didn't say until I was fed up, "maybe if I could hold him more and stuff he wouldn't be that way." Whenever Tim or I held him his monitors were fine. HMMMMM. I remember my sister visiting me every night which was so nice because I was lonely without a baby to hold all the time and Tim gone to take care of our other kids. My parents were on their mission so they weren't around. Tim's parents helped us out a lot too.

But maybe he was grumpy not fussy because we call him our grumpy old man! But he can be so very sweet as well. It took me a year to recover from his birth, I was weak and got every illness that came around. But he has endured my physical ailments well and he call me Mama. So Gwen calls me Mama. No one else calls me mama. I find it very tender--it probably would have bugged me had my older kids called me that when they were little. So now he's 5 and he loves so many things. Superheroes, Cars, Dinosaurs, Stuffed Animals, Riding Bikes, Sports, Drawing and spelling. He can spell pretty good. Writing is another story.

So today he had crepes for breakfast(thanks Tim), preschool, he dressed like a Native American and they had a feast. He took Zingers to share and his assigned cranberry jelly. He had fun. He played with his friends Katie and Sarah (twins) for awhile. Then later Tim and I took him and Izak, Micah and Gwen to the Dinosaur Museum. They had a blast. We had pizza for dinner, cake and ice cream then played (his choice) Sardines for family night. It was a fun day!


The Cranes said...

I like how you take a photo of the whole family with the birthday person. Then they have a record of what their whole family was like when they were a certain age. Happy Birthday Zane!

Lisa Stewart said...

Time sure flies. He sure is a great little boy. Jason just loves him. You're such a great mom.

Katie said...

This picture made me laugh...the birthday boy doesn't want to be bothered with a picture...HE WANTS CAKE! Super cute family.

Shellie said...

Zane is a cutie. You need to post all the funny things he says someday. Erika and I were just talking about the holding babies thing today. It's no surprise he did better on the monitor when you were holding him.