Friday, March 27, 2009

Now on the brighter side . . .

I promised a post with Izak's puppet project, he did Derron Williams (NBA player for the Utah Jazz). He had some help with it since hot glue was involved-ouch! I think it turned out well, it was extra credit this time. Taran, Timo and Emily all had to do it. I have mixed feelings about it--are we dumbing down or simplifying? We still did it for the 4th time!:) I think these projects end up being more parent than kid so what do THEY learn? They need a parent to do a project? You should see some of these. I felt bad for Timo he did Jerry Rice (NFL receiver) and made the shirt and helmet out of paper. His friend showed up with another football player but he had a helmet they made out of some clay stuff and it "looked real MOM!" Unfortunately I was unkind and said, " Ya that's because his mom did it, you know he didn't do that!" Anyway, how can an 8 year old compete with an adult? So I am glad it's optional but we tried to let him do as much as he could--he even dented the styrofoam head when he spray painted it because he was too close! Okay, enough, that could have been it's own post!

Izak was the star of the week (a while ago) and this was his poster. Everyone gets a turn.

Gwen is now into tutus. Sorry if you are on FB I posted this photo there--notice over her dress the purple tutu? Gwen puts them on every day sometimes both the pink and the purple. These were Emily's. We've got a lot of mileage out of those! A wise investment for those of you with your first baby girl!

Zane came home today dressed like a pirate, it was X week in preschool and they had to find the treasure! Cute, he wore it all day.

Taran got his wisdom teeth out today, and no Erick that doesn't mean he won't be wise anymore. So far so good, if we can keep him from going to Wal Mart with his friends. Some of his friends, who are girls, brought him an ICEE and another Ben & Jerry's! I will probably post those photos on FB since some of them are there!

Micah was in the 1st grade program, all 169 of them!!!! It's the largest grade! It was amazing. They sang about America, it was very touching. I love this country so much and it pains me to see it how it is now. I am grateful to live in a community that is patriotic.

We are starting soccer season tomorrow and Timo starts lacrosse. For this reason we went from 70 degree weather to 40 degree and 25 degree weather with winds that are unbelievable. I seriously lost some of my stuff when I walked out of Wal Mart yesterday--I caught up with it, a tender mercy!!!

One thing I almost forgot last Sunday was the Draper Temple dedication. I stayed home with the younger kids who couldn't go-you have to be 8 and older. I think they had a good experience. Izak was especially excited to go to it. I hope it wasn't a big let down. It's really just a meeting with music, talks and a special prayer--the dedicatory prayer which I want to look up, they publish them sometimes. I am afraid I didn't prepare my kids very well for it so I am not sure they got very much out of it but hopefully they felt the spirit like they did at the Open House earlier in the month.

So the brighter side is that my children are children they don't have to worry about adult things and they are safe. In time these things may change, but for now they live an amazing life. I wish all children had the same blessing.

(BTW I actually do not watch TV for my news I keep informed via radio and internet. I don't trust the main stream media any more.)

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