Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can I Vent , Please???

I tell you I am going to sue the government if I get an ulcer! I thought it best I write than turn to chocolate, less calories.

I know I have some friends who believe that everything is going to get better as soon as certain government programs go into affect. Bless your heart, I hope you aren't sold any swamp land soon either.

That's it! We've all been sold swampland when we thought (well, I didn't but many Americans did) we were getting the Promised land of milk and honey. I'm sorry but I can't take all the craziness. Now they want power to seize and control if an important business to our economy is in peril. I have noticed how well the bail outs have done--thanks Bush for getting the bailout ball rolling! SHEESH!

Does anyone believe in the Constitution anymore? Do you honestly know that what they are doing(--not just the president but congress the whole filthy bunch but maybe a few)? breaking contracts, legal contracts is UNconstitutional!

What you think the AIG people don't deserve the bonuses? Well, of course not BUT< BUT the bailouts provided them. Who's idea was that? And they knew about it all along. The public is duped thinking this is AIG's fault! Those dirty execs. Do you realize that had we let the pieces fall as they may it would have been painful but no contracts for bonuses would have been paid, they would not be bound. This IS all a distraction. So we don't notice all the power the government is taking and reaching for now as we breath. This is not a democracy it is becoming a tyranny.

I believe the Constitution is a divinely inspired document. You may say it has it's faults but I know God put it in place here for a purpose. Unfortunately people don't even know what it is and what it stands for anymore. Honestly, I don't feel I know enough about it but I know that all these powers the government is taking right now is WRONG! We must not stand by and watch we must try to let our voices be heard we must write our congressmen. I have written my reps more in the last few months than I have the rest of my voting life! Please stand with me in doing something you must feel the serious danger our country is in, not just financially but our liberties are at stake. Read what they are trying to pass now, it's going to send into the stone age. I am not an alarmist but a concerned citizen. I know what I am seeing.

I also have great faith in the people of this country to rise up and help each other and make good decisions. We need to have less government and more personal accountability. I know God will help us if we trust Him as individuals and as a nation. It is my hope we will merit His help by our goodness.

Okay, I feel better. Thanks for letting me vent. I believe in your goodness and I hope we can work together to bring this country back to where it should be!


andrea said...

Amen, Rachelle. I was afraid in November of what might happen, and now I am absolutely shocked at what has taken place in just two months time. I am really afraid now of what our country will be like in another 3 years and 10 months.

4boyzmdmom said...

I need to watch the news more often! Thanks for keeping me informed, Rachelle! The little I have been hearing is alarming. I need the reminders that I need to do something about it.

Chrissy, said...

Venting to friends is great. You inspire me to get more involved. rarely watch the news maybe the weather if that. I'm culeless:( I need to get more involed.

nevadanista said...
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nevadanista said...

Amen sistah!!! I never thought he'd be this awful so fast! I feel like stashing cash in our walls and mattresses (if I had any to stash that is). I can't believe we're in for four years of this. Your so right about the AIG bonuses being a distraction. It's distracting everyone from seeing the real rip off, which is something like a 3 TRILLION dollar budget and 'stimulus' packages which will provide only minuscule amounts for actual economic stimulation. Thanks for venting! Rachel Hamrick

321forme said...

Amen! Do you have any extra chocolate?

Lisa said...

You Go Girl. I agree. I get so worked up when I think about it too much.