Friday, March 20, 2009

An Exciting Week

It started out Sunday with Stake Conference--a larger than normal gathering for church, several congregations. It's always inspiring. Emily was asked to sing a small solo in part of a song (the descant) while the rest of the children's choir sang another part. She did a great job--she is so brave! Tim and I wonder where she came from!:)

We had St. Patick's Day and I did a post on that, it was fun.

We found out that night that one of our kids has been forgetting to turn in his work. It's the last week of term so we worked with that child to remember to do it. He has done much better since. We'll just have to remember to check more often!

On Wednesday our own Wal Mart opened here in our little part of the world. There has been a lot of controversy over it but now that it's here we have done our part to pay sales tax to our city instead of other cities! Our oldest boys set up flags at 6 AM around Wal Mart. Then they participated in the flag ceremony at the Opening. Tim and Emily went to watch. I got the little boys off to school. The others went late. We promised the little boys we'd take them later. After I dropped off the preschoolers (carpool) Gwen and I headed over. I was in desperate need of sinus medicine. I wish I could have found a photo on the internet of it completed but alas I could not. So this gives you an idea of it while it was being built. It's a nice looking Wal Mart. I am glad it's so close but I worry my kids will drive me crazy wanting to go there all the time! I hope it turns out to be as good for the city as the city leaders think. I have to admit Wal Mart has been very generous to the schools and city and our scouts already.

Thursday my sister Teresa was hospitalized for chest pain, arm pain and numbness. Yes, it was scary. They ran a bunch of tests and they let her go home. It wasn't a heart attack but she is going to see a cardiologist next week, hopefully she'll get some answers soon. I took Gwen and Zane with me to visit her for awhile. Earlier Gwen and I planted some peas and spinach. Hopefully they'll grow! Zane was at a birthday party. Taran had his driving range test--here in Utah the kids practice driving in an enclosed area. They have to pass this course before they can do the road practice. Taran passed which was a relief to all! I had Enrichment that night and I learned some great organizing and photography tips! I am excited to try out these new things! We also were up late helping Izak on a school project he isn't quite old enough to do all alone, it was optional but he wanted to do it! I'll post it later!

I gotta go. I spend way too much time on facebook and blogging than I should. I am loving this beautiful weather--my kids wore shorts today to school! They are eating popsicles now! Love it!


321forme said...

Big week! Let us know how Teresa is! That is scary. And I had to laugh at your last comment about loving the spring snow is coming down outside my window. Crazy stuff!!!

andrea said...

I forgot to tell you until this reminded me....Emily did a GREAT job! She is such a cutie, and is so brave. She sounded like an angel.