Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Izak!!!

Izak is our 4th child, third son. I was pregnant with him as we built our house in Cedar Hills--never want to go through that again! He was born 2 weeks after we moved in. Yes, we were in chaos--or still are actually. The TV and stuff was not hooked up for another month so I remember trying to keep 2 year old Emily happy with lots of books while taking care of him. He was early probably because I was busy unpacking and getting things done before he arrived. I was so tired my body had a hard time just getting into a good rhythm of labor, once they broke my water he was born 30 minutes later. I think it was a five hour labor but seemed forever to me! He was a little colicky but I just had to deal with it subconsciously because we were putting grass in our yard and unpacking still and life! Once he outgrew that he was so much fun. I adored him and got such great joy in him as a toddler and on up to now. He is very sensitive but also very chatty, a deep thinker and very fun! He loves to have his dad read to him at night HP, Narnia etc. He loves sports like crazy, following his dad and big brothers. He is a great kid, and we hope he has a fabulous day!

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