Sunday, May 27, 2012

The school year winding down...

WOW!  I am in awe, as usual, at how fast this school year has gone.  Believe me, I have had days and nights that seemed longer than I could almost bear!  Yet, I turn around and we are finishing up the year.  I will have a senior, a freshman, a 7th grader, 5th grader, 3rd grader and a kindergartner next year!  Taran will be a full-time missionary in Mexico when school starts.  Weird to think ahead to all of that.

Monday was not as busy as it has been since we didn't have soccer or swimming lessons.  Gwen had her last dance class.  I mostly videoed but she did want a picture with Ms. Tina her teacher.  She will do it again in the fall since she has been amazing!  She and her friend Zoe have really picked it up. I did have to drive Timo this week to work since Kaleb whom he gets a ride from is a senior and was busy with senior stuff so he went in at different times than Timo.  We had a family night lesson on why work is important and Tim gave the kids an area to take of in the yard for the summer.  They were pretty good about it.  He also used the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet and that helped too.

Tuesday I had Luke and Gwen, Tricia had to trade.  I also had YW Presidency meeting so they came with.  We are doing a lot right now to get ready for camp.  I am in charge of decorations and devotionals and I have 3 youth leaders helping me as well the camp directors.  I am excited about some of the possibilities.  The kids had piano that day.  It was Pack Meeting that night and Zane won an on time treat--he was so proud!  Micah got his Religious Square Knot award.  He shared a poem he wrote for the award requirements.  I videoed that it was pretty funny--esp. for a religious poem.  Tim took Izak to do his scout swim test and he passed, yeah! He felt so good when he had accomplished it.  Then Tim and I left right away to see the Avengers.  We loved it.  We have been wanting to see it for awhile but we have been so busy.  I was really tired but I knew Tim really didn't want to wait because it would have been another week or so!

Wednesday Tricia had Gwen and Luke (no preschool Thursday) so I ran errands.  The temple is closed so I was going to go to another one.  I thought I might go Friday to the temple but it didn't work out then either--funny or not really how I don't go if I don't go right away!  Honestly I have been on the edge these past 3 weeks with just barely getting stuff done so I needed take sometime to get things done for some things I had coming up instead of waiting last minute!  I actually got a lot done.  Izak's temple group went to Draper temple.  I am so grateful to so many awesome moms who are willing to do that!  That night was Timo's choir concert but just Taran, Tim and I went.  Emily babysat.  My mom came too.  It was really good. They are an amazing A Capella Choir.  We had a choir tour meeting after because it is probable that they will go on a plane so they need to earn a lot of money and so they are going to do some stuff over summer to bring the cost down for all the students.  We got home late because of that.

Thursday I helped at Field Day.  It was fun.  Gwen went to a free dance class with her friends Sophie and Zoe.  Our new rec center is open and so to get people interested they are holding free classes in May.  She enjoyed that and then watched a movie when she got back to the school.  (The lower grades were outside in the morning and the upper grades were inside watching Lion King, then they switched in the afternoon.)  Anna was great to bring June after that I knew it would be more fun for June if Gwen was there so I had her come Thursday instead of Wednesday.  We had a lot of fun with her!  She just gets more fun by the day!  That night was Gwen's preschool graduation--that's why no school.  It was long and we barely survived, Tim and I.  The other kids wanted to come but we made them stay and we are so glad--it was crowded.  There were about 36 students and their parents, some siblings and some even had extended family!  We sat by Luke's family so we kept each other entertained, they are a cute family!   We got home later than we had thought we would.

Friday I only had lunch with the Pew ladies in the valley.  That was nice to not have a crazy schedule.  My mom offered to watch Gwen.  I was going to have her go to a friends but she was cranky from being up late for her graduation (good thing I bathed her before so she just changed her clothes and went to bed!).  I didn't feel good leaving her with them in case she was actually getting sick.   She laid on my mom's bed and watched the Disney channel!  I met the ladies at Le Paesan, it's a yummy Italian place in Orem.  It was a really fun gathering! I ordered the special half past/half salad and I am not really sure what the pasta was!  That night was the Daddy Daughter camp out.  The weather was so weird that Tim (who dislikes camping) and Emily (who feels the same) decided to go out to dinner instead.  Emily chose even though Gwen went as well--she wanted Mc Donald's and Emily was not having it!  They went to this new place Culver's in Lehi, a hamburger joint with frozen custard.  They had fun.  Gwen was happy even though she loves camping!  Maybe next year.  Tim then took Emily, Taran, Timo and my sister to Avengers in 3D.  Timo had been fighting a sinus infection all week so he was worn out and slept through some of it.  Owell.  I was home with the 3 little boys and they played night games with other boys in the neighborhood  so much for bonding with mom!  I let Gwen watch some SpongeBob episodes we have on DVD--a movie would have been too late for her.  Zane joined in after getting frustrated with the games.

Saturday I woke up early, my curse:)  I haven't slept well this whole month.  I won't go into the details but it's not insomnia.  I went with my sister to see the family pictures taken by Photogenix.  They are some of the worse photos I have ever seen.  The photos of just us siblings--4 people are so bad we didn't order any but we laughed until we cried!  I am not sure the saleswoman appreciated our open criticism of the photos.  We didn't criticize the photographer but later some of the reasons they were bad were because of her lack of knowing how to pose very well.  My brother's family photos turned out pretty good so I am glad for him.  It's just unfortunate that this will be the family photo for at least 4 years!  I ran errands with my sister then came home and helped with chores and yardwork.  It was raining off and on but finally was clear and not too cold so I just worked outside until 4 PM.  I got a ton done.  I also worked with Taran on packing up stuff, throwing stuff away etc.  It's 2 weeks from today he has his farewell!  Tim ran to get REAL Salt Lake MLS soccer tickets, return some things to IKEA and buy a trimmer with his gift card money--our trimmer died.  He came out and worked in the yard for awhile as well.  Taran took some of the kids to play soccer with friends.  After dinner Tim, Taran, Izak, Micah and Zane went to the game.  Timo had a gathering with his friends for another friend's birthday.  Emily didn't want to be in the weather which wasn't too bad.  She hung out with her buddy Bailey.  They hooked up with some other girlfriends.  I rented Gwen HOP.  She has wanted to see it for awhile and was super excited about it.  I snuggled and watched it with her a little.  Then I finished some vacuuming and laundry stuff.  It's amazing how seeing your oldest get ready to leave for awhile--longer than college makes you cherish time with your younger kids as you see them growing up so fast.

Taran went to the temple twice this week.  Provo and then he went with friends to Draper and they are not endowed so he helped with baptisms.  He was able to work all week.  This coming week will be his last since we have a mini-vacation planned the next week and just finish up getting things ready. 

Today was a great day at church.  The talks in Sacrament Meeting were great.  I enjoyed Sunday School and Young Women's as well.  We went out to the cemetery after dinner and put flags on veterns esp ones without anything on them and flowers on family members who are also buried there.  We put flowers on graves with nothing which is tricky on Sunday some people may come tomorrow and put flowers down.  It was nice anyway, the kids enjoy it.  We ran into some old friends the Warrens who have a daughter buried there.  It was fun to visit.  My mom also showed up and I helped her find some of our relatives.  We were going to visit her after but it was late and we know she wants to get my dad on his night routine on time!  We'll see them tomorrow.

Happy Birthday today to my brother Keith!  He is an amazing brother and I am so glad to know him and be related to him.

Timo had finals last week.  They got their Yearbooks Wednesday!  He has nothing this week but we still have school through Thursday!  He is singing in graduation with the choir on Tuesday morning.  Signing Yearbooks Wednesday.  Emily is in the school Talent Show Tuesday.  Izak had 6th grade Promotion this week too.  Not a lot going on but still have to go!  Gwen is done Wednesday.

Happy Memorial Day and have a great week! 


Anna Harrison said...

Crazy weeks as always- I'm amazed at how much you guys do! And then the fact that you take the time to watch June! You are wonderful! Can't thank you enough!

4boyzmdmom said...

Gwen looks so adorable in her little cap and gown! I know what you mean about the temple...if I don't make it when I plan to go it takes weeks to get there! Hoping to go soon...Frank hasn't been up to it lately.