Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day and the Last Day of School Stuff...

Phew! I thought having May over with would lighten my load. Owell, I guess until Taran leaves we are still going strong!

Monday was Memorial Day. We went to the cemetery Sunday to lessen the running around on Monday. We saw our friends the Warrens whose daughter Emily is buried there. Their oldest is just older than Taran and is serving in Florida, Spanish speaking. It was fun to catch up with them even though it was at the cemetery. We also saw my mom, Gwen and Emily went with her for a little bit. I showed her where some of my dad's relatives are buried. So we spent the morning of Monday working on our yard. We tried to put up the new trampoline mat I had ordered. But I made the mistake of guessing since the product description didn't tell how many rings. I should have asked! So I had to pay to exchange it plus the difference and then to ship it back. We MIGHT get it this week! I hope the kids have sorely missed it! Let's hope it lasts more than a year too! That afternoon we had both sides (most everyone came) over for a BBQ. Tim and Nate made homemade ice cream for dessert—both made Peach! They were a little different but still both very good. It was fun. Charl took Katie to a Vocal Point concert at the SCERA which also featured the A Capella group that won the Sing Off Pentatonics and Delilah which was an all girl group in it with a couple of local girls. It sounded fun. So we had the kids Anders, Holly & Tate until it was over. Tate fell asleep. We watched Captain America which Anders did not like. I felt bad. The bad guy was too creepy for him.

Tuesday Emily was in the Jr High Talent Show. Tim went and videoed the practice before school. I was going to go but by the time she figured out when it was going to be I wasn't sure I could make it. I have had to let some important things go until this week because I have just been too busy for other stuff. I was in charge of our Personal Progress Night the next day which I knew I was busy until the afternoon so I couldn't wait to do stuff for that the next day. She said that she did her best that practice run so I am glad Tim recorded it! Timo had to be early to catch the bus to go to the graduation ceremony at UVU. He was singing in the choir, he said that they rocked the house and a lot of seniors were crying after their songs! I don't remember what he did after that...wrote in yearbooks I think. Gwen got to go to Pizza Pie Cafe for her last field trip for preschool. She made her own pizza, she thought that was pretty cool! Micah had the egg drop at school and his never broke so he won a prize. He was proud of himself, with reason! I finally got all my stuff done for Personal Progress Night that night.

Wednesday was Izak's 6th grade Promotion. I know, they have done it forever and I still wonder about the relevance for them. It wasn't too long and I took June with me—she was perfect. Gwen went to her friend Sophie's—it was her last day of preschool so Luke's mom dropped her off there. I got some photos of Izak and some of his buddies but it was crazy busy and hard to find the kids and then they were wanting to change for the 6th grade party afterward. He didn't care so we just got who we got! I wanted to get all the neighborhood boys together, owell. Sophie's mom took Gwen and Sophie to a free dance class and dropped Gwen off on her way home. She and Sophie played with June. It was fun. After June left I put some food in the crockpot for Tim to feed the kids while I was at P2 Night. Emily got her yearbook so it was fun to read some of the stuff kids wrote. Timo went to Trafalga with some of his friends. Later I had to run Timo to work and then I ran to Walmart for things I couldn't get the day before—balloons and milk. We had our pancake/IHOP night again. The girls really enjoy it. The Laurels came early to help me set up and cook the pancakes. This made it so we could start on time 6 PM. The President gave out the awards, ribbons the girls had earned since our last P2 night. After we got it all cleaned up I had a mini camp meeting with one of the camp directors for our ward. She wanted to bounce some ideas off me and show me some things she had found. I have been so busy I haven't really focused on my camp assignments yet. This got me thinking and helped me have a better plan for the meeting this week with out YCLs (youth camp leaders).
Thursday was Taran's last day of work and the Jr High and Elementary School last day of school. I had to run Emily to a get a ride to a friend's pool party after she got home. They all had an hour and half of school but Emily went at her normal 7:50 AM time and the little kids didn't go until 8:45 AM. I took a photo of them before they left—yes they wore those crazy hats to school. My kids are fun and confident! I hope it lasts! The School's Out Party wasn't until 11:30 AM. I made a tray of sugar cookie bars. Timo had work in the morning and then I don't remember what he did after but it wasn't going to school. I mowed the lawn before the party started. But the kids wouldn't wait for me to shower and change so I was not really presentable. I kept thinking I would run home and shower and put some sunscreen on but I didn't so I got a big sunburn on my face! Owell, the kids had a lot of fun, as usual. Taran and his work buddies went out to eat at Los Hermanos. Another co-worker is also leaving on his mission the week after Taran so it was his day too. He has thoroughly enjoyed his experience there. It has been a great blessing for him and us! Izak had a party that night. Emily came home for dinner and went back to the pool party after. Taran and his friends have been watching the Avenger Shows since their friend hasn't seen Avengers yet and wants to see the other movies first. So he has been doing that at nights.

Friday Taran took the other kids (Timo, Emily and Izak) to the Provo Temple to do baptisms. It was super busy so a long wait. Meanwhile, Gwen, Zane and Micah and I dropped Tim off at work. We also took flowers and a card to my parents—it was their anniversary 46 years. Since dad doesn't do much I hoped the flowers would help her feel celebrated. My brother Keith took them out to Macaroni Grill that night so they enjoyed it. Dad was feeling just okay enough—he was not feeling well most of the day. I helepd the little kids go through their rooms and get rid of stuff. Trying to do some summer decluttering and get ready for visitors next week for Taran's farewell. Not like it's going to stay as nice as it was Saturday night! I also ran to Orem later to get Taran some stuff at the Missionary Mall, Deseret Book and I also was looking for some nylon covered material. I had painted the outdoor swing Tim's parents gave us last year. It is red! It needs a new pad. I am planning on putting this material over the seat part then buy cushions that can be removed when the weather is nasty. I couldn't find the material ANYWHERE! I picked up Tim on the way home. After dinner we worked on the rooms some more. Timo took Gwen, Zane, Micah and Izak to an outdoor movie at a neighbor's. They had fun. Gwen got tired so Timo brought her home. He went back. Tim and I were so tired after Gwen fell asleep we went to bed. Then we woke up when the boys came home from the movie. Emily spent all day and night on her room so she went to bed.

Saturday was a service project at 7 AM helping neighbors in their yard. Izak, Taran and Timo went to that. Tim had to take Emily and a friend to a breakfast at a friends and then onto Lagoon (a local amusement park). He is the nicest dad ever! He drove her and 10 friends up there. She tried big rides and had fun. He picked her up around 8:30 PM. He just brought her and one other girl home. The rest left at closing at 11 PM. She was tired so she was not sad to leave then. Timo played tennis with his friend. Then he finished his room. His friend got his wisdom teeth out Friday so he went with some of their friends to visit him. He came home later to clean the living room. He did it in less than an hour. Then he went back to his friend's since he was super bored recovering. Tim also fixed 3 holes in the sprinkler line (it took 3 trips—poor guy!), touched up the paint on the swing and put tile on the baseboard in the bathroom. He IS superman! I was able to pack some of Taran's stuff, organize things that needed boxes and we have enough for a van full of DI stuff!

Today was fast Sunday and I think I had a long list I fasted for. Lots of people in need. It was one of the easiest times for me. Church was good but I had a hard time staying awake in Sunday School. I am in the Family History class and I love it but I didn't sleep well, bladder or something. I tried some new Pinterest treats today for dessert: chocolate chip cookie dough, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and brownie batter on top and bake! WOW! Yummy! We also tried it with Oreo in the middle, and only 2 Oreos with peanut butter between them and around them and then brownie batter over it. You put them in cupcake pans. I think I might make it as a bar thing in layers since it isn't easy to get out of the paper. Timo and Taran had meetings/YSA fireside tonight. We are waiting for Taran so we can have our devotional. Timo's was a meeting about Scout Camp. We have to get him and Izak ready this week for scout camp besides Taran going into the MTC. Our last full week together. Hopefully we'll be ready for it all! We are have a mini-vacation tomorrow. The kids are very excited! Me too. Have a great week! Enjoy the weather!

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