Sunday, May 6, 2012

Taran moving home, Willie Wonka and Prom all rolled up into one post!

Wow! 3 weeks behind! I really don't want to write about everything that has happened but it is our 'family history'. April 16-22nd Normal activities: Gwen preschool, dance and swimming, Izak and Zane swimming decided to add Micah to the class because there was room, their teacher is a BYU swimmer and is going to the Olympic trials this summer! Soccer practices and games for Izak, Micah, Zane and Gwen—Izak is back to running around again. Kids had piano and the boys had scouts too. I went visiting teaching and went to the temple each week as well. Emily started intense practicing for Willie Wonka practically every night/day except Sunday until her performances. We have 2 girls in our ward who we carpooled with which made it easier in the schedule! Taran's buddy Andrew got his mission call: Cleveland, Ohio. Rock-n-Roll Hall a fame in his mission is perfect since he is a musician like Taran!
We moved Taran from BYU that took more time than I thought it would! I spent 2 -1/2 hours loading our van—the plan was that he would be done packing when I got there...owell. Later we went to an Open House for a newly returned missionary from our ward—the first of many this year! Saturday Gwen scored her first goal after I left to pick up Izak from his merit badge class so he could get to his soccer game! Bummer for me! At least Taran and Zane were there watching! Tim was in Provo at Micah's game. We also had our niece Erin's graduation (her masters!) open house that weekend, her parents were here and provided a delicious spread of food! We also celebrated family birthdays for April and May.
Saturday and Sunday nights I stayed at my parents' because my mom's cousin is dying and she needed to go to Idaho and be with her and her sister and their other cousins. April 23rd-30th Normal activities: Gwen preschool, dance and swimming, Izak, Micah and Zane swimming Soccer practices and games for Izak, Micah, Zane and Gwen. Kids had piano and the boys had scouts too. I planted over 30 plants over the last few weeks!
I took my nieces Erin and Anna (her husband Buck and June their daughter) to the airport. They went to Hawaii! Taran went camping with his roommates since his roommate Nic was going on a family trip before his entrance into the MTC in May. They had a lot of fun. Taran posted photos on Facebook. He spends his free time working grounds at BYU and going to missionary farewells and playing music with his buddies. Timo went on choir tour to Disneyland.
They also went to the beach, Universal Studios and The Medieval dinner show. Their choir won all but one award which Timo agreed the choir that won that award deserved it. They qualified for the festival in Washington DC-Kennedy Center and NYC—Carnegie Hall! So next year he will go on a BIG choir tour! He had a lot of fun but was super tired. Emily's play started the Thursday-thru Monday unfortunately she wouldn't let me get a photo of her in her Phineas Trout costume or Oompa Loompa costume. Both sets of grandparents were able to make it—which she loved! As well as friends and family, we really appreciate them all supporting her. One neighbor got her Willie Wonka candy—that I did get a photo her with that! Emily was great. Apparently she earned the respect of kids who normally aren't nice to her.
Izak had his first camp out as a deacon this week. It was unique because they stayed at a Climbing/Repelling place so after it closed they used the equipment and then slept over! The owner is the uncle of one of the deacons. He had a lot of fun and tried something new! We had dinner with our dinner group from our neighborhood which is always fun! Taran, Timo and I helped the choir teacher at the high school run the State Choir and Ensemble Festival at the high school. Timo went in the morning and we went at the end. We had a 2 hour shift that turned into an almost 4 hour shift!
That Sunday we had my family over to celebrate Taran's birthday with them—somehow I thought we had but they reminded me at Charl's birthday fun at Thanksgiving Point (see this collages from that)
that Tuesday we hadn't so we put it together! I made a new lemon trifle recipe—yummy! Everyone was really generous helping out toward his mission. It was a lot of fun! Monday the 30th I took Taran to lunch at Tucanos (last day to use his free meal) after staying with my dad. We also went to the bank and got his shots that day as well. Tim was feeling a little yucky in the tummy so he worked from home and took the kids to their stuff. May 1st-6th Normal activities: Gwen preschool, dance and swimming, Izak, Micah and Zane swimming Soccer practices and games for Izak, Micah, Zane and Gwen. Kids had piano and the boys had scouts too. This week was nice not having the musical or practice! Zane, Gwen and Izak have been plagued with allergies this past week. Tim ended up taking Izak to the doctor and getting some prescription allergy medicines. I worked on a lot of PTA stuff this week. I won't get into that much but I am going to be the PTA Secretary next year. Taran went to see the Avengers with his buddies at midnight Thursday! I took him to work after he slept in. He called the MTC back and they put him in the intermediate Spanish group for the MTC. That means he should only be in there for 6 weeks instead of 8. Taran watched Captain America Friday night with some friends, Tim and the little boys. It helped him make sense of the Avengers—which he loved and he isn't a big movie guy! Timo had the Prom Friday night.
It was a success! They got a limo, went to Benihanas for dinner and then the dance was at the State Capitol building. The limo was a steal, it's an older guy and he charged them $150 for the whole night! (It's Fantasy Limo if you want to use it:)). They tipped him since they felt it was a huge bargain! We loved not worrying about them driving! They came to our house for light refreshments afterward. Saturday we had a creek clean up service project—Timo was in charge. Then he had to return his tux and work! Tim took him and Taran to the Jazz basketball game play-off game. They had fun despite the loss. We also had a Open House Farewell before Tim and the boys left for one of Taran's friends, Chad who goes into the MTC this Wednesday. He is going to Richmond, Virginia. We had our Cinco De Mayo dinner while Zane was at a birthday party-he hates Mexican food so lucky him! This was the 4th party he has been invited to these past few weeks! (We still had several soccer games and games that our kids refereed during the day, yes a little crazy! Izak scored a goal and of course we missed it--we got tissue for him and made it back late!). Today church was good. I am loving the Family History Class--too bad I forget to do my homework each week! Taran taught Elder's Quorum and Zane gave a talk in Sr. Primary. Tim went to Zane's talk and was in Elders Quorum in time to see Taran teach. He said that Taran raised the bar on Pews teaching Elders! The last crazy week of mega soccer games! Both Micah and Izak play tomorrow night and so that will be our Family Night! Thankfully they don't play at the same time! If Micah's team wins they are in the championship and if Izak wins he is in the Semi-Finals both Wednesday. If Izak wins he plays Friday in the championship! Gwen and Zane will still have games but we are close to being done! Have a great week and enjoy spring!

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Your yard looks great!...Way to go, Emily! boys loved Avengers too...I love the dress that Timo's date is wearing! I feel kind of sad that Scott has not gone to prom but it is not a very wholesome thing out here so I guess it's for the best!