Sunday, May 20, 2012

The end of swimming lessons, soccer season, birthdays and such

Here again I find myself with 7 minutes to get in bed!  YIKES, I need to be quicker about this blogging stuff!  We had our final week of swimming lessons and soccer games. Other highlights: Monday was Micah's team party for the players and their families.  It was fun and yummy and better weather than last year.  (We cleaned the church before the party).  Emily had her choir concert--see red dress upper corner.  Emily and I went with the YW to plant over 2,000 plants in the temple garden beds on Wednesday.  It was a great experience we hope to repeat it!  Tuesday Taran took off work because he was having allergy testing Wednesday and couldn't take any anti-histamines.  We had Anna meet us at the temple and she took his "Missionary" photos there!  I put 2 on the collage,  Then we did some initiatories then went home.  He had a quick bite to eat and he went back with his friend Scott who was going into the MTC Wednesday.  They got there just in time for the 1 PM session!  Then he went back that night with Tim for the Elders Quorum temple night but they missed the 6:30 PM session and so missed the ice cream social after but had some at our house.  The kids still had piano this week as well.  It was Teacher Appreciation so I arranged to have lunches brought to Izak's teacher who I am the room mom this year.  She loved it.  Hopefully the kids remember to bring her a note of thanks to her--I sent home a note the week before about it. We had June and she loved Gwen blowing bubbles.  She would laugh hysterically.  Thursday our friends John and Lynda from California were here after dropping off their son at the MTC the day before so we met them for dinner.  It was a quick visit but very pleasant and tasty!  We love spending time with them even if it's short!  Tim had Zane's soccer practice to run so we had to get back.  Taran found out he has major grass allergies and the doctor thinks Mexico has the same grasses as us so he will need to take his allergy meds year round.  We have heard that his mission is Hawaii like in climate.  It took him 2 days to get back to 'normal' .  He actually needed a steroid shot to calm the histamines in his body down.  He is doing fine on the meds now!  He was okay enough Thursday to take Izak to the temple after school since I made him stay home a babysit on Wednesday.  Friday we had the choir banquet and I helped set up and clean up,  See Timo and Chappy in the photo, they were the best dressed by far!  Timo won the prize for the guys!  I had found a cool 70's Hawaiian dress at DI that I wore and Tim some cool board shorts!  Next time I'll take a photo!  We were in a hurry.  People liked the dress!  Saturday was a fun run for our friends the Kings daughter, Kirsten who was in a terrible car accident in March.  She is doing miraculously better.  Not talking yet but obeying commands and doing so much better.  She has an amazing spirit and her family has seen God's hand in her life.  They have great people helping them raise money to pay for what insurance won't pay--$15,000 for the life flight helicopter ride!  We were running late so we missed the walk part we were going to do.  We did see Emma and Cathy but then we left because we had kids refereeing and then soccer games after that.  Timo had a Spanish Retreat Friday after the banquet.  He had a lot of fun.  That evening we had family pictures with my family.  My mom wanted to do it last fall but it didn't pan out.  Now since Taran is leaving she had us do it.  After we had a family May birthday party at her house.  My brother Keith got a puppy see Gwen and Holly petting her and her asleep on my dad.  She and my dad are buddies, she calms him.  She loves him.  He never touched our pets growing up--not a real animal type person.  But I have heard the pet therapy for the elderly is amazing even my dad with Alzheimer's!  So there you go and I am only a half hour late getting to bed!  I am beat since my dumb left leg that has nerve damage from my ruptured disc kept me up all night cramping!  So good night and have a great week!  Rise and shout school's almost out!

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4boyzmdmom said...

Emily looks gorgeous in that red dress! I hope your leg is doing better and that you get some more sleep!