Sunday, November 14, 2010


So I left my camera at Tim's parents' last night when we celebrated the November birthdays...Ammon, JoAnn, Anna, Timo and Zane. It was fun to get together but now I won't have any photos to post for my blog this week. Although I did not take many photos since I was recovering from the flu. Monday I felt better but still week and Tim advised me to not help at the school as I usually do. So I laid low. Gwen stayed home instead of going out to my mom's. My friend Stephanie came and got Gwen later to play with her Zoe. This was nice so I could rest then I was able to help the kids with homework without feeling like I was ignoring Gwen! I had scouts so I took some medicine that made me woozy so I basically sat aside while my co-leader taught the bowline to the boys. I signed their books! I was so out of it, really! For family night we did Emily's science fair project. It was fun, those who were not participating watched old home movies until it was their turn.

Tuesday was Stephanie's turn to go to the temple. Our temple is closed for cleaning so she went to the Draper temple. Zoe joined us for a Costco trip since I still couldn't drive on my meds Tim took us and I stopped by the Urgent Care to make sure I didn't have a sinus infection. They thought I did and I got out not too long after Tim and the girls finished shopping at Costco. He dropped us off at home and got my medicine from Walmart. The girls just wanted to play after eating churros--well I guess Zoe didn't want hers really...anyway, they played even though I offered lunch. Not long after Zoe left Gwen's friend Claire came so they played between our houses and I just hung out. I only did the basics of laundry and dishes. Micah made dinner at scouts so that was nice! That night Tim took me shopping at Walmart for our big price matching trip to Walmart. So I was set even though I couldn't drive.

Wednesday Stephanie took Gwen to preschool with Zoe and home. Zoe ended up hanging with her and Sophie for most of the day. They had fun, ate lunch and played well. Erika our niece came over and cut Gwen, Taran, Emily and my hair. She just finished Paul Mitchell so she can do that, it was so nice to have to go anywhere! She did a great job--wish I had the pictures! That night I had a scout committee meeting which ended up being short. Thursday morning we found out Timo's ride to the Lone Peak High School Semi-finals in 5 A football at the U of U football stadium had fallen through. Tim really couldn't and so I volunteered. Then I asked my mom to watch Gwen and let me borrow her car since my big van needed a new hose put on it! She was a gem and I was able to drive the boys up and they got a ride home with another dad from our neighborhood--he took them to a buffet after the tough loss to comfort them!:) Taran rode the spirit bus, they had 13 school buses full of students so they got out at 9 AM--20 minute class schedule that day. The buses were too full for all the students hence me driving. I was so proud of myself! I have never driven to SLC by myself before. I was feeling so much better too so that was nice. That night was a shower for my cousin Marnae who is having a baby boy after the holidays so my mom and I ran to the store when I got home a got her some presents from us, Teresa, Amber and Katie. Hopefully she liked them! Teresa took the presents and Amber went too but my mom and I were still not 100% so we did not venture out that night.

Friday Gwen and I went to Walmart to get my nephew Ammon a birthday present for Zane and Micah to take to his party that afternoon. And to get stuff for Timo's camp out. I was a zombie because I woke up at 4 AM coughing but I was blessed to do what I had to even though I didn't get a nap or anything! Timo had to be dropped off at 3:45 PM and Zane and Micah had to be dropped off at 4 PM so they were a little late. Then I had to go back and get Emily at 5 PM and the boys at 5:30 PM--Taran had work. Luckily my neighbor/friend kept Gwen until I done with that. I fixed a quick dinner and then Tim and I went to a Marriage Enrichment class at the church. It was actually on finances, a professor from BYU spoke and we had actually heard him last year he came to our ward. He was really good and we learned a few more things, he was even funny! Tim and I came home and changed and went out to eat. Taran had a birthday party so Emily got to babysit even though she doesn't feel well. It was a nice evening--I actually got my parents' Christmas gift made and we went to bed before Taran got home.

Saturday Emily had play practice 9AM-3PM. Tim took the little boys and Gwen to his parents to watch the BYU vs Colorado St football game. Taran slept in and then did his chores and hung out at the old bishop's house to watch the game with his friends. I got some more gifts started for Christmas. And did house work and made a cake for the family birthday party that night. I got my eye brows waxed at my sister's neighbor, I hate plucking my eyebrows. She needs the work so I am glad to have her do it. We ate dinner then Tim and I went to an open house for a kid in our ward going to Mexico on his mission. He was a friend of Taran's and I visit taught his mom for a time. He's a nice kid. Then we packed everyone up and went to Tim's parents' for the family party. Emily was able to test some people for the science fair and we celebrated! Taran even made it with some friends after playing Quidditch and going to the open house! It's always fun to get together--we missed Erin in DC and Janna on her big dance date to Preference! We got the kids to bed and Tim ironed and I folded laundry while we watched Sherlock Holmes, loved that movie and I am wondering when the next one comes out!

Today The kid going on his mission spoke and that was good. I taught and I missed Gwen share her testimony in jr Primary. I got to go to RS though and it's been awhile. After church our neighbors brought a cool candy bar flower bouquet in fall colors and a Thanksgiving note! I want to take a photo before we eat it! Timo finished his Duty to God stuff! Yeah! Now Taran is off to mission prep and us to my mom's for the Louw side November birthdays!

This month is marching along! This week: Emily's play and Timo's 16th birthday! Today is Tim's mom's actual birthday! Happy Birthday!!


4boyzmdmom said...

I hope you feel better soon! What's Emily's science fair project? I'm always looking for ideas!

RAQ said...

Thanks I do feel quite a bit better! She is testing the heart rate, breathing rate and pulse with different types of music--she thinks rock music will elevate them. Her teacher made them look at a website and choose from it.