Friday, November 5, 2010

Freedom Friday

A friend of our family from California sent me this article about the US Economy. Why does it matter, the economy? I know money isn't everything BUT in the world of government it is important. And in the practical sense of LIFE it matters! If the newly elected officials can't stop the crazy spending and cut taxes we will be in dire straits soon. If people panic Obama could be poised to 'take over' and 'fix everything'. This fragile economy is very threatening to our liberty. Tough times or tougher times are ahead but we can do it. We must stop spending and change the tax code. If we go to a straight national sales tax and no IRS anymore, no loop holes. Foreigners and illegals would pay for what they buy and use in our country. I am wondering how much money could be saved by not having to print the tax code and all the pamphlets. States could follow suit. No more paper work. This would be huge. BUT if we don't do something different than we are doing now we will spiral out of control. We can not rest, we must keep vigilant on our representatives about what we need to do NOW! Let your representatives know today that you want the spending stopped and solutions to the deficit found! This will lead us to greater national security financially and increase our individual freedoms.

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