Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Week of November...

We have had beautiful fall weather all week. Tomorrow is suppose to be 30 degrees cooler! Crazy! We did a service project for Family Night at the duck pond we cleaned up the trash and fed the ducks who were very hungry! They came up on the shore--see Tim. Tim actually put some bread on his shoe and they would come up and eat it off of it. This was Timo's service for Teacher's Quorum. Tuesday Gwen woke up with a goopy eye so I took her to the doctor. I was suppose to go to the temple that day but alas it did not work out. I also do my big shopping that day and I had to wait until that night. I also voted, went to a baby shower and an election party! Big night. Anyway, the doctor never said what she had but he said that she was contagious. So that meant no preschool the next day.

Which was Wednesday, and I had told my mom I would take her to get her cataract surgery so Tim took a sick day and stayed with Gwen who ended up with a fever. Izak had a cough and stayed home too. I spent the day at my parents making sure my mom got to rest and got her eye drops. It was nice and restful for me as well. I went home once I gave my mom her eye drops and knew they were set for dinner. I had a meeting at the high school. I am now the Publicity Board member for the choirs at Lone Peak. I feel fortunate to be able to help out in any way. The choir teacher is great but not very organized and this mom is helping her get there and be less stressed! This position is one of the more low key so I am grateful!

Thursday I woke up with a goopy eye. I went to the urgent care since my doctor never has an opening. Emily had not slept well the night before and opted to sty home! Great! She babysat while I went to the doctor. I had pink eye...great! I was contagious. So I went to Target to get my prescription filled and bought all my stocking candy from the Halloween 50% off! Amazingly good candy was still left! I had Emily make dinner for my mom since I didn't want to give her pink eye. Emily and Tim took the food: cauliflower soup and fancy bread I had bought. They loved it. We also ate it and those who don't like it had burritos! I missed our RS meeting and our awesome RS president brought me dinner from it and I saved for lunch the next day! Taran and some of his friends (guys and girls) had been practicing With or Without you by U2 and performed it at a benefit concert for a girl who was in a car accident. This is a photo from that I forgot to put in my collage.

Friday Tim's sister and her husband were going to St George for a band competition for their daughter Janna. They are band parents and help out at these things. So we got to have their 3 younger kids over. This was great fun for us! They brought Ammon over after they took him out to lunch at McDonald's for his birthday. He and Gwen had great fun together. Then Taran watched them while I went and got Maddie and Jeremy. I forgot to mention that I called the school to let Taran and Timo go to a State Volleyball game for their girls' team. They won but I forgot to see if they won yesterday! Anyway...I thought I was pretty nice to do that!:) Around later afternoon I started to feel yucky. I did my best and then would rest. Tim took all the little boys, including Amy's boys to the BYU vs BYU-Hawaii basketball game. My sister Teresa got a great deal on tickets since she is an alumni of BYU-H. She met up with them at the game. Tim took pictures and videoed the boys dancing to the music. It looks like they had a blast. Meanwhile, Emily and Maddie cleaned up dinner for me, and I gave Gwen a bath and then we watched Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue. It's actually pretty cute. Then she went to bed around 7:30 PM! By then I was feeling rotten and went and laid down. Emily and Maddie watched The Blind Side, Taran had gone to the football game at Lone Peak--they won and this is play offs and Timo and his friends were playing basketball on our court--they were too cheap to pay for the football game. By the time Tim and the little boys got home I had a raging fever. Tim said that even my hand was hot. He gave me a blessing and my fever broke a couple of hours later. Tim had his own troubles with our van it was overheating so he stopped at my parents and borrowed their car and Teresa helped take some of the boys home in her truck. So one more thing to fix!

Saturday I felt a lot better. Tim went to play basketball in the morning then he took Emily to play practice. Taran, Tim, Ammon and Zane went to the BYU football game vs UNLV. They had a blast. The kids got their chores done quick--cousinc are great incentive. They played outside, played computer football games and went to the park. Timo drove me to pick up Emily. Then we stopped at Walmart so I could get some more medicine. BTW Timo passed his road test earlier in the week so he can get his license when he turns 16...we'll see! I rested after taking medicine and was in and out. The kids were great and we started our gratitude fast that afternoon. The kids watched Narnia and then showered and went to bed. The little boys and Gwen were all asleep by 9:30! And we had daylight savings--we didn't tell them. By that time I was feeling lots better and tidied my bedroom. Put laundry away. Taran got home late. Timo went suit shopping with Granny and didn't really find what he wanted. He did get some books at the BYU library for his next research paper.

That night I slept fine until 2:30 AM when my ear started hurting. I had Tim put ear drops in that ear. It eventually worked and I got back to sleep. Jeremy threw up that morning and Micah's tummy was hurting so they stayed home with me and everyone else went to church. Micah never did throw up. Jeremy did again and then was fine. We broke our fast when everyone got home from church. Later we went to Tim's parents' for dinner. Our nephew Daniel is leaving for basic training in Missouri tomorrow so we had a little family gathering for him. That was fun and then Tim and I took Daniel to his hotel near the airport. He's a great guy and will do great things! I was going to go to the doctor but now I am going to see how this night goes. If I am better enough I'll not worry or I'll go tomorrow if I have a bad night. I am so very thankful for the priesthood power and for Nyquil and Dayquil!


Steph said...

Love that busy life of yours. Sickness is in the air. For us it always happens when the weather changes. Tanner stayed home from church with a cough. I'm sure it will go through everyone before the end of the week. Good times!

4boyzmdmom said...

Wow--sorry you've been sick and had sick kids! Sounds crazy. I hope everyone feels better soon!

4boyzmdmom said...

PS--Cauliflower soup; yummy!!! Even my kids like it!

The Cranes said...

That is so nice of you to say that you "get" to have my kids over for the weekend, like it is a treat for you! Thanks again and I'm so sorry you were feeling yucky the whole time!!